Ruyan strawberry variety


Strawberries and strawberries are slightly different in taste. Strawberries have a richer flavor, taste, though with a sour taste, but very sweet. To grow good strawberries in the garden, you need to choose the right variety. Ruyan’s strawberry belongs to remontant varieties. This is one of the best small-fruited species that can bear fruit until late autumn.

Description of the variety of strawberry Ruyan

Ruyan strawberry was created on the basis of the forest. These types of strawberries are also called alpine, due to the rich aroma and taste. Berry ripening occurs in June and lasts until frost. Bushes grow spherical, about 20 cm high. They are dense, compact, they will not take up much space on the site. Flowering is observed in May. Peduncles grow taller than a bush, they cost more than they lie. This eliminates contamination of buds, and then berries. A characteristic black variety is the absence of a mustache.

Flowering strawberry Ruyan observed in May

Berries from the variety of strawberries Ruyan dense, elongated, about 2-3 times more forest strawberries. The color is bright red, weight up to 7 g. Seeds are planted deep, very small. The flesh is pink, with a high content of juice and sugar. Armat, like forest strawberries.

Advantages and disadvantages of strawberry Ruyan

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There are a lot of positive qualities in strawberry varieties of Ruyan.

  • Fruiting stretched from the last days of June until the first frost.
  • There is immunity to fungal diseases.
  • The crop is suitable for transportation over long distances. In the boxes, the berries do not let the juice in, do not spoil if they were fresh before transportation.
  • The variety can be grown both in the sun and in the shade. But when grown in the shade, the berries will still be less sweet.
  • Ruyan's strawberries can winter without shelter. But in the first season after planting, it is still recommended to cover it with winter spruce branches.
  • This bezusy variety is not afraid of severe frosts.

Peduncles grow above the bush, which eliminates the pollution of buds, and then the berries

Important! If you do not want to make seedlings of strawberries from seeds, you can simply purchase ready seedlings from the nursery. You only need to choose a proven place for purchase!
  • The possibility of growing from seed.
  • It can tolerate frosts over -30 degrees!
  • Productivity per square meter - 2-2.5 kg of berries.

The disadvantages of strawberries are not so significant as to give up the variety. With careful planting and care, they can be avoided.

  • Requires planting in a light, fertile soil.
  • With a lack of moisture, the berries begin to shrink.

Growing strawberry Ruyan seed

Due to the fact that the ruyan strawberries are bezusaya, it is propagated only by seeds. Growing from seed is not very laborious, if everything is done correctly. For this, peat tablets with a diameter of 4 cm are used. The time of sowing seeds for seedlings is the end of February or the first days of March.

Ruyan berries are dense, elongated, bright red

First of all, tablets are placed in a container with warm water. After about 30 minutes, they will absorb enough water, they will become slightly larger, and the remaining water will just need to be drained. In the grooves in the tablets are placed on 1 seed of strawberries. But they are not deeply buried, but are left partly in the light. Since peat tablets need to be moistened with water from time to time, it is necessary to put them in a plastic container. Cover them with a film on top, so that only a thin air layer remains.

From time to time you need to pour water into the container so that the tablets do not dry out. The optimum temperature for seed germination is +20 degrees. Every day the container with the seeds is ventilated, otherwise mold may appear.

Important! Rejuvenant strawberries of Ruyan can only germinate in the light. Therefore, it is not recommended to embed seeds in the soil!

As soon as sprouts appear, shelter is removed. If the roots are slightly bare, you can pour on top of the ground. Earth is taken with biohumus, it is best suited for strawberries. After the 6th leaf appears (closer to May), it will be possible to transplant the seedlings to a permanent place in the open ground.

For the cultivation of seedlings from seeds using peat tablets

When planting strawberry seedlings in the spring, the first harvest can be expected closer to the autumn in the same year. This variety belongs to the most hardy, so when the flower stalks appear in the first year, they are not cut off, but left. Despite the first harvest, the bushes will have time to settle down before winter and will not freeze. The next year, the first berries can be tasted in June, and fruiting will last until the cold.

Features of growing

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The plot for planting strawberry varieties of Ruyan is recommended to choose sunny or slightly dark. The land should be fertile and loose. To do this, sand, fertilizers are added to the clay soil, and if the earth is sandy - biohumus and black earth. During spring digging, humus or compost is added to the soil. 1-2 buckets are enough for a square plot.

Planting seedlings held at a distance of 20 cm between the bushes. Between the rows you can leave 30-50 cm of free space. Shrubs are compact, do not take up much space, so some gardeners plant them between other crops or along the edge of the plot.

