Hens of breed Adler silvery


Adler silver is a famous breed of chickens that combines egg and meat qualities. It is valued primarily by private farmers and is beneficial for breeding in small private farms. Birds have a very attractive appearance and pleasant character.

History of chickens

Breed of Adler Chickens silver - bred by the selection method at the poultry breeding plant of the city of Adler (Russia) in 1951. For breeding of this bird such breeds as Russian White, Pervomaiskaya, White Plymouth, Yurlovskaya vociferous and New Hampshire were used.

Adler Silver was officially registered in 1961

Breeding breed was long. First, individuals of the Russian white breed were mixed with a cock of the May Day species. Their offspring were mixed with the males of New Hampshire. Then, inside the resulting species, there was a selection of the best individuals, which were then crossed with white Plymouthrock males. After that, the breeding inside the bred group went on again and the best females were brought together with roosters of the Yurlovskaya vociferous breed.

Important! The main drawback of the bird is its high cost. Individuals are about 30% more expensive than similar, meat-egg species.

As a result of a long selection process, poultry of meat and egg type was obtained with high performance and persistent qualities of the breed. It was officially registered in 1961.

Description of breed of hens Adler silver

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The head is small and wide, the crest is leaf-shaped bright scarlet, the beak is yellow curved downwards, the eyes are reddish

The bird is medium in size, with the right, powerful bones. The back is flat, wide, parallel to the ground. The chest is wide. The wings are quite long, pressed to the body, rounded. The legs of the Adler silver breed are well developed, not long, legs without feathers. The neck is of medium length with a developed mane. The head is small and wide. Leaf comb (5 teeth), bright scarlet. Beak yellow color, bent down. Color eye reddish.

Important! The muscles of the Adler silver chickens are well developed, so after slaughtering the birds, they get a rather large carcass with high meat qualities.

Plumage abundant, thick. Feathers are tight to the body, so that individuals are not cold in winter. The pen color is called Colombian - the main color is white, but there are also black feathers on the neck and tail.

The nature of the bird

It is possible to substitute to Adler birds chickens of other breeds or feathered other species.

The Adler silver breed of hens is distinguished by its calm disposition. Individuals easily get along with other birds, if they are also peaceful. One can breed other Adler birds with birds or other species of birds (quails, pigeons). A larger bird, such as ducks, geese, turkeys, can live with Adler chickens, but only if it does not differ in aggressiveness.

Roosters have a calm disposition and are not dangerous for the breeder. But at the same time, they are able to protect chickens from predators if the need arises. A rooster attacks only if there is a real danger to himself, his chickens, or if he has been specially teased. It should be borne in mind that the Adler rooster is very dangerous in anger, so it is not recommended to provoke him specifically.

Chickens are not noisy, but the voice of the rooster is loud, beautiful. Loud clucking in a chicken coop or on a walk can be heard when the female blows an egg, or in case the bird has frightened something.

Productivity Adler silver chicken

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The Adler silvery breed of hens has good productive qualities.

Chick survival rate is 95%, but adult bird survival rate is 84%

  • Rooster weight up to 4 kg, chicken - about 2.5 kg.
  • The weight of the carcass after slaughter is considerable, but in order to have more meat, cocks and chickens are fed beforehand.
  • The taste of meat is very pleasant, it is juicy, tender.
  • The females start running after 6 months of life.
  • In the year the female can give about 200 eggs of high quality. Egg weight on average 70 g, eggs are very tasty, nutritious.
  • Chick survival rate is 95%, but adult bird survival rate is 84%.
Important! Adler breed chickens do not have maternal instinct.

Care and maintenance

The Adler silver breed of chickens in the care is unpretentious, and yet for the birds to be productive, they need certain living conditions.

  • The coop is built in such a way that there is enough space inside for all individuals. The Adler breed is notable for its considerable size, therefore no more than 4 hens should fall per square meter.
  • The litter in the coop is made of sawdust, straw, hay. The floor must always be dry, bedding changes as needed.
  • Once every 2 years it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the room, while once a year the walls are treated with limestone.

