When to plant pepper in seedlings in 2019


Pepper is a thermophilic culture, originally from warm Central America. For maximum yield of sweet or bitter pepper in a less warm climate, it is necessary to grow these crops through seedlings. It is not difficult to make high-quality seedlings of pepper, the main thing is to sow in time. When to plant pepper for seedlings in 2019 according to the lunar calendar and how exactly to do this will be described in this article.

What pepper to plant on seedlings in 2019

Seed quality directly affects the yield they bring. If the seeds are bad, they may not ascend at all, so the choice should be approached carefully. Seeds bought on the market are usually cheaper, but there are no exact guarantees that this is exactly the variety that is needed. In the store, the seeds are more expensive, but there are more guarantees.

Important! You can procure the seeds of pepper, which was grown in the past year. However, only varietal species are suitable for this. If you collect seeds from a hybrid, they will not give the crop, no matter how good care.

The seeds of the Bulgarian and bitter pepper exist quite a bit. When choosing, you need to know exactly what crop and for what purposes you need to get. For young gardeners that have not previously grown this crop, below is a list of the best varieties recommended in 2019.

New varieties of sweet pepper for 2019

  • Varieties of sweet pepper for unprotected soil: "Golden Key", "Yellow Chanterelle", "Solntsedar", "Von Baron Red".
  • Varieties of Bulgarian pepper for closed ground: "Bison red", "Bison yellow", "Admiral Kolchak", "California miracle", "Belogor", "Admiral Ushakov", "Be healthy".
  • Varieties of sweet peppers for the Moscow region: "Agapovsky", "Zaznayka", "Darina", "Peresvet F1", "Spring".
Interesting! If you have doubts about the time of sowing of seeds of pepper, you can pay attention to the recommendations that are usually given on the back of the package. There it is indicated when to make seedlings, dive saplings and even, by what month to wait for the harvest.
  • Varieties of bell peppers for the Urals and Siberia: Yantar, Winnie the Pooh, United, Montero, Vityaz, Dobrynya Nikitich.
  • The best varieties of bitter pepper: "Gorgon", "Superchili", "Lightning Red", "For mother-in-law", "Chinese Fire".
  • New varieties of sweet pepper for 2019: "Red Cat", "Fantasy F1", "Glass", "Hero's Gold", "Greta F1".

When to plant pepper in 2019 according to the lunar calendar

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Experienced gardeners usually focus on the lunar cycles when carrying out various garden works and planting certain crops, so that they develop quickly and produce an early harvest. So, when to plant pepper and bitter pepper on seedlings on the lunar calendar.

Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2019

  • February - the 6th, 11th, 12th, 17th;
  • March - 7, 12, 15;
  • April - 7, 12, 18;
  • May - 8, 15, 17;
  • June - 5, 12, 14, 16.

At the same time, there are days in which you shouldn’t do anything at all in the garden or with the seedlings. Namely:

  • February - 5, 19 numbers;
  • March - 6, 21;
  • April - 5, 19;
  • May - 5, 19;
  • June - 3, 17.

When to plant pepper on seedlings for open ground

Varieties of sweet pepper for unprotected soil

In the open field it is not easy to cultivate Bulgarian pepper, but it is possible, but a bitter one, even without protection, can produce a quality crop, if it is provided with the right care. But the timely harvest can be collected only if the plants are planted in time, and for this it is important to know when to start sowing seedlings.

Important! The seeds of sweet and bitter pepper sprout for a long time. To speed up the process, it is worthwhile to pre-treat them with a growth stimulator and germinate in a cotton rag dipped in water.

According to experienced gardeners, pepper in unprotected soil should be planted only after the first flower appears. This can be observed approximately after 2-2.5 months after the appearance of sprouts. It may seem that it is very late, but the pepper under the open sky has been developing for a very long time, and in order to shorten this time, it is simply transplanted late into the open ground. Plus, by this time the weather will be warm outside, and the plants will not freeze.

Thus, you can begin to sow the seeds in 2019 from February 20 to March 5. For 2 weeks, the maximum sprouts will sprout, and they will have enough time to develop normally. And from May 10, they can already be transplanted to a permanent place.

