Tomato variety Miracle of the Earth


The variety of tomatoes The miracle of the earth was bred by N.V. Daderko. In 2002, it first became available on the market, and in 2006 it was included in the State Register of Russia. Among the group of pink varieties, this tomato is one of the most popular. Tomato Miracle of the earth can be grown in greenhouses or in open ground. It has a pleasant taste and many other positive qualities. Details about the features of the variety can be found in this article.

Description of the variety of tomato Miracle of the Earth

Variety refers to mid-season. The first tomatoes can begin to collect in 95-120 days after planting. Bushes are tall, standard. Grow up to about 2 meters. Leaflets are medium sized, dark green in color. Inflorescences are intermediate.

Important! Tomato Miracle of the land is often confused with a similar variety Miracle of the Land of Ukraine. It is easiest to distinguish these two species in the form of the fruit. If in the first case, the tomatoes are rounded, in the case of the Ukrainian equivalent, the fruits have a heart-shaped shape, narrowed to the tip.

Tomato Miracle of the Earth - large-fruited variety. Fruits ripening on the lower branches can reach a mass of 1 kg, and those that appear a little less later - 300-500 g. The shape of the fruits is round, flattened from above. Light ribbing may occur.

The flesh is pink, fleshy, juicy

The peel after full maturation becomes rich pink. In the stem the color is also pink, without green or white spots. The flesh is dark pink, fleshy, juicy. In the fruits of 6-8 chambers, not a lot of seeds and only 5-7% of dry matter. The taste is delicate, sweetish.

Characteristic tomato

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Characteristics of the tomato miracle variety are presented below.

  • Productivity is high. On average, 20 kg of tomatoes can be taken from a planting square, if you properly care for bushes. The highest rates are observed when growing a variety in the open air in the southern regions. Average yields, up to 12 kg per square, are collected in the northern areas during greenhouse cultivation.
  • Fruiting stretched.
Important! Tomato Miracle of the Earth does not belong to hybrids, so you can harvest seeds from the crop every year and use them for planting next year.
  • The variety can be grown even in adverse regions with a variable climate.
  • There is resistance to drought.
  • It has a good immune system. Resistant to many diseases peculiar to tomatoes that grow in open ground. But it may be affected by brown spot or tobacco mosaic.
  • After full maturity, the fruits do not crack, like many other pink varieties.
  • After harvesting tomatoes Miracle of the earth are stored for a long time. It is recommended immediately after collection to use them for processing.
  • Transportability is low. Immature fruits are removed for sale, which better tolerate transportation.
  • Commercial quality is high. Tomatoes have a beautiful appearance, rich aroma, shiny skin.
  • The taste is excellent. The flesh is tender, pleasant, sweetish.

In areas with a temperate climate, seedlings should be made in advance.

Features of growing

Tomato Miracle of the earth can grow both in the open and in the protected ground. In the southern regions, it can be sown immediately to a permanent place, but in areas with a temperate climate, seedlings should be made in advance. Seeds for seedlings sown about 2-2.5 months before transplanting plants into the ground. Care of seedlings is carried out as usual: watering, feeding, picking, if the plants grow in one large pot. After 2 months you can make a transplant to a permanent place.

Planting a tomato The miracle of the earth is not carried out thickly. On average, 3 plants can be placed per square meter of the plot, if they are formed into 2 stems, or 4 plants each, if the formation is carried out in 1 stem.

  • Garter for the Miracle of the Land variety is mandatory. Bushes can grow up to 2 meters, so that if they are not tied up, it will be difficult to care for them, and simply harvesting! Not tied bushes will literally crawl along the ground.
  • The formation of the bush is done in 1-2 stems. If 1 stalk is formed, then all stepchildren must be removed, and if it is required to get 2 stalks, then the stepchild is left only under the first flower brush. Gathering for this variety is mandatory, otherwise you can simply not wait for the harvest.
  • Watering should be done as needed. Dry soil under the bushes can damage the root system, slow growth, reduce yields. Ideally, it is worth holding a drip irrigation system, but you can also water it simply from a watering can or in another convenient way.

Gathering for this variety is mandatory, otherwise you can simply not wait for the harvest

Important! Tomatoes are watered only in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun is setting. If you carry out watering during the day (especially irrigation) in the heat, burns will appear on the leaves. But on an overcast day, you can water the plants at any time.
  • Hilling is highly recommended to be done 3-4 times per season, so that a peculiar slide forms around the bushes.
  • Weeds are uprooted as they appear. It is better to start this procedure from early spring, before weeds bloom, then every year there will be less and less of them.
  • Top dressings are carried out by complex mineral fertilizers. Certain minerals are used at different times of the year. In the spring, preference should be given to nitrogenous substances (Urea, for example), and in summer, potassium-phosphoric (Superphosphate, Agricola). From organic fertilizers can use solutions of humus, infusions of green herbs or wood ash.
  • To reduce the likelihood of disease, it is worth 2-3 times a season to process a tomato Miracle of the earth from infections, fungi and pests. For this you can use folk recipes or fungicides, insecticides.

When grown in a greenhouse, in addition to all the above described standards of care, attention must be paid to 3 more important points.

  • The temperature in the room is maintained at + 27 ... +30 degrees.
  • Humidity of air - 55-60%. Otherwise, tomatoes can get phytophthora.
  • Pollination is carried out manually.

The yield of tomatoes Miracle of the Earth

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Photos of tomatoes Miracle of the land grown in the greenhouse

The yield from one bush of tomato Miracle of the Earth reaches 4 kg. But a lot depends on care, climate, cultivation methods (open or closed ground). Plants of this variety respond well to fertilizers, fertilizing, hilling, watering, so that if you want to increase the yield you can.

Interesting! In order for the fruits to grow large, weighing 0.8-1 kg, it is necessary to normalize the harvest. On each brush 1-2 ovaries are left, all the rest must be plucked.

The fruits of universal use. They can be eaten raw, in salads, appetizers. Fresh and canned juices are obtained from the Miracle of the Earth. You can also make salads for the winter of these fruits, dressing for borscht, prepare sauces, pasta, mashed potatoes. But in whole form they are not preserved and do not pickle because of the high content of juice. In banks, they do not keep their shape, they can fall apart. And the size of the fruit does not allow stacking them in jars in a solid form.

Reviews of tomato variety Miracle of the Earth

Gardeners for the most part speak well of tomatoes Miracle of the Earth.

  • Elena Gorodko: "Wonderful tomatoes. Growing large, one-on-one. The cut is almost red. The taste is amazing. Sweet, fleshy, like cutting juice literally dripping from a knife! I use it to make home-made juice for the winter and for fresh consumption. Salads are very tasty, gentle, refreshing. In general, I recommend to everyone. "
  • Vladislav Hook: "The wonder of the earth tried to grow for the first time a couple of years ago. Now it is my favorite among all the other varieties. Tomatoes turn out very tasty, sweet. Despite the rainy summer, they ripen in time. I process from diseases once and never get sick in a season. Feed do every 2 weeks, alternating organic matter and minerals. Grade more than satisfied! ".
  • Olga Frolova: “A good variety, I really like it. Tomato Miracle of the earth grows quickly, yields great harvests. The main thing is to tie it up correctly. I have twisted the branches a couple of times because the fruits were heavy. But even if the green ones break, they quickly reach the windowsill "Tastes are good. I love different pink varieties of tomatoes, but this one stands out in particular with its harmonious taste."