Strawberry Variety Temptation


The ampel varieties of strawberries are distinguished not only by long-term fruiting, but also by the fact that they give flower stalks on the bushes themselves, and on the whiskers, which are released as they grow. Amppelnaya Strawberry Temptation is a hybrid of the first generation, therefore F1 is on sale next to the name of the variety. It is characterized by abundant fruiting, and can produce a crop throughout the year when grown in greenhouse conditions.

Description of the strawberry variety Temptation

Peduncles this strawberry gives not only on the bush, but also on young antennae

Strawberry F1 Temptation is an early ripe, remontant variety. Bushes grow medium size. The leaves are also medium in size, dark green. Mustache is formed quite a lot for further reproduction. This strawberry flower stalks gives not only on the bush itself, but also on young antennae, which have not even taken root yet. This is the main feature of this type, as the ampel.

Interesting! Strawberry Temptation can produce a crop throughout the year, if you create the right conditions for this. This is one of the qualities for which the hybrid is valued above many other species.

Berries grow by weight on 20-30 g. They are large, rounded in shape, with a spout. Color red. The pulp is dense, with a high content of juice. The fruits have a delicate flavor and a rich, nutmeg aroma.

The fruits have a delicate flavor and rich, nutmeg aroma.

Characteristic Strawberry Temptation

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This hybrid has many special qualities that distinguish it from many other types of strawberries.

  • Ampel strawberry Temptation has a short period of fruit ripening.
  • More than 3 years in one place, this strawberry does not give a lot of berries, so it is transplanted every three years.
  • There is a tendency to rich mustache formation.
  • The crop ripens regardless of the length of daylight or the time of year.
  • The variety needs proper watering and full dressings otherwise the yield is reduced.
  • Productivity from a bush reaches 1,5 kg.
  • Shrubs have extended fruiting.
  • Frost resistance is average, up to -17 degrees.
  • There is a strong immunity to some of the most common diseases.

Average frost resistance, up to -17 degrees

Features breeding varieties Temptation

To preserve the characteristic qualities of the variety, breeding is usually carried out with a mustache. For the selection of whiskers selected healthy bushes. The tendrils are rooted as they appear, and when the sockets grow up, you can separate them from the mother plant and spread them out.

It is possible to grow strawberries from the seeds of the Temptation, but you need to buy specialized, branded ones, because the seeds collected from the grown strawberries do not have maternal qualities.

To grow bushes from seeds, they are sown in a container about 8 cm high (they must have holes for water flow). At the bottom of the cups, drainage is done, then the ground of neutral acidity is filled up. It is best to take a mixture of universal soil with sand in a 2: 1 ratio. Now you can sow the seeds and cover them with a film. Crops are ventilated every day, and they need to be watered as needed.

From the seeds of the strawberry The temptation to grow can be, but you need to buy branded seeds

Approximately in 1-2 weeks the first shoots will appear. With the appearance of 2-3 leaves, you can dive seedlings in separate containers. 2 weeks before transplanting to a permanent place, seedlings begin to harden.

Features of planting varieties

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To grow ampelous varieties of strawberries can be a familiar method in the ground. But it is most convenient to grow them in hanging pots, on a balcony, in greenhouses, or simply in boxes set wall-by-panel over each other (hanging beds). Planting of seedlings is carried out in warm weather (if it is planted in open ground). The place for landing is chosen sunny, not swampy. The land must be fertile, fertilized.

The most convenient way to grow in hanging pots, on the balcony, in greenhouses, or simply in boxes

Bush holes are made with a distance of 45-50 cm. Plants are placed in each well so that the roots are located downwards and not up. In this case, the core of the bush can not be buried! Sprinkle bushes from all sides, compacting the ground with his hands. After planting the beds watered.

Interesting! To prevent pests in the strawberries, onions, garlic or herbs can be planted between plantings.

Care for ampelous strawberries Temptation

In care, the ampelous strawberry F1 Temptation is considered unpretentious, but without proper care it grows quickly and reduces the yield by several times.

  • Watering is carried out regularly so that the earth does not dry out. During flowering they are carried out more often than usual. And when the berries begin to ripen, watering is reduced, otherwise the strawberries will be watery.

    Watering is carried out regularly so that the earth does not dry out.

  • As the weeds appear, you need to tear them up and burn them behind the plot or use them to create compost.
  • Land under the bushes can be mulched so that the water does not evaporate quickly, and weeds grow in smaller quantities.
Important! If the Strawberry Temptation does not provide regular watering, it can greatly reduce the yield.
  • At the beginning of the growing season, plants are fed with nitrogen fertilizers. You can also water the bushes infusion of herbs (nettle, for example). The strawberry responds well to the introduction of wood ash in a dry form or in infusions.
  • In order for the yield to be high, and the berries grow delicious, you need to leave only one, the first outlet that gives the bush, and all subsequent ones that grow from this first outlet, are broken.

    Land under the bushes can be mulched

  • In the autumn, before the plant leaves in the dormant period (if it grows in open ground), it is necessary to remove all dry leaves and mulch the beds and the plants themselves with hay or straw.
  • So that the bushes do not hurt and are not affected by pests, it is necessary to treat them with insecticides or fungicides about 2 times a year. Use the best broad-spectrum tools.

Harvesting and processing

Crop harvested as the berries ripen. For a long time they can not be stored, but for 3-7 days lie without damage to the appearance or taste. At the same time strawberries can be transported over long distances.

Interesting! Berries that are harvested in the fall are usually more delicious and much more fragrant than those that ripen in summer.

Use the strawberry temptation usually for fresh consumption

Use the strawberry Temptation usually for fresh consumption. It is also suitable for making jam, jam, jelly, pastries and desserts. This berry does not lose its taste after freezing and drying.

Reviews gardeners about the variety of strawberries Temptation

According to gardeners, strawberries have the temptation to have both positive and negative sides. So every gardener must weigh the pros and cons before purchasing this hybrid.

  • Angela Shurko: "I bought this variety with the Ostara variety in the seed shop. There were only 10 seeds in the bag. I planted it, as indicated on the package, I did everything only according to the instructions. The seeds came out very badly, out of 10 pieces, only 6 of them hid, but survived only 4 bushes. Now they grow on level beds. Bushes are strong, beautiful, but I would not say that there are a lot of berries, there are more fruitful varieties. "
  • Sasha Nikitin: "The F1 Temptation grows strawberries with seeds. The variety is good, and yet only 15 of the 20 seeds purchased have grown. The yield is not bad, the bushes are resistant to many diseases, they respond well to temperature fluctuations and winter well. So this year I will buy 20 more pieces, but in the form of bushes, because the seeds are too much trouble. "
  • Ksenia Komarova: “I love temptation for the taste of berries and a pleasant aroma. When the berries ripen, the aromas are amazing. There is not enough harvest for sale, but for food and winter harvest more than enough. After cooking, the berries do not lose their taste. I also like to freeze strawberries the berries withstand this procedure better than many other varieties. In addition, after defrosting, they retain their shape and the taste remains good. "