Watermelon variety Astrakhan


Watermelons are very fond of children, adults. They are delicious, contain many nutrients, which is so important in the summer. Astrakhan watermelon is one of the most famous species. It can grow in greenhouses and in open ground, so it is grown in the southern regions and in central Russia, as well as throughout Ukraine. The quality and characteristics of the variety will be discussed in this article.

Description of a grade of a water-melon Astrakhan

The flesh is rich red, sweet, aromatic

Mid-season Astrakhan watermelon ripens in about 70-81 days. The yield per hectare is 48.7 tons. The plant is quite vigorous, growing quickly. Scourge light green leaves rich green.

Fruits weigh an average of 5-6 kg. But if you grow this variety in medium, not southern areas, the weight will most likely be up to 3 kg. The shape is rounded, maybe a little oblong. The peel is smooth dark green with light stripes. The bands are not even, their edges are zigzag. The rind is thick, which provides the fruits with long-term preservation and resistance to mechanical damage.

Important! In the period of prolonged drought, voids can form inside the Astrakhan watermelon variety. Although the quality of taste is not affected.

The pulp of ripe watermelon is rich red. It is sweet, aromatic, with a high content of juice. Seeds are dark brown or black.

Growing Astrakhan watermelon

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Photo planting watermelon in the ground

Place under the landing is chosen sunny, well-lit. It is better to do any darkening yourself, because a constant shadow or partial shade will retard the development of the plant. Grow Astrakhan watermelon variety can be seedling and seed method. The second is only suitable for the warmest, southern regions. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked to hatch, and then planted. Seedlings are harder, but their efficiency doubles if the climate is not very warm.

Interesting! The best predecessors for watermelons at the site are corn, potatoes, beans, peas.

Seeds for seedlings are first disinfected in potassium permanganate (a weak solution), then placed for germination in a damp cloth, and when they hatch, they can be sown in seedlings. For growing seedlings is better to take disposable cups or similar containers. They are filled with a mixture of peat soil (can be bought at a gardening shop). The seeding depth is 4 cm, 1-2 seeds are sown in each cup. Then the crops are covered with film and left to germinate in a warm, illuminated place.

Landing in a permanent place is carried out when the first 3-4 leaves appear. Land for planting should be light, loose, fertilized with potassium-phosphorus substances and nitrogen. Planted seeds or seedlings sprouts at a distance of 80 cm from each other, between rows leave up to 2 meters of free space. You can also use a chess board, then seedlings are planted every 90-100 cm. The depth of seeding seedlings should be about 7 cm - or you can simply plant so that the top layer of earthen coma is level with or slightly higher. After planting the site watered.

Planting care

Birds and rodents can cause crop loss.

In the care of Astrakhan watermelon unpretentious, but requires the implementation of certain rules.

  • Watering is needed abundant in the growth period of the whips, and when fruiting begins - moderate.
  • Weeding is carried out after irrigation, when water is absorbed. As long as the plants are small, this is done regularly, but if they have grown on the ground, then we can stop weeding. An alternative to weeding can be land mulching.
Important! If the Astrakhan variety of watermelon is grown in a greenhouse, it is necessary to ventilate it from time to time, so that inside is not very high humidity.
  • During the growth of green spend 2 mandatory feeding. Initially, nitrogenous substances, and when they begin to grow fruit - phosphorus-potassium. But if the shortage of nutrients is noticed as you grow, you can make a few more supplements.
  • To prevent pests and diseases, watermelons should be sprayed with an infusion of ash and garlic. In the case of the occurrence of the disease or insects, it is worth referring to specialized preparations for treatment.
  • Birds and rodents can cause crop loss. To avoid this, put on the site repellents or something like that.
  • To obtain large fruits, after the formation of 2 ovaries on the shoot, it is pinched. In general, up to 10 watermelons can ripen on one bush.

When watermelons ripen

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Useful properties of watermelon

Harvesting begins when watermelons reach technical maturity. This can be determined by appearance or by time of development. About ripe watermelon indicate: a small bright spot in the place where the berry touched the ground, a dry tail of the whip, a ringing sound when tapping the bark. When cutting a ripe watermelon, a pleasant crackling sound is heard, and there should not be white, immature seeds inside.

Watermelons after harvesting are stored for a long time without loss of taste or external qualities - about 2 months. They should lie in a dark, ventilated place at room temperature and low humidity.

The variety is easy to transport over short and long distances. On the road, the fruits do not deteriorate if they were initially healthy and had no damage. And thanks to the excellent marketability of Astrakhan watermelon is very popular in the sale. He has a beautiful flesh, sweet, fragrant - attracts customers.

Reviews Astrakhan watermelon

Gardeners and consumers simply love the Astrakhan watermelon variety. It is sweet, tasty, juicy, healthy, and relatively unpretentious in cultivation - what more do you need?

  • Maria False: "Astrakhan watermelons are known to me since childhood. I love them very much and therefore I try to grow at least 5-7 pieces a year on my own at the site. Of course, this is troublesome in the Moscow region, but quite real if it is right to grow. I only need my berries film and grow - temporary greenhouse. I open it at the beginning of the hot season and cover again, if the cold comes earlier than the desired period. "
  • Alexander Gubsky: "I think the variety of Astrakhan watermelon is so popular because of its taste. It is really a sweet berry, and if you put it in the fridge for 5-6 hours, which is refreshing then what you need for fruit drinks and drinks! We grow it on the plot about 5 years, but unfortunately they didn’t get the hand - they turn out to be too small, about 1 kg, but sweet. "
  • Anton Mazur: “My growing method is greenhouse. The Astrakhan variety of watermelons grows very well there. I grow it on a trellis. It is not easy - you have to make a subcortex for each fruit, put it in a bag so that it will not fall, but the yield is above all praise. Part of it goes on sale, part - in the family. "