Why does not bloom geranium


Beautiful, bright flowers pleases flower growers geranium. It can grow both at home and on the balcony, flowerbed. But it happens that the plant refuses to bloom. The reasons why geranium does not bloom at home are very different, but in each case, a particular method of solving the problem is chosen.

When geranium blooms

Geranium at home gives buds from about May to July. Flowering is observed once a year, although with full care you can see flowering 2-3 times a year and even in the winter period. Features budding and flowering period depends largely on the variety of geraniums.

  • The first bloom: red-brown, large rooted and forest geraniums. Buds they appear from the beginning to the end of May.
  • From the first month of summer, the Georgian, flat-headed, small-blade, Andris geraniums begin to bloom. They bloom a month and a half.

    Geranium at home gives buds from about May to July

  • Since July, you can see the buds on the marsh, meadow and Renard geraniums. They bloom up to a month, sometimes longer.
  • In the last days of July flowers appear on the ashy variety of culture. It blooms for more than 30 days.

In the case when the bloom did not happen in time, it is necessary to look for the reasons, otherwise in the future the flower may not give buds.

Conditions for flowering geraniums

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In order for the geranium at home to develop normally and blossom in time, it is necessary to provide it with good conditions.

  • The pot is not chosen very large, even for adult culture. Geranium does not like a lot of space, but only as much as is needed for its roots.
  • Planting the plant is best in a mixture of sod, leaf earth and sand. The soil must be loose! It is important to ensure that there is quality drainage in the flower tank. For this you can take expanded clay or something like that.
  • Watering need moderate. In summer, the flower is watered daily, so that the earth does not have time to dry, and in winter, 1-2 irrigations per week are enough. It is important to ensure that the earth does not dry out, but the water in the pot should not linger, otherwise rot will appear.
  • Geranium is grown on a bright window, it needs sunlight. If you put it in the shade, you can not expect flowering at all.
  • Top dressing during the period of active growth is introduced 1-2 times a month with equal intervals of time. It is better to take ready-made complex minerals, but only those where the amount of nitrogen does not exceed 11%.

For geranium to bloom, it must be transplanted once every 2 years to a new land.

Important! Fertilizers for geranium should have a lot of potassium. It is this mineral that is responsible for the timely, long-term flowering of the plant.
  • In summer, the temperature in the room should be about +20 degrees, and in the winter from +10 degrees Celsius.
  • To geranium regularly blossomed at home, it is necessary to transplant it every 2 years in the new land. The procedure is usually carried out in spring, in March or April.

If you break these rules of care, the reason why geranium does not bloom will be care. So the first thing in the absence of buds you need to check in what conditions the flower grows.

Why geranium does not bloom in winter

Many novice growers wonder why geranium does not bloom in winter. The fact is that winter is the time when the plant is resting. In rare cases, a flower can actually give buds in winter. And yet at this time the flower is obliged to rest, so you should not force it, provoking the appearance of peduncles with top dressing or other methods.

In winter, the plant is kept at a temperature of + 10 ... +15 degrees Celsius. The place should be well lit. Watering is carried out as the land dries, and top dressing is generally excluded!

Important! If in winter geranium was able to fully relax, the spring-summer bloom will be abundant and lush.

Geranium is drawn, but does not bloom

Geranium is drawn, but does not bloom

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Most often, geranium begins to grow vigorously upward at home if it does not have enough light. This can occur at any time of the year. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to adjust the lighting, put the pot on the illuminated window sill, or adjust the illumination in the winter, for example.

The second reason for the shoots in the absence of flowering is a large pot. Geraniums do not need much space. In large capacity, it increases the root system and greens, but almost never blooms. But if you choose a small pot for culture, the flower will start to bloom on the contrary.

Interesting! In order to provoke a beautiful flowering, you can plant several geranium flowers in a single container with a distance of up to 5 cm. When there is competition in space, geranium produces flowers, and even the foliage becomes more saturated in color.

For pest control using quality insecticides

Diseases and pests

A common cause of lack of flowers is a pest on the crop or rot. Causes of rot: improper watering, high humidity in the room, high or low temperatures. But the pests can simply inhabit the ground, which was used for planting crops or located on neighboring flowers. Often, if a plant is carried outside in the summer, it can pick up a pest there.

Growing up in a pot with rot, a pest, a culture spends a lot of strength on resisting their influence, restoring it. Such geranium will not bloom until the problem is resolved. For pest control, quality insecticides are used (Kemifos, Aktellik, Karate Zeon), and the fungicide (Fundazol, Ridomil, Oxyfi) helps with rot, but it is advisable to first transplant the plant into new soil and adjust watering, temperature, humidity, otherwise there will be little use of the treatment.

Fungicide helps from rot

Why does not royal geranium bloom

Among all types of culture, royal geranium is considered the most capricious and demanding. She needs good lighting, frequent but moderate watering, timely feeding. If it does not bloom while observing the rules of care, the reasons may be something else. The most common reason why Royal Geranium does not bloom may be the following options.

  • If there is a fungus in the pot or in the crop, a pest, the culture will not produce flowers. The problem is solved by transplanting, processing with special fungicides, insecticides for indoor plants.
  • If the flower pot is too big, then you will not be able to observe a beautiful color. Only when transplanting geraniums in a smaller pot can you provoke flowering at home.
  • When in winter the geranium is constantly fed, it is not allowed to rest normally, it does not bloom on time. She just does not have enough strength for this.

Photo of royal geranium

Important! When growing a Royal Geranium, keep in mind that it does not tolerate pruning. Bush is trimmed no more than once a year, and less often.

How to provoke flowering

There are several tricks that guarantee the timely flowering of geraniums.

  • Iodine is the most effective stimulant of flowering, but it should be used with caution, because it can burn the roots. 2 drops of iodine are taken per liter of water, the mixture is stirred and poured into a pot. Pouring is needed under the wall of the pot, and not under the root. After about 2-3 treatments at intervals of 3 weeks, geranium gives buds.
  • Vitamins of group B (B1, B6, B12) have a positive effect on flowering. One ampoule of vitamin (sold in a pharmacy) is diluted in 2 liters of water and watered at the root of the culture. Top dressing bring every 3 weeks. This fertilizer not only guarantees flowering, but also protects geranium from diseases.
  • Yeast not only stimulates budding, but also has a positive effect on the size and color of flowers. 100 g of wet yeast is mixed with 500 ml of water. It is necessary to stir the yeast well, so that they dissolve. Now this solution is poured into a bucket of water, and only then it is possible to feed. In the case of dry yeast, a bucket of water and 2 tablespoons of sugar is taken per 10 g of product. After 2 hours the mixture is ready. It is diluted 1: 5 with water and used for watering geraniums.
  • Pruning is another method for causing geranium blooming at home. Carry out the procedure in the autumn, before the period of December or in the spring, after awakening of a flower. In autumn, all yellow leaves are usually cut off, bad branches, old stems are shortened by a third. In the spring, before March 15, it is necessary to pinch the shoots in order to provoke the formation of young twigs. It is on them and the buds will appear.

Geranium can produce both scanty inflorescences and lush. As a rule, the color saturation and the number of colors are influenced by fertilizers, conditions created for growth. Proper care and attention to the geranium ensures annual, lush flowering plants.