How to care for strawberries

After the appearance of six leaves, seedlings are ready for planting in the ground

In terms of care, the variety of strawberries Ruyan unpretentious.

  • Watering is carried out throughout the warm season, until autumn. In the fall, if there is a lot of rain, watering stops. Moreover, if it was not possible to irrigate for some reason, the strawberry will not start to hurt or dry right away, a non-durable drought does not harm it. Watering the bushes is necessary in the evening when the sun has already set.
  • Loosening the earth allows for improved access of oxygen to the roots. Conduct it at least once a week. Weeds are also removed during this procedure.
  • Since the strawberries are bare, the mustache is not cut off to increase yields. But the old leaves are red or dry, it is necessary to pluck from the bushes, they only pull the water, but no longer benefit the bushes.
Important! You can not feed alpine strawberries, including Ruyan, with fresh manure!
  • Mulching is highly recommended. It allows you to keep water in the ground, prevents the growth of weeds. But, the mulch needs to be changed from time to time, otherwise it will start to rot. For this reason, many gardeners refuse this method.

    In terms of care, Ruyan’s strawberry variety is unpretentious

  • Feeding is carried out from 2 years after planting. The first feeding is needed in early spring. Used 40 g of ammonium nitrate in 10 liters of water. When the buds appear, the bushes are fed with nitroammofosca (1 tbsp. Per bucket of water). When the first fruits appear, nitroammofoska (2 tbsp. L.) And potassium sulphate (1 tbsp. L.) Are placed on a bucket of water. In the future, you can use herbal infusions to prolong the fruiting.
  • For the rest of the diseases, the ruyan strawberries are immune, but with thickened plantings there may be problems. The main one is snails, powdery mildew, rot due to the abundance of moisture also develops. In order to get rid of pests and diseases, insecticides and fungicides are used. Spraying is carried out 1-2 times per season.
  • A month before the onset of frost, watering is stopped. From the bushes remove damaged, dry leaves, bare roots sprinkled with earth. If there is a mulch, it must be replaced with a new one.

Every 4-5 years, the plot with strawberries is updated. Old bushes are removed, and others are planted in their stead.

Harvesting and processing

Harvest strawberries Ruyan harvested as they appear every 2-3 days. Harvest usually occurs in the early morning, after the dew dries. This strawberry is stored much longer. Berries are picked carefully, preferably, together with the stalk, otherwise they can make juice.

The strawberries collected from the site can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, while it is desirable that it be in a wicker basket or similar container where ventilation will be available. The best storage temperature is +2 degrees.

It is important! If you wash the strawberries after harvest, the shelf life is reduced by 2 times!

The harvest of strawberry Ruyan harvested as they appear every 2-3 days

Ruyan strawberries can be consumed fresh, used to prepare preservation (jams, compotes, jams). You can also make aromatic pastries from it, desserts. If necessary, berries freeze. Frozen strawberries do not lose their taste and after defrosting will be practically the same as fresh ones, you only need to defrost them in the refrigerator, on a shelf, and not at room temperature, then it will not lose its shape. And if the berries are dried, then you can then make fruit tea.

Reviews on the variety of strawberry Ruyan

Ruiana's repair strawberry has delicious berries and excellent aroma. Mostly about this variety there are positive reviews.

  • Daria Mikhailova: “Last year I decided to plant strawberries in my home. Earlier, I was engaged only in strawberries, but the strawberries had a stronger flavor, so I decided to diversify the planting. I ordered Ruyanu in the store. I planted seedlings in May, and in the first year I tried some berries. There were few of them, but on trial what is needed. The taste is less sweet than that of wild strawberries, but pleasant, the aroma is strong. Now I will continue to breed this variety, I really liked it! ".
  • Dmitry Tsibulkin: “I cultivated Ruyan strawberries from seeds, at home. The seeds quickly sprouted, there were no problems. When 6-7 leaves appeared, it was transplanted into a vegetable garden. Of course, this variety cannot be compared with real forest strawberries, but still it is very good. Used for fresh food and processed into jam. Berries didn’t fall apart during cooking, they retained their shape and flavor. "
  • Irina Prokhorova: "I like strawberries much more than strawberries. Though less, it is incredibly tasty. Therefore, I planted Ruyanu in the garden as soon as I found the seeds. I grew the seedlings myself, it is not difficult, it grows without problems. The first berries appeared in the year of planting. The taste is not expressive, just sweet, but the aroma is pleasant. It is difficult to collect such small berries, and this is the main disadvantage for me. "