Drinkers for quails


Proper development of quails, their active growth, depend not only on high-quality food and the right diet, but also on water. Water in drinking bowls often changes so that it is not dirty. The drinkers for quails themselves must be of high quality, safe. In this article, the modern types of drinking bowls are considered, as well as the methods of making them by hand.

What should be drinking bowl for quail

When breeding quail, water is never poured just in a saucer. This is a very mobile species of birds, in seconds they will turn the saucer upside down or pollute the water. So the choice of drinking bowls for quail should be approached with full responsibility. So, what should be the drinking bowl?

  • The material must not be fragile, otherwise it will break in a week! It must also be environmentally friendly, not harmful to birds, and without sharp, dangerous parts.
  • The container, with water, should preferably be of a closed type so that the down, feathers, food and dirt from the cell do not pour into the water.

Nipple drinkers, they are also drip - this is one of the most practical options.

Important! Acquiring drinkers made of clay, wood or metal is not recommended. Wood and clay are short-lived with regular contact with water, and the metal may start to rust.
  • The size of the drinker, its length should correspond to the number of individuals in the cage and their age. Drinkers of longitudinal type, which are located along the entire length of the cage, are very popular nowadays. Thus, the birds can always come up and drink, and not wait until one quail gets drunk.
  • The tank should be placed at such a height that birds of any height could reach and drink.
  • It is necessary to check in advance that the drinker is easily attached and removed from the cage, otherwise it will be difficult to wash it. But you need to wash the drinkers daily, especially those that are open.

Types of drinkers for quail

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On sale you can find four main types of drinkers for quails

  • Nipple drinkers, they are also drip - this is one of the most practical options. Water drips from the container when the quail presses its beak on the tip of the nipple. The water inside is not polluted, they work without problems, the main thing is that the birds understand the principle of action, but this usually does not cause problems.
  • Open type plastic drinkers are the simplest and most affordable drinkers that are also used as feeders. Some plastic drinkers put on the floor, others - are hung on the cage, but, as a rule, from the inside. Their main drawback - the water is quickly polluted. Even if it is changed every 2 hours, it will still be in the dust and food debris, because quails behave too actively. In addition, if the drinker is on the floor, a chick can drown in it.

Open type plastic drinkers are the simplest and most affordable drinkers.

Important! If you choose the right drinker for quail, you can reduce the amount of dirt in the cage and protect birds from a variety of diseases.
  • Cup drinking bowl consists of plosek, which are located above each other in a checkerboard pattern. When they run out of water (reaches a critical value), a special valve is triggered and the water begins to pour to a certain level. The cup drinking bowl is very convenient in use, it replenishes itself, only it is open type, therefore the water will be polluted.
  • Vacuum drinker is often used on large bird farms. The principle of its work consists in a different pressure inside and outside the structure. The water itself is added to the tank as the level decreases, the main thing is to regularly add water to the main tank. Such containers are practical, only a saucer where the water from the tank is usually of an open type and the water in it is polluted quickly.

In addition, the drinkers differ in volume, the presence of a closed tank, connection to the water supply system, method of location in the cell. All these types of drinkers have both qualities and disadvantages. In practice, it is possible to understand what is wrong with them, and how they are better than others. That's just for this you have to buy them all, but it is not profitable. Therefore, many farmers make their own quail bowls.

Cup drinking bowl consists of a bowl similar to open drinkers

How to make a drinking bowl for quails with your own hands

It is not difficult to make good nipple drinkers for quails with your own hands, the main thing is to determine the size and type of construction.

  • A small nipple drinker.

This drinker is easily made from a simple small plastic bottle. A hole for the nipple is drilled in its neck (it can be bought at any pet store). Next, the nipple is attached to the neck, and water is poured into the bottle itself. All drinking bowl is ready. It can be attached to the cage with a simple wire in two places so as not to fall.

  • The second variant of the drinker is more difficult, but convenient, if there are many birds in the cage.

Vacuum drinker is often used on large bird farms.

Holes for nipples are made in plastic pipes with square sections. It is better to do the same distances between them, about 3-5 cm. On one side of the pipe, you need to insert a smaller tube that will go out into the water supply system or into the tank with water. To fix one tube to another, plastic fasteners and rubber gaskets, fitting, are used. From the second side, the tube is closed with a plug to prevent water from flowing out.

Now it is possible to fasten the nipples, sometimes they also make dripsticks under them, but not necessarily. The nipples are set so that the water level in the pipe is above their upper face, otherwise the water will not drip.

All that remains is to fix the water bottle on the cage wall, using metal or plastic fixings, so that the birds can comfortably drink water. A tube that comes out of the drinker is connected to a water supply system or a water tank and water is passed through it into the drinker.

Interesting! In the nipple drinkers it is easy to dissolve vitamins. In this case, you can be sure that the valuable additive will not be spilled in the cell or contaminated. And as far as drinking, birds will consume vitamins with water.

Drinking bottle of a plastic bottle with their own hands

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You can even make your own quail water from a simple plastic bottle. There are a lot of manufacturing methods, but there is also the simplest type, which is done in a few minutes. Such a drinker from the bottle will do if the old one has spoiled or the chicks hatched before their time and they have nothing to drink from.

In an open-type plastic drinker, water should be changed every 2 hours

  1. A plastic bottle and a sharp knife are required for the drinker. Bottle size may vary. For a small number of individuals it will be enough and 0.5 liters. If the cage is large and there are many quails, then 1.5-2 liters.
  2. The bottle is placed horizontally and a few holes are cut through with a knife into which quails can stick their heads. To prevent the birds from getting hurt by the edges of the bottle, you can grind them, stick them with scotch tape several times or glue them with cut rubber, clearly on the edge. Another option is to scorch the edges with fire. Plastic melted a bit and will not be sharp. But in principle, this is not necessary if the holes are cut out neatly.
  3. Now it is necessary to fill the bottle with clean water and attach it to the cage from the outside or inside, depends on how you get better. The main thing is that the birds can reach the water! You can attach a bottle with a simple wire or hang it on a rope, winding around the neck and bottom, and then tied on the ceiling of the cage.

General recommendations

It is necessary to be able not only to choose correctly or know how to make a drinking bowl with your own hands, but also to be able to maintain it, otherwise the quail will be left without water or may even get sick. The following are general tips.

  • It is not allowed to pour cold or hot water into the quail bowls. Regardless of the time of year, water should be at room temperature!
  • If vitamins are added to the water, it is important to measure the dosage correctly. In addition, any additives must be soluble, otherwise they will simply settle on the bottom.
  • If an open-type plastic drinking bowl is used, it is necessary to change the water in it every 2 hours.
  • The drinker is washed once a day in clean water using a sponge. All dirt that could get there or stick to the surface is peeled off. It is better not to use special means, especially those that have a persistent odor, because birds can refuse to drink from the drinker, which has an unusual aroma. Instead, you can take a simple wood ash. She cleans well and smell, leaves no trace.
  • Disinfection of drinkers should be carried out about twice a month. This can reduce the risk of disease among birds.

A quality quail bowl is as important as the feeder. If the birds do not have a normal water tank, they will not be able to fully drink, the water will be dirty and dangerous microorganisms may begin to develop. So it is better to spend some time creating a good drinker or buy it in a store.