How to store pears


When the pear harvest was a success, they try to identify it for storage, in order to feast on sweet fruits for many months. For this, a storage place is organized, and the most suitable conditions are created. It is possible to store pears both in a country house and in an apartment. How to store pears in a country house or apartment in the winter, and what is needed for this, you can learn from this article.

Varieties of pears for long-term storage

It is recommended to store in winter only those varieties of pears that are intended for this purpose. These include some of the autumn, autumn-winter and winter varieties. Among the autumn types of pears that are suitable for storage in winter, there are two main varieties. They ripen from early to mid autumn. Such fruits are able to lie without damage to 5 months.

Photo pears "Marble"

  • "Marble" - pear for growing in temperate climates. Pears are medium in size, with a strong peel. They rarely rot, retain taste, juiciness and flavor well. The flesh is grainy, tender. Fruits are not afraid of low temperatures.
  • "Favorite Yakovlev" going for storage in immature form. Pears juicy, fleshy, sweet-sour taste. Due to the large amount of acids in the composition - do not spoil for a long time.
Important! Late varieties of pears are not inferior in taste to the early ones, but among other things, they can be kept fresh without problems and they do not spoil for a long time.

Photos of pear "Favorite Yakovlev"

Autumn-winter species ripen by the end of winter. The varieties described below have a tart taste and a strong aroma. Autumn pears lie without spoiling for 6-7 months.

  • "Bere Bosk" - variety resistant to high humidity, cold, many diseases, including scab, mold. However, pears are rather large, fleshy. To keep them for a long time without damage, it is important to provide them with quality storage conditions.
  • "Long awaited" produces slightly ribbed fruits on a long stalk. The size of the fruit is small, so it is stored well. The flesh is fine-grained, juicy.
  • "Elegant Efimova" - stored in immature form. If you remove the pears after the deadline, the flesh will be soft, and they will not remain for a long time.

Photos of pear "Bere Bosc"

Important! Tart flavor pears are stored for a long time. The reason is that there are tannins in their composition (they give astringency), which help the fruit not to rot and mold.

Winter pears are frost-resistant species. Such varieties are designed for long-term storage in winter, so they are recommended for these purposes. Under optimal conditions, it can be about 8 months without changing the taste or aroma.

  • "Charles Konya" - variety that can withstand temperatures up to -10 degrees. The fruits themselves are sweet, fragrant.
  • "Belarusian Late" characterized by the fact that it is stored for a very long time. Fruits are medium sized, yellow-orange after ripening. The flesh is oily, sweet and sour.
  • "May Day" gives fruits with a waxy coating on the skin that protects from rotting and low temperatures. Due to the same wax coating, fruits are less likely to be affected by pests.

Photos of pear "Long-awaited"

Rules for collecting pears for storage

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With proper harvesting, you can be sure that the pears will be well kept. But how to collect pears for the winter? Regardless of the variety, the fruits are collected for storage unripened. They themselves will reach and ripen during storage - this is inherent in the culture by nature itself.

Important! Pears are harvested only slightly underripe, not green. If you collect them green, they will not be able to ripen, become rigid and not suitable for use.

Photo pear "Elegant Efimova"

Collect pears from a tree together with the stem on any dry, sunny day when there is no rain. Any specimens with injuries, dents are immediately placed on food, because they will not be stored for a long time, and in the general heap with whole fruits can lead to the development of rot or mold.

Before sending pears for storage, it is important to sort them. Sort pears by size, variety, checking them at the same time for possible defects, the presence of bugs, worms. In no case is it allowed to wash them, because such fruits do not lie for long!

Where to store pears in the winter

Photo pears "Charles Konya"

At home, pears are stored for a long time. Where to store the fruit depends on the possibilities. For example, in a country house for this purpose is used the cellar, basement, and in the apartment - a balcony or a storage room. So, more about the places to bookmark fruit storage.

  • In the barn. This method is convenient because the barn is easy to get out, adjust the temperature. But, if other products are stored in it, then pears are put away from them. Most often, the fruits that lie in the barn, placed in bags of burlap or flax.
  • In the basement or in the cellar pears are stored in wooden boxes. The boxes are put on special shelves or pallets so that the boxes themselves do not touch the floor and walls. Fruits are placed in boxes, pre-wrapped in paper or sprinkled with sawdust. In the cellar must be ventilation. Inside should be clean, disinfected.
  • In the storeroom, pears can lie for about 2 months if the room is not heated. To extend the period, you need to regulate the humidity, temperature, and cover the fruits with a thick cloth so that light does not fall on them. In such a room can be stored in boxes, nets.

Photo pears "Belarusian Late"

Important! Humidity should be moderate. If it is low, the pears will simply dry out, cover with cracks, wrinkles and lose taste.
  • On the balcony, the fruit is stored only if the visit is insulated. At sub-zero temperatures, the fruit will freeze and become tasteless. This is important to consider! Therefore, at home, if there is no alternative, you can use the balcony, it is only important to regulate the temperature there! And pears themselves are recommended to wrap paper, so they will lie longer.
  • Pears are not stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Despite the fact that the temperature there is normal for them, the neighborhood with other products greatly shortens the period of lying fruit. So that they no longer rot, it is important to put them in small packages, leaving small holes for ventilation.
  • Underground. This is an ancient method of preserving pears and effective. The pit digs up to 50 cm in depth. Fruits in packages with holes for ventilation are folded into it and covered with pine branches. Over a pear cover with boards and fall asleep the earth. Pears that are stored by this method lie until spring, but they can be spoiled by rodents.
  • Well kept fruit in the sand. Sand absorbs all the excess moisture, so they do not spoil for a long time. The sand is taken simple, dry. In the boxes laid out the fruit, pouring sand. Then they are determined in the cellar.

Photo pears "May Day"

How to store pears at home

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Pears are stored for a long time only in a suitable container. For example, you can take a plastic or wooden box, but it is important to ensure that there are holes in the container walls through which ventilation will take place.

Important! Regardless of the method of storage, once every 2-3 weeks it is necessary to revise the fruit for the presence of rot, the appearance of worms. All the spoiled fruits get, and the whole is left to be stored further.

When pears are prepared, they are laid out in boxes. Boxes must be clean, dry. It is recommended to fumigate them with smoke to get rid of possible bugs that can hide in secluded places. At the bottom is laid cardboard, straw. Then you can stack and pears. They are placed by cutting up with a distance of several centimeters (can be shifted with straw). Also, pears can be stored in new bags, nets.

Knowing how to store pears, you can save the harvest for many months. Optimum moisture for pears 80-90%. Temperature 0 ... +2 degrees Celsius. It is also necessary to control that there is a minimum of light in the room. The light that comes to the fruit provokes rapid ripening and over-singing!

Pears are not easy to store, because they are prone to rotting. For them to lie for many months, it is important to provide them with optimal conditions. If done correctly, the fruit can lie until spring or longer. At the same time they retain the taste, aroma and beneficial properties.