Tomato variety Honey


Sweet tomatoes are best used for making salads or juices. Among the many varieties especially distinguished pink tomato Honey. It fully justifies the name, because it has a sweetish, fleshy pulp with a high content of juice. Details on this variety can be found in this article.

Description of a grade of a tomato Honey

Honey tomato belongs to mid-season grades. For full ripening, the first fruits need 110-115 days. The bush is indeterminate, tall, requires a garter to a trellis or pegs. The leaves are large, dark green color. Inflorescence simple type.

Fruits of honey grow tomatoes weighing 300-400 g. Taste is sweetish with a honey aftertaste.

Important! Sweet tomatoes can grow only if they get a lot of sunlight. Therefore, it is not necessary to plant the plants thickly, but it is important to remove all extra stepchildren and leaves.

Fruits are round, flattened above and below. The variety is characterized by large ribbing. After full maturity, the rind acquires a bright pink color. Fruits grow weighing 300-400 g. Multi-chamber flesh, fleshy, with a lot of juice. Not a lot of seed. Taste is sweetish, with honey aftertaste, whence the name went.

Characteristics of tomatoes

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Detailed characteristics of tomatoes allows you to better get acquainted with the variety. Tomatoes varieties Honey have a lot of advantages over other varieties.

The pulp is multichamber, fleshy, with a large amount of juice

  • It can be grown up in the greenhouse and in an open ground.
  • Productivity is high.
  • If the fruits are harvested ahead of time and they are greenish, they can be put on the window sill to ripen. They ripen quickly, the taste of this does not spoil.
  • The quality is quite good. So that the fruits do not deteriorate quickly, it is important to store them in refrigerators or in any other cool place. Before storing the tomatoes are sorted according to the degree of ripening.
  • Due to the dense peel, tomatoes of this variety can easily transport to short and medium distances.
  • Product quality is good.
Important! The main disadvantage of the variety is that the stem and twigs of the plant are brittle.
  • It is adapted for cultivation in Siberia and regions with similar climatic conditions.
  • Honey Tomato loves light very much. If the light is not enough, the development will be slowed down.
  • Plants are resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Immunity is resistant to many diseases.

    Seedling is done on average 2 months before planting.

Features of growing

Honey variety tomato grows well both in closed and open ground. And yet, experts recommend growing it under the open sky only in the southern regions, where the summer is long and warm. In the middle lane, greenhouse cultivation is preferred in order to get a really sweet harvest.

These tomatoes are usually grown by the seedling method. Seedling is done on average 2 months before the day of transplanting to a permanent place. At the stage of 2 leaves, sprouting of the sprouts is carried out in separate cups. When the seedlings are already quite strong, it is transplanted into the ground. 3-4 square germ is placed on a square meter.

  • A bush is formed in 2 stalks. To get 2 trunk, you must leave a side shoot - stepchild, which will appear under the first floral brush. Masking is carried out regularly, otherwise the crop can mature for a long time.
  • To tie up tomatoes is highly recommended by some unnatural material. If you use natural materials, such as cotton fabric, you may start to rot the stem.
  • During the ripening of the fruit, it is important to water less frequently. Of course, from a large amount of moisture, tomatoes grow large, but this can reduce the concentration of sugars and nutrients. And at the end of the ripening of fruits, watering is generally stopped.

    Indeterminate bush, tall, requires a garter

  • After watering, if the earth is taken with a crust, it is worth loosening it. Hilling is also necessary, it is done about 3-4 times per season. Thus, the growth of the root system improves, the culture becomes strong and less exposed to pests and diseases.
  • Top dressings bring throughout the entire period of maturing of fruits. In the summer, in order for the tomatoes to ripen sweet, it is important to introduce potassium phosphate substances. For example, monophosphate is diluted in the amount of 1 tsp. 10 liters of water and sprayed with this amount of 5 plants. From organics can advise ash infusion (100 g per 10 liters of boiling water). After a day of infusion, the liquid is used for irrigation. For plants consumed by 0.5 liters.
Interesting! To prevent phytophthora, you need to spray healthy plants with garlic extract. The solution is made from 100 g of garlic and a glass of water. When the infusion will stand for a day, it is mixed with 10 liters of water and sprayed bushes every 1.5-2 weeks.
  • Tomato Honey can hurt, like other types of tomatoes. But if you wish, you can reduce the incidence to a minimum. To do this, each season is carried out 2-3 spraying fungicides and insecticides. Such treatments are prophylactic in nature, therefore preparations of complex action are used. For prevention, you can also use folk infusions and solutions.

    Productivity of tomato Honey on average up to 15 kg per square

Yield varieties

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The yield of tomato Honey on average up to 15 kg of fruit from each square of planting. But, if the plants are not fed, not watered properly, it will drop to 8-10 kg. On average, up to 3.5 kg of tomatoes are harvested from one bush per year.

Interesting! The taste of a tomato is determined for the most part by elements such as boron, magnesium, molybdenum, calcium and sulfur. If the fruits of them will be enough, the taste will be rich, sweetish.

Harvest is suitable for making juice, sauce. The fruits make delicious summer salads, fresh snacks.

Reviews of honey variety Tomato

Tomato variety Honey is in great demand among gardeners. It is not difficult to grow and the fruits it gives are very tasty.

  • Lyudmila Gribko: “Although the variety is called Medovy, my harvest was not very sweet, but it’s possible that there was a lack of sun, I don’t know. Bushes care wasn’t difficult. what is needed. And yet it is a pity, they are not as sweet as we would like, expect more! "
  • Andrey Koroza: “Not a bad variety. Tomatoes grow beautiful, the flesh is almost red, very juicy. Practically the whole crop was processed into juice. The family is very happy. sell! Next year they will definitely plant them again. "
  • Tatyana Davydova: "I used to always grow these tomatoes in the open field. This time I tried to make them in a greenhouse - it turned out that it was even easier to grow like that. Harvesting harvested 1.5 times. preservation. Very pleased with the variety, now they will grow it in greenhouses every year! "