    Free Range is Spacious

  • Artificial lighting and ventilation should be installed inside the room.
  • Light day for birds should be at least 12 hours. In winter, to increase the daylight hours, when it will be dark outside, you need to turn on the light for a few hours in the hen house.
  • If it is necessary for chickens to fly not only in the warm season, but also in winter, then the temperature should not fall below -5 ° C. The mobility and excellent health of the bird is also observed at -15 ° C, however, the colder it is, the less eggs the female gives.
Important! In order to maximize egg production in chickens, the hen house should be approximately + 17 ° C.
  • Free range is spacious. Inside settles a small canopy from the weather, put a water tank, a basin with ash to clean the feathers. It is advisable to plant in the aviary cultural herbs, cereals, so that the birds have something to peck on during their walk. Walking is desirable to protect the high fence.
  • In order for the birds to be ill less often, it is necessary to carry out prevention against diseases in time (vaccinate, destroy parasites).

How to feed the Adler breed of chickens

Food for Adler breed chickens is given 4 times a day.

Forage Adler breed chickens give 4 times a day. If in the summer birds are let out daily for walking where there is a lot of fresh greens, cereals and bugs that can be caught in the ground, food can be given 3 times a day. The first time they give food at 6 am (grain is fed at this time), the last feed is at 10 pm (they also give grain), and wet mash from greens, vegetables, root crops, premixes and other additives give 1-2 times a day. Food is given at about the same time so that the chickens get used to a certain schedule.

It is important! If you feed Adler chickens 2-3 times a day, like birds of the egg direction, and do not let them walk, their weight is likely to be low.

With intensive feeding 4 times a day, a simple growth of the bird is provided with simple food such as grain and vegetable fodder, or 3-fold feeding with compound feed. When fattening, it is worth adding corn to the diet (if the bird is fed not with mixed feed).

Breeding Adler silvery breed

Adler silver chickens have completely lost their incubation instinct. For this reason, they cannot be diluted naturally. An incubator is used to obtain young stock. In order for the eggs to be fertilized, there should be 4-6 hens per 1 rooster.

Interesting! Adler silver breed eggs can hatch other types of chickens, if you find a good hen.

Chickens are active. They are strong, strong, friendly, usually kept in groups. At first, in a brooder, where they are kept, the temperature is set at + 29 ... + 31 ° C, but every day it is gradually reduced, so that by 2 weeks the birds are accustomed to a temperature of +22 degrees.

Chickens are strong, strong, friendly, usually kept in groups

Lighting should also be full, but a bright light for birds is contraindicated, it increases their excitability and this leads to cannibalism. So the light is muted. On the first day, they do not turn it off completely, then they start turning it off for 15 minutes a day, gradually reducing the time of daylight. By about 2 weeks the birds should already get used to the 12-hour coverage.

The first feeding is carried out as soon as the chicks dry out. Their first meal is chopped boiled egg. From 2 days you can add chopped onions, cottage cheese, steamed millet to the diet. Dry crushed cereal is given only from the 7th day of life. On the first day, chickens should eat 8 times a day, but by the end of 1 week the number of feedings will be reduced to 5 per day. And by the end of 2 weeks, they should already get used to 4-time feeding.

The water in the drinker changes as often as possible if a cup type drinker is used. In the nipple drinker, you can change the water as soon as it ends. If desired, you can add a weak decoction of nettle or vitamins.

Reviews on the breed of Adler Chickens silver

Adler silver breed of chickens is known to many private farmers. Reviews about it are presented below.

  • Inna Egorova: "I can recommend the Adler silver breed of chickens when you need to get both meat and eggs from poultry. But if you need to get large quantities of only a certain product, the breed will not be profitable, because it has average values. I breed this breed already for many years. It’s a pleasure to grow it, because the birds are calm and beautiful, but they take a lot of food. To make breeding profitable, you need to try a good deal in drawing up a full-fledged, but inexpensive diet. "
  • Dora Titova: "Adler chickens give just delicious eggs to taste! Maybe it's feeding - I do not buy up on delicacies, but the taste is really amazing. The protein is strong after cooking, the yolk is almost orange, tender, the taste is just sweet. As for meat, it is not bad, but broilers are much better. And you need to take into account that there will be enough meat only if you feed the bird with feed, because my chicken does not grow big on simple food - males are about 3.5 kg. "
  • Yasha Pavlov: “We breed this breed together with Yurlov’s vocal chickens. They get along well, such problems as fights between roosters or cannibalism never noticed. Like an Adler breed that birds grow quickly and barely get sick, if you do prophylactic vaccinations and cleanliness. Once a sore was noticed, many individuals became infected, but the medicines that the vet prescribed quickly put the chickens to their feet, and now they are active and cheerful, like other individuals. "