Grape variety Cardinal


Grape Cardinal is an American variety. Was launched in 1939 in California. This grape with a majestic name has many advantages, for which we love many winegrowers. It is distributed throughout Europe, the USA and in the southern regions of Russia. Below in the article will be given a description of the plant, its characteristics and characteristics of cultivation.

Description of the grape variety Cardinal

Grape Cardinal belongs to the mid-early grape varieties. For ripening berries need 120-125 days. Bush vigorous. The plant gives bisexual flowers, so there is no problem with pollination. The clusters have a cylindrical shape. The weight of an average bunch is 550 g, length is 20-28 cm with a width of 15 cm. The bunches are friable, the leg is long, easily broken. Young leaves on the bush are small, always light green, without a gun, and at the edges have a bronze ebb. Adult leaves are large, rich green, dense, medium-dissected.

Grape cardinal

Interesting! Berries of the Cardinal grape variety are dense, beautiful, but under high humidity they can crack.

The grapes are round-oval or oval in shape, weighing 7-9 g. The color of the berries is purple-red with a light touch. The rind is dense, but tears easily and usable. The flesh is transparent with green tint, very fleshy, with a high content of juice. Inside there are 2-4 bones. They are large, so it's hard not to notice them. Taste is sweet, with nutmeg taste. Sugar content 17-21g / 100 ml with acidity 6-8g / liter.

Characteristics of grapes

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Grape Cardinal is a table variety that has more advantages than disadvantages.

  • The grade is suitable for long transportation.
  • Commercial quality bunches at height. This variety can often be seen on the market stalls. Sweet, big berries, pleasant aroma, medium-sized bunches always attract the attention of buyers.
  • Taste pleasant with nutmeg aftertaste.
  • Resistance to frost down to -22 degrees.
  • The average yield is 11 tons / hectare.
  • There is good immunity to diseases.

Grape growing Cardinal

To plant the Cardinal grape variety is only needed in sunny areas where there is a lot of light and heat. In cold terrain, it does not grow, and in the shade gives a meager harvest, and even with a delay - the berries may not have time to ripen. Fruits well on loamy soil, black soil. The soil should be well drained with a low level of groundwater.

Branches of grapes Cardinal

Cardinal grapes are propagated by grafting on the stock or cuttings. Sometimes you can buy small bushes on the market, they are also suitable for planting and quickly take root.

  • In the case of cultivation on the stock, it is necessary to put the cut side of the cutting into the stock split, pull it off with a durable fabric, polyethylene or something similar, and then rub it over the clay to prevent moisture from evaporating. After that, it is necessary to water the bush with 2-3 buckets of water and cover the radical circle with mulch.
  • Cutting Cardinal grapes can be done, but not as easy as growing on a stock. The main thing is to monitor the temperature. It is planted only when the earth warms up to +10 degrees, and the air reaches +15 degrees and above. The pits for seedlings are fertilized with potassium, phosphorus, you can also just take the humus. A few days before planting, one side of the cutting is kept in water with a root growth stimulator. Planting is carried out by the usual method - cuttings are buried, covered with earth, compacted and watered from above.
Important! For planting, you can take only healthy cuttings, with 2-3 eyes.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to tinker with an adult bush, but often already planted bushes are planted. If you need to plant an adult bush, you need to make a big hole under it, fertilize the ground with humus and minerals (phosphorus, potassium), add a glass of wood ash. After the grapes were in the ground, the roots spread and covered with fertile soil. In the end you need to remember to water the bush.

Cardinal Grape Care

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Only with quality care you can get a big harvest of grapes Cardinal.

The cardinal is quite capricious and without a thorough care of high yields do not wait

  • Watering is regulated depending on the weather. In dry time you need more moisture for the bush, at the same time in rainy weather (in the fall, for example), watering is almost completely stopped. Every grower should know that the abundance of moisture leads to cracking berries, fungal diseases, rot and other problems.
  • For the convenience of picking berries, caring for the bush, it is necessary to form it from the first year. You can form in different ways, but more often winegrowers simply grow it with a single, low wall. This allows the plant to get maximum sunlight from all sides, heat and at the same time, for each pagon there is a reliable subcortex - the bush does not fall.
  • In order for the berries to ripen quickly and have a sweet, rich taste, during the spring preparation the Cardinal grape must be fertilized with potash-phosphorus fertilizers. If during the laying of berries noticeable that the bush is very difficult, you can feed it again. For the winter, the bush also does not hurt to fertilize, but for this you can already use organic matter (humus or compost). You can make it in the root zone, as a mulch layer of 3-5 cm.
  • Harvest is always rationed. There are fruitful and lean years, but in any case, usually 1-2 large grapes are left on each pagon. Then there is a rapid ripening, the berries have time to fill with sugar and have a rich taste. In addition, rationing reduces the load from the bush and it is much less sick.
  • Trimming is carried out in spring and autumn. Cut off all the extra branches, and those that grow incorrectly, as well as sick and damaged vine, from which there will be no proc.
  • In order for the Cardinal grapes not to hurt, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment for pests and diseases 2 times a year - in spring and autumn. For this purpose, insecticides and fungicides of the most complex action are used.
  • For winter, grapes can be warmed. For this, the ground part is covered with non-woven material, and the root zone is mulched with straw, sawdust or similar mulch by 25-30 cm.

Harvesting and storage

The grapes of the cardinal cardinal do not ripen amicably, but in parts from about the second decade of August. Harvest in clusters as it ripens. During the collection you need to pay attention to the condition of the berries. If the branch has a lot of cracked berries, then it should be allowed to use in the first place.

Under favorable conditions of growing grapes, the Cardinal will delight with its harvest.

Important! Damaged berries can quickly deteriorate, so for exemplary transportation only exemplary specimens are taken.

Collected clusters of Cardinal grapes can be well stored, if you create normal conditions for them. Best of all, they lie in coolness, darkness. The place should be isolated from black flies and rodents.

Reviews of grape variety Cardinal

Opinions about grapes varieties Cardinal very much. Some gardeners consider it good, others unprofitable. But everyone unanimously agrees that the berries are really tasty.

  • Evgeny Guschin: "I have been growing Cardinal grapes for more than 5 years. The variety is very good, but it is suitable only for the southern regions. Despite the relatively warm winter, even in the south, the vine sometimes freezes, so in middle and northern regions I would not risk planting. The yield is sufficient for sale, though , is sometimes affected by wasps, so you have to bundle up the grapes. "
  • Alina Mokhova: "I love the Cardinal grapes very much. It is sweet, fragrant, good fresh and after processing. We make a lot of juice out of mine, we even tried homemade wine. If we comply with the technology, it turns out very well! On our site everything grows one bush, but with proper care for the season we remove more than 15 kg of the crop. "
  • Victor Savin: "The Cardinal variety is not bad, but it hurts often. I constantly have rot, then pests, then some kind of attack. I thought that it was the plot, but another grape grows without problems. In general, this year I will change the bush , and a place to fit, may re-lucky. "