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Poultry breeding is a profitable business, but using the services of chickens only, you can not expect a large increase in chickens. So many breeders use incubators. They are easy to use, effective and allow you to get several dozen chicks at once. Incubator The ideal hen is one of the most famous appliances of its kind. This article presents its description, modifications and method of use.

Incubator Features

In 1988, the first ideal hen incubator was created in Novosibirsk. This device is immediately loved by farmers, because it allows you to get good chicks without using chicken. The device gives up to 92% breeding of young animals, which is a very high figure. It is made of lightweight foam, tightly pressed. Included is an egg heating system, thermostat. Automatic and mechanical egg flipping system and some other useful features. Available Ideal hen in several types - for bookmarks 35, 63, 90 eggs and more than 100 chicken eggs.

Photo incubator model IB1NB

But, despite the fact that the model has many advantages and fully pays for itself in the first year of use, it has drawbacks.

  • The material from which the incubator is made leaves much to be desired. It is not durable, quickly breaks.
Important! In the summer, the Ideal hen can be loaded no more than 80%! Otherwise, the percentage of hatching will decrease, the device may not work correctly.
  • Inside the incubator is rather dirty if you don’t spend enough time cleaning it. The fact is that the problem is in the material from which the incubator is made. He quickly gets dirty and bad to clean.

Incubator Modifications

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There are three main modifications of the incubator Ideal hen, which are also divided into several types. They all have several identical qualities. For example, the walls are made of extruded foam, inside contains a water tank to maintain the correct humidity. But apart from that there are differences.

Photo incubator model IB2NB

Important! All modern models of the Mouthbird incubator are fairly accurate. The inconsistencies in terms of temperature ranges from ± 0.1 ° C, no more.
  • IB1NB model - This is a small incubator that stands out because it contains very few eggs. Suitable for the needs of breeders who breed poultry in small quantities. Up to 35 chicken eggs can be laid at a time. The percentage of hatching of young stock up to 100%. Weight - 1 kg. Technically, this device is minimally equipped. There is a mechanical reversal of the testicles, a system that protects them from overheating, a simple thermostat. Power is supplied from the network or from the battery. To check the temperature, you must use a simple mercury thermometer, but the price is low.
  • Model IB2NB includes a series of 3 types of incubators, with a capacity of 63 eggs or 100. The weight of different species can be from 4 to 5 kg. The device has a mechanical or automatic turning of eggs, is equipped with an analog or digital thermometer. Backup power system is not always available. The dimensions of such incubators are 59x54x32 cm. Instructions for use are necessarily sent to the instrument. Most often acquire the option for 63 eggs, according to reviews, and it works better, and the hatching of young stock is higher.
  • Model IB3NB-1Ts almost identical to the previous one, but it can hold 104 eggs at a time, which is convenient for large farms. There is a mechanical turn of the lattice, digital thermostat. Reducibility within 90%. Weight - 3.5 kg, dimensions - 80x60.5x22 cm.

Photo incubator model IB3NB-1C

Incubator Types

The easiest Incubator Ideal Chicken can hold from 50 chicken eggs, 34 duck or 26 goose. It contains a minimum of functions, very simple, without technical delights. Many years have passed since his invention. Scientists by this time came up with many varieties of this model, which are not inferior to her in quality. Their main advantage is more features and capabilities. So, what famous variations can be found on sale today?

  • Incantor Chicken 1 was developed in 1992. Capacity 63-69 chicken eggs, 34-40 - goose, 55-60 - duck or turkey. Heating is carried out with a tube heater and a nichrome spiral. There is a fan for air circulation.
  • Mouth-IB140 equipped with a mechanical turn of the eggs. Humidity is maintained through the water tray. The temperature is automatically controlled by the heater. Dimensions - 75x60x19 cm. Spaciousness can be on 100 eggs or 140 chicken eggs. There are also nets for 80 or 95 duck, turkey eggs, 60-70 goose eggs and 250-280 quail eggs.

