How to dry apples


Dried apples can be used as snacks, compote them, make wholesome fruit tea or even desserts. Make such a treat can be at home, it does not take much time. This article describes which apples are suitable for drying, the features of their preparation and how to dry apples at home.

What apples to dry for the winter

In order for dried apples for the winter to be tasty and healthy, and during cooking not to fall apart, it is necessary to choose the right variety. Apples of sour and sweet-sour varieties are considered most suitable. It is desirable that they were autumn, but this is not the most important. The main thing to take those varieties that differ dense pulp. Among such distinguish "Antonovka", "Grushovka Moscow", "Titovka", "Aport", "Anis" and the like.

The drying apple must have a firm pulp.

Rules for drying apples

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For drying, you can take not only good, but slightly spoiled apples. However, before drying, you need to hold some activities.

  1. Apples are thoroughly washed and dried so that they are dry.
Interesting! It is recommended to remove the core and cut the apples for drying with a stainless steel or ceramic knife.
  1. The core, tails, as well as all rotten, damaged places are removed with a knife.
  2. Peel can be removed or left as you like more. After drying, it does not harden much, and the content of nutrients in it is much higher than in the pulp, so most often it is left.
  3. Now you need to make slices. Apples can be dried by various methods. Some prefer slices - thin slices resembling chips. Others prefer simple slices. So this is a fantasy business; it is possible to dry apples for the winter in the form of stars, if time allows them to be cut. But we must remember that the thickness of the slices should be 0.8-1 cm!
  4. To make the apple slices not darken during drying, they are recommended to be dipped in the salt solution for 2-3 minutes. Only 10 g of salt is needed per liter of water, then the pieces are drained and dried, so that the glass is excess moisture. Another option is citric acid solution. Per liter of water is taken 3 g of citric acid. When the crystals are dissolved, apple slices are dipped into the solution and kept there for 25 minutes. Then you need to get them and dry.

After all these preparatory procedures, you can proceed to the immediate drying of apples.

Apples are thoroughly washed and dried so that they are dry.

How to dry apples at home

For a long time, apples were dried naturally, just on the air. Today, this method is also popular, but in order for the apples not to rot and there are no bugs in them, you need to follow the rules.

To dry the apples in the sun, they are distributed on a baking sheet in one row. If they are cut into round slices, then you can simply string them on a rope. Now you need to find a good place for apples. They must be standing or hanging in the sun, and care must be taken that animals, birds or insects do not have access to them. To do this, you can wrap the rope with slices or cover with a baking sheet folded 2-3 times with gauze.

Important! In order for the apples to dry evenly, they need to be laid in one layer, so that the slices do not touch and overlap each other.

Turn over the apples daily. Only then will they dry out well. And how many dry apples in the sun? The process takes from 2 to 5 days, depending on the weather. As it dries, it is recommended to ensure that the baking sheet is dry and that the pieces do not touch each other. When the apples are dry, they are removed for storage.

The thickness of the segments should be 0.8-1 cm

How to dry apples in the oven

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The second most popular method of drying apples is in the oven. This process is very simple and does not take much time. But you need to know at what temperature the apples are dried, otherwise they can burn or dry for a very long time. It is believed that the lower the temperature, the better the product turns out, so the oven needs to be heated to 75-80 degrees.

How to dry apples in a gas oven? There is nothing difficult. To begin with, the fruit, cut into thin pieces, laid out on a baking sheet and put in the oven, heated to the above temperature. Periodically they need to be checked and turned over. How long it takes to dry depends on the type of apples, slices, as well as the oven itself. But on average it can take 2 hours.

Interesting! If there is no oven, you can dry the apples on the stove. To do this, they are distributed on the grid, which is then placed on a baking sheet. The latter is placed on the burner. Drying by this method lasts up to 15 hours.

Many hostesses acquire electric kitchen appliances. But how to dry apples in an electric oven? The process is the same, but it may take a little more, or vice versa, less time.

Understand that apples can be dried on the cream color. They will be softish to the touch, elastic, but not hard - they do not break in the hands. About 10 kg of dried fruit are produced from 10 kg of fresh fruit.