Varieties of Bulgarian pepper for closed ground

When to plant pepper on seedlings for the greenhouse

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Indoors, such a culture as pepper, sweet or sharp, develops most favorably. But even in protected soil you can not get the desired yield, if you do not plant seedlings in time. When to plant pepper for seedlings for the greenhouse? What is important here is what variety is selected, and what climate. And yet there are general tips on harvesting seedlings that will be transplanted into a greenhouse.

Important! In the last month of winter, when pepper seedlings are made for greenhouses, the light day is very short. In order for the pepper to hatch and begin to develop, they arrange the lighting with a simple lamp.

In order for cultures to have time to grow, to grow stronger, they have been sown since February 15 or a little later. If the greenhouse is warmed, it warms up early, then it is possible to sow earlier. Thus, it will be possible to plant young sprouts in a closed ground before the end of April and the pepper will have enough time for development.

Varieties of sweet peppers for the Moscow region

When to plant pepper for seedlings in the Moscow region

In the Moscow region and throughout the Central region, seeds of pepper are grown in a greenhouse or in unprotected soil. Every gardener has his own preferences. The approximate time of harvesting seedlings in this region depends on the period of ripening culture.

So, for early species, sowing on seedlings is carried out from March 15, not earlier. If you prepare seedlings earlier, it can be very long at the time of transplantation. Later types of sweet and bitter pepper can be sown from February 15.

When to plant peppers for seedlings in the Urals and Siberia

In cold areas, like the Urals, Siberia, planting seeds for seedlings early is pointless. Winter in such areas is usually long, the heat becomes late. Early species of pepper can be planted on seedlings from the last days of March or in early April. If the pepper is late, it has been sown since March 1, so that it can develop.

Important! Pepper seedlings are afraid of drafts and strong temperature fluctuations, therefore it is necessary to cover it with a film when airing the room.

Varieties of bell peppers for the Urals and Siberia

Seed preparation and sowing pepper

Sowing hot or sweet peppers for seedlings is carried out in a common tray or individual cups. The second option simplifies future care, because the seedlings do not spike in separate containers, but initially there will be more work.

In order for the seeds to germinate faster, they are dipped in warm water for 15 minutes, and then placed in a refrigerator for 24 hours. You can also soak them in growth stimulants, like "Zircon", "Epin", "Energen" or similar. The processing time in a particular tool is indicated on the packaging. When the seeds are ready, you can sow.

Utensils for sowing pepper filled with soil for seedlings. So that it is not dry, it is moistened with water from a spray bottle. If the seed container is one, then you need to spread the seeds on the ground with a distance of 2 cm. Between the rows, a 3-5 cm gap is made. Now you need to sprinkle the seeds with 1 cm of earth no more and slightly condense. Capacity with seedlings covered with a film and put on a warm window sill for germination.

The best varieties of bitter pepper

How to grow pepper seedlings

When the pepper shoots from the ground, you can remove the film. From now on, seedlings need a lot of light and heat. It is recommended to put it on the south window, but if the days are short, arrange highlighting.

Watering is carried out every 2 days. But, if it is noticeable that the land does not have time to dry, you can water it a little less. For irrigation, separated water at room temperature is used. If the earth is taken in a dense crust, it can be slightly plowed up with a thin pencil, fork or something similar. This is done carefully so as not to hurt the plants.

Important! Cold water for young shoots is a big stress. Due to irrigation with such water, plants can stop growing or even die!

A pick on individual containers is carried out after the appearance of 4 true sheets. The diameter of the pots for such plants should be from 7 cm. When picking, the seedlings do not deepen much, otherwise the root and stem will rot.

Top dressing for young seedlings of Bulgarian or hot peppers are carried out 2 times before transplanting to a permanent place. For the first time it is necessary when two full leaves appear on the seedlings. Re-feeding is done 10 days after picking the seedlings in separate cups. And if they initially grew up singly, then you can repeat the procedure in 1.5-2 weeks after the first. Fertilizers are recommended to buy special, for seedlings and use according to the instructions. Pepper is a delicate culture, so untested dressing can harm it.