    Photo incubator Chicken 1

  • Mouth-IB70 It has an automatic or mechanical egg flipping system, an electronic thermostat. Breeders have conflicting reviews about this model. For some, it is optimal in price and quality, for others it is not good enough. Up to 70 chicken eggs can fit here. Used for breeding chicks.
Important! Incubators of the modern type can be used not only for breeding chicks, but also for their rearing, if there is no special brooder for these purposes.
  • A hen-14087 accommodates from 63 eggs. At the incubator, the top cover is removed, inside there is a tray and a grid for turning eggs. The lamps are located above the tray, there is an electronic thermostat and humidity controller. Can be used as a brooder for chicks, up to 14 days.

Incubator Instructions

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Depending on which hen's incubator is purchased, the instruction manual may differ slightly, so it is important to study it before use. And yet the basis is almost always the same. So, how to use the hen incubator

Photo incubator Mouth-IB140

  1. The first thing you need to select high-quality eggs. This is done with the help of an ovoscope. He will allow to reveal small chips, cracks, pollution. For incubation taken eggs no older than 10 days!
  2. Before laying eggs, marks are made on them with a simple marker so that it is clear which way to turn them. But you need to remember that if the eggs turn over automatically, then only visual control is important. If this is done mechanically, it is recommended to turn off the incubator before turning it over, and then turn it on again!
  3. On the day, coups are done about 5 times, every 7-8 hours, but it is possible more often. An automatic coup is usually done 6 times a day. 7 days before pecking, the eggs are turned over.
Important! Once a day, eggs are swapped - those that were in the center, put on the edge and vice versa.
  1. The period of spitting in different types of eggs is different. For incubation of chicken eggs, for example, you need 3 weeks, and for quails only 17 days, so it is important to control this matter!
  2. If the chicks begin to hatch a day earlier, the temperature is lowered by 0.5 degrees, and if they are late with the hatching, they increase by 0.5 degrees.
  3. The hatched nestlings are checked by the tummies, they should be soft, the umbilical rings should be healed. Problems with incubation (temperature, humidity) can lead to the appearance of dirt on chicks, hard tummy, weak legs and other problems.

Photo incubator Mouth-IB70

After the chicks are born, the incubator is turned off, and the chicks are placed in a brooder. Now it remains only to properly care for the young, so that individuals grow into productive, healthy, adult birds.

Incubator Reviews

The hen hatchery has been known for many years, so many farmers managed to try it out.

  • Maxim Antipov: “We had to buy the incubator because we decided to expand the chicken coop and we need a constant increase in the birds. The Mother Heron 1 incubator was recommended to us by those familiar from the village. At first they doubted it might be easier to buy a bird, but we decided it was worth trying. once, they poured water, they connected an automatic turn (we took it with this function), put thermometers. In the first days there were no problems, then the light went out, and we moved the incubator to the house, covered it with pillows. 21 den chicks hatched. It was 2 eggs that did not hatch, but in general the result is happy. Now we can not spend money to buy young! ".
  • Maria Verdysheva: “Last year I purchased the Nestka-IB 70 incubator. Honestly, the expectations were not fulfilled. I studied the instructions, connected everything, laid eggs. When I turned on, the incubator turned out that the thermostat was at 50 degrees and does not turn off. It was necessary to change it The main problem is that in the center the temperature rises to 40 degrees, on the edges - to 36 degrees. So you have to either put less eggs or shuffle them very often. In general, with constant monitoring you can use them, but as for me more trouble than good. "
  • Alain Skork: “It was a discovery for me when I purchased the Perfect Hatch Incubator. Although I didn’t believe that it would work properly, it turned out that breeding at home in chickens was very easy. I’ve been raising chickens and quails for many years. Eggs chickens were bred for exactly 21 days. The temperature regime is maintained without problems, the eggs lie well, they do not roll down anywhere. Everything works as it should! In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, now I will only be raising young animals through it. "