Sliced ​​apples laid out on a baking sheet and put in the oven

Is it possible to dry apples in a slow cooker

Many modern hostesses are wondering - how to dry apples in a slow cooker? In such a kitchen appliance, it is also possible to dry apples, but in a small amount. This is done simply and effortlessly, but in large quantities, drying cannot be obtained at one time.

First of all, it is necessary to decompose the slices of apples in a single layer on the bottom of the bowl of the multicooker. Then the multicooker turns on the "Baking" mode. The timer is set for 40 minutes or 1 hour, depending on the power. The lid must be closed. An hour later, the apples are checked for readiness. They should be almost dry already, but for reliability they are turned over and set for another 10 minutes using the same mode. At the end of time you can get the apples and cool.

How to dry apples in the microwave

You can also make delicious dried apples in the microwave. This method is very fast, however, apples can burn, so it is worth starting with a small party, for training.

Apples already sliced ​​must be laid out on a dish that can be put in a microwave in one row. With a power of 270W, the cooking time is 35 seconds. After the end of time, the apples reach, turn over to the other side and again put in the microwave for another 3.5 minutes. At the expiration of time, the apples are removed and checked for readiness. If they are damp, you need to turn them over again and put them for another 30 seconds.

The last stage of drying in the microwave is to allow the apples to cool and identify them for storage in a fabric bag, jar or similar container.

The oven needs to be warmed up to 75-80 degrees

Drying apples with convection oven

Convection oven is often used for drying apples. The process will last about 1-1.5 hours, while the apples are tasty, do not burn and retain the vitamins.

It is important! To keep apples longer, they should not be moisture. The presence of juice in the slices leads to the development of mold during storage.

To dry the apples in the convection oven, you must cut them or rub them with a thickness of up to 3 mm and spread them out on the oven grill into 1 layer. If the temperature inside the device reaches 110 degrees, then the apples will be ready in about an hour. It is not necessary to turn them over. After cooking it is important to check their readiness. To do this, a slice is taken and compressed; if the juice is not released, the drying is over.

How to dry apples in an electric drier

Electric dryer - the easiest and most effective method of drying for the winter

Electrodryer - the easiest and most effective method of obtaining high-quality drying for the winter. Apples dried in this device retain useful substances, have the right consistency, do not spoil for many months or even years. There is no need to keep an eye on the drying process, because the device works automatically and is designed specifically for drying, so it is impossible to burn apples, such as in the oven.

First of all, it is necessary to assemble the electric dryer, place the apples in a single layer on the tray and turn on the device. The drying time in this device is approximately 5.5-6.5 hours. And at what temperature do apples dry in an electric drier? The first 3 hours they are dried at 80 degrees, and then at a temperature of 50 degrees. However, not all electric dryers allow you to set the time and temperature, so this is a convention in the case of more professional machines.

The advantage of electric dryers is that it works without supervision. You can simply load the apples and relax, and when they are ready, they are taken out and laid out in cans or sacks.

How to store dried apples

You can store, for example, in glass jars in a dry place.

The safety of dried apples depends not only on the drying process, but also on how they are stored. After drying, it is important to sort out all the slices, checking them. If some slices are not finished, they are again sent for drying.

Interesting! The shelf life of dried apples is about 3 years. But as they are stored, they are regularly sorted out, removing the damaged pieces.

The finished drying is shifted into a cloth bag with a good draw. If there are none or high humidity in the room, they should be stored in cans that can be tightly closed. This method allows you to avoid the appearance of the food moth in apples. You can also store drying in paper bags or boxes, but they can dampen. So this is only suitable for rooms with low humidity.

If during storage in the drying bugs are wound up, the lobules are picked, the pieces with eggs are destroyed, and the rest are placed in the oven to dry at 65 degrees or more. Drying time - half an hour. After that, they are cooled and re-laid in banks for storage.

Apples - a tasty, healthy fruit. But not always they are available fresh. Preparations for the winter allow to feast on apples throughout the year. How to dry apples, each hostess chooses herself. The method of drying depends on the available equipment and personal preferences. Finished drying can be decomposed into glass jars, pouches or even just hung in the kitchen. It is excellently stored and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes.