The benefits and harm of quail meat


Quail meat is considered a delicacy and very useful. It has been valued since ancient times for its excellent taste. Today, quails live in a wild environment and are raised in poultry farms, on private farms. In the market and in stores to find this bird is not difficult. To understand how quail meat is useful and can cause harm, you need to study its properties and composition.

The composition of quail meat

Quail is a bird from the order of the chicken. It inhabits Europe, Asia, in some parts of Africa. The bird is small, so after plucking a small carcass remains, about 20 cm long and weighing 150-250 g on average. To taste the meat is very juicy, tender and easily digested.

Quail meat is considered dietary. Nutritionists consider it much more useful than chicken meat and even rabbit meat! But what is its use? To understand this, it is worth examining the composition. So what is contained in quail meat?

The composition of quail meat

  • Vitamins A, D, K and B groups (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12).
  • Macro and trace elements: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, selenium, sodium, manganese, and some others.
  • Amino acids (including essential): alanine, leucine, methionine, isoleucine, cystine, tyrosine, glycine, valine, arginine, lysine, aspartic and glutamic acid.
Interesting! Back in the Middle Ages, quail meat was highly valued. Predominantly famous people used it for food, and quails were mined exclusively on the hunt.

The composition of 100 g of meat contains:

  • 21.8 g of proteins;
  • 14-17 g - fat;
  • 0.4 g - carbohydrates.

Caloric content of 100 g of a product - 150 kcal.

As can be seen in its composition, quail meat is very useful, nutritious, gives a lot of energy, but it also contains a minimum of fat. This product can not be called low-calorie, but it is not harmful, so it can be eaten for people who are on diets.

The benefits of quail meat for the human body

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Quail meat is recommended for diets and prescribed in clinical nutrition. It is of great benefit to the body.

Quail meat is recommended for diets and prescribed in clinical nutrition.

  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • A positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Strengthens the nervous system, reduces susceptibility to stress, treats apathy and depression. With regular use, the work of the central nervous system stabilizes, irritability decreases, and constant fatigue disappears.
  • Improves brain function, blood circulation.
  • Recommended for normal growth, development of bone and muscle tissue. Quail meat is often prescribed during the recovery period with sprains, fractures, and tissue tears.
Important! Thanks to the juiciness of the meat, its tenderness and unforgettable taste, kids love quails. This quality of quail meat is most pleasing to parents.
  • Reduces the load on the liver, improving its work.
  • Normalizes metabolism and gastrointestinal function, reduces weight.
  • A positive effect on the condition of nails, teeth, hair and skin.
  • Increases libido. Quail meat is prescribed for problems with the male reproductive system.
  • It has an antitumor effect.
  • Does not allow the deposition of salts in the joints and kidneys.
  • Normalizes blood glucose levels in diabetes mellitus.

There are no allergens in the meat of quails

Quail meat is useful for pregnant, lactating women, decks and the elderly. Since it has a lot of protein, quail meat is often consumed by professional athletes. It provides not only the necessary energy, but also vitamins, trace elements. And does not affect the weight.

Harm and contraindications

Quail meat has no dangerous properties at all. He has no contraindications. Only if there is individual intolerance, it is necessary to abandon this product. But this is very rare.

Interesting! In the meat of quails there are no allergens, so it can be used by people with allergies without any restrictions.

Harm, quail meat can cause only if it is spoiled or if a variety of hormones were used in growing poultry, dangerous additives to quail grow faster. As the birds grow, such undesirable additives accumulate in the meat and then can cause an undesirable effect on consumers, up to and including poisoning.

Selection rules

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Fresh quail meat is always elastic, and if you press on it, there will be a small hole

When choosing quail meat you need to be careful to choose a quality product that does not harm the body.

  • Counter and workplace of the seller must be clean. If they are contaminated, then it is quite possible and the meat is contained in the same unsanitary conditions.
  • Carcass quail must be in the refrigerator. If you can see that the refrigerator does not work or the quail just lie in the open air, then you should not take such a product. Quails can after all not lie without cooling for the first hour, they could spoil for a long time!
  • Frozen meat should contain a minimum of ice. The surface must be dry!
  • Freshness. Fresh quail meat is always elastic, and if you press on it, there will be a small fossa. The presence of a putrid or sour smell indicates that the product is stale and may be hazardous to health.
  • The color of meat and skin of a fresh carcass is normal, without green or black spots of unknown origin.

Quail meat storage

Depending on the type of storage, quail meat can be stored for a different amount of time.

  • In the refrigerator, in the store, film packaging, quail meat is stored for about 2 days. Then inert gas accumulates inside, and it quickly deteriorates.
  • If the quail meat lies unpacked in the refrigerator, it will be fresh within 2 weeks, not more.
  • In the freezer, quail meat can keep fresh for several months.

In the refrigerator, in the store, film packaging, quail meat is stored for about 2 days

How to cook quail meat

Quail meat refers to dietary food. In itself, it is very useful, but if it is cooked incorrectly, it can also become harmful.

  1. Before cooking, the quail is cut legs, the tips of the wings and the neck. They can be used, for example, for cooking broth.
  2. A mandatory part of the preparation of meat is washing under clean running water. Washed carcass outside and inside.
  3. It is recommended to boil the carcass for a few minutes in salted water before any type of cooking. This will get rid of unwanted germs, dirt.
Important! The most useful quail is obtained by stewing, baking, boiling, grilling.

These are the main preparatory rules that should be followed to ensure that the meat is tasty and healthy. After these procedures, you can proceed directly to cooking dishes. Cooking quail can be different. They can be served with sauce (garlic, wine, berry, mushroom, sour cream), but not necessarily. The French prefer stuffed quail. Chestnuts, fruits, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, and offal are most often used as fillings. This dish does not need a side dish, but if you want you can add it to buckwheat, rice or steamed vegetables.

But not only stuffed, served this bird to the table. In Uzbekistan, it is used in the preparation of pilau, the Italians recommend cooking the carcass, and then making sauces, soups, broths. Quail can also be made from stews, kebabs, roasts and many other dishes. As you can see, cooking options are more than enough, the main thing is to prepare the bird correctly before cooking, then the dish will turn out tasty, juicy and fragrant.