Potato cultivar Gulliver


There are many tasty varieties of potatoes, but not everyone can boast of consistently high yields. From year to year, the potato Gulliver gives many high-quality root crops suitable for sale, consumption or for further storage and planting. He is ill little, easily grown and has a pleasant taste. A detailed description and description of the culture with the method of cultivation is presented in this article.

Description of potato varieties Gulliver

Potato varieties Gulliver belongs to the category of medium. For full maturation it takes 60-70 days. Bred in Russia at the Institute of Household. It is recommended for cultivation in the central regions where it is not cold. Bushes grow tall, stand straight, do not fall. They are intermediate type with matte, dark green foliage. The corolla is small, purple. Buds fall off pretty quickly. On one bush can simultaneously ripen 5-11 potatoes. The root system is always well developed.

Interesting! The variety Gulliver is most often grown precisely for the production of new potatoes.

Potato yield Gulliver 350-450 c / ha

Tubers of elongated oval shape. The weight of commodity root crops is 130-150 g. Sometimes potatoes come across very large or small, but this is rare. The peel is white. The eyes are small, superficial. The pulp is thick, cream. The starch content is 11-14%. The flesh when cutting does not darken, during cooking almost does not boil soft.

Characteristics of potato Gulliver

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In addition to describing the plant, gardeners are also helpful to familiarize themselves with the general characteristics of the variety Gulliver.

  • The variety is drought resistant.
  • Gulliver grows poorly at low temperatures, and even short-term cooling spells can delay the development of the bush.
  • Commercial quality root crops. Poor, not suitable for transportation or sale make up about 2% of the total harvest.
  • Transportability is high.
  • Immunity is strong, resistant to most potato diseases: blight, potato cancer, nematode, alternarioz.
  • The quality of tubers is 94%.
  • Productivity is 350-450 centners / ha.
  • Table type potatoes, very tasty, versatile type.

Place for planting choose a sunny, flat with rich in minerals soil.

How to grow potatoes

Planting potatoes Gulliver is necessary when the weather is warm outside, without heavy frosts. The place is chosen sunny, flat with rich in minerals soil. Land for planting fertilized in the fall. For the winter, humus or fresh manure is introduced into it (if the soil has a high activity of microorganisms). If in the fall the land could not be fertilized, then already during planting the fertilizer is applied directly directly into the wells. You can make a spade of loose humus, a pinch of superphosphate and the wood ash.

Important! If fertilizers are applied during planting, directly into the wells, it is necessary to mix them with the ground to reduce the concentration.

To obtain a quick, rich harvest, it is recommended to germinate tubers in advance. A month before planting, they are laid out in shallow drawers in 1-2 layers and placed in a bright room at a temperature of + 15 ... +17 degrees Celsius. On the tubers should appear sprouts, and the skin itself, as a rule, during this time, partially or completely turns green. Plant tubers in the wells at a distance of 35-40 cm, not thicker, otherwise the bushes will interfere with each other to develop.

Care and harvest

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Harvesting Potatoes Gulliver

It is necessary to start caring for beds with potatoes no sooner than the first shoots appear. Prior to this landing do not touch, so as not to damage the shoots, hiding under the ground.

  • Watering begin to hold after 1.5-2 weeks after planting. Average water consumption is 15-20 l / m. sq. However, this figure may vary depending on climate and soil type. Especially a lot of moisture is necessary for potatoes of this variety during the formation of tubers.
  • The land is loosened regularly. Forget about this rule is not worth it. It is necessary to constantly maintain the aisles in a tidy condition, to remove weeds, to weed the area between the bushes, so that the potatoes have enough oxygen.
  • Fertilizers guarantee fast growth and excellent taste of the crop. Most of the nutrients contribute to the digging area for the winter or during planting. And during the growing season it is recommended to feed the culture only in certain cases, for example, if the plant grows slowly or the weather deteriorates. Thanks to the introduction of nutrients increases the resistance of the plant, and it again begins to develop normally. Wood ash or minerals (phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen) can be recommended as top dressing.
  • Hilling is carried out 2 times per season. In the first - when the shoots will be 20 cm long on average, and the second - 2-3 weeks after the first procedure.

Diseases and pests

Diseases and pests of potatoes Gulliver

A good immune system in the potato variety Gulliver allows gardeners only in rare cases to deal with diseases and pests. This greatly simplifies the care of the culture. The variety Gulliver is not affected by potato cancer, Alternaria, blight, and potato nematode. But with improper care, some fungal diseases can occur.

Important! Experts recommend treating young bushes for the prevention of rhizoctoniosis and scab. The variety has only moderate resistance to these diseases.

In case of serious problems, the bushes should be immediately treated with fungicides or insecticides and, if necessary, repeat the procedure after a while. As for the Colorado potato beetle, they are struggling with it by hand assembly, traps, and baits.

Reviews of potato variety Gulliver

Only in rare cases, you can hear a bad review about potatoes Gulliver. This is the elite among all sorts of varieties - fruitful, easy to grow and tasty.

  • Nina Zuyko: "For beginner gardeners, I think the potato variety Gulliver is the best! It grows quickly, the care is elementary, and the crops are great. I tried other kinds to grow, but they often get sick, they don’t give birth at all. So for me Gulliver. Of course, the harvest is not enough for a long time, because we are starting to eat new potatoes, but it is for the better, since we do not have a large cellar for storage. "
  • Nikolay Petrenko: “I never thought that Gulliver was suitable for long storage, but last year a very big harvest came out. I had to put part of the basement in storage. I lay without problems, the potatoes did not spoil at all. I don’t know how much it can lie, but in our case, the last one was eaten in February. The taste and quality was no worse than in the summer. So now we plant large volumes so that it lasts longer. "
  • Pavel Shumeyko: “I grow Gulliver variety for producing young potatoes. There is no equal in this category. Root vegetables are tasty, they do not boil soft, suitable for frying and do not darken during cutting. As for cultivation, there are practically no problems. The main thing is that there is no cooling down after planting. And due to the early maturity of diseases and pests, it is rarely affected. "