Variety of strawberries Albion


Strawberry Albion is a medium early, remontant variety, originally from the USA. Launched at the University of California and patented in 2006. Harvest for the season get 4 times. Fruiting occurs at the end of May, the beginning of July, the end of August and the middle of September. Below in the article the variety itself, its characteristics and cultivation features will be described.

Description of a grade of strawberry Albion

The shape of the berries is cone-shaped. The pulp is dense, juicy

Albion is a strong-growing strawberry species. Bush grows up to 40 cm in height. The leaves are dark green, large, can fall to the ground only at the end of the season, if the bush is exhausted. Peduncles durable, do not fall to the ground and therefore the berries are almost always clean.

Important! Despite the fact that Albion strawberries were bred in California, where the climate is very warm, in areas with a temperate and even cool climate, it can also be successfully grown.

The berries are large, weighing 40-60 g. The color on top is dark red, with a glossy shine, and in the cut is bright pink. The shape of the berries is cone-shaped. The pulp is dense, juicy. Strawberry Albion thinner strong flavor. The taste is sweet, dessert, sourness is possible if ripening took place during a rainy period or if the bushes are located in the shade.

Characteristics of the strawberry Albion

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Frost resistance to -25 degrees Celsius

The strawberry variety Albion has both positive and negative qualities. They constitute its main characteristics.

  • For the season they get 4 crops.
  • The variety is large-fruited, the berries are beautiful, commercial quality.
  • Transportability is very good. This is one of the few varieties of strawberries, suitable for long transport.
  • There is resistance to drought.
Important! After a bountiful harvest, some of the strawberry bushes in Albion may die. These are properties of a species that must be reckoned with when grown.
  • Frost resistance to -25 degrees Celsius.
  • Immune to gray rot and anthracnose, but with brown and white spot is often affected.
  • Productivity is high - up to 2 kg from each bush.
  • The taste is excellent, sweet, rich.
  • The collected berries can be stored for a long time.

Planting strawberries

Strawberry Albion seedlings should be planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

Planting new bushes is usually carried out in autumn (September), although you can also plant bushes in spring (March-May), although it is not known whether they will produce a crop in the year of planting (this depends on their strength and care). A place for landing is chosen sunny, with an abundance of light and to warm up well from all sides. The groundwater level should be low. The type of soil can be any, but Albion gives the best yields on sandy or loamy soil.

You can simply plant in the pits or make a trench, a high bed - it depends on the type of land and the groundwater level. If the land is poor, then for 1-2 months before planting it is fertilized with humus, compost or mineral tukam. Acidity should be neutral. If the ground is heavy, it is diluted with peat and sand, and if sandy, add simple earth with humus.

Interesting! You can get healthy, strong strawberry seedlings only from annual bushes that have never yielded a harvest. So experts recommend a few annual bushes to leave for a mustache, removing flower stalks.

Strawberry Albion seedlings should be planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Between the rows, 40-70 cm of free space is left to make it convenient to move around, care and harvest. The depth of the holes for seedlings 2-3 cm. After planting, the bushes must be watered.

How to care for strawberries Albion

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Mulching recommended during the period when the berries ripen

Proper care of strawberries allows you to get great harvests. Bushes grow at the same time beautiful, decorate the site, rarely get sick.

  • Watering strawberries should be regularly (once every 5-7 days) so that the earth does not dry out. Especially a lot of water is needed in early spring and between fruiting. It is best to use drip irrigation, but you can do with a simple watering can.
  • Top dressings are necessary in the early spring (nitrogenous), before setting fruits (potash-phosphorus) and already after the last fruiting, before winter. Before winter, organic matter is used, it is possible to scatter compost or humus between the rows, as well as some wood ash, and lay a layer of mulch on top.
  • High temperatures Strawberry Albion does not tolerate well, unlike drought. For this reason, it is necessary to darken it from the hot summer sun.
Interesting! Due to the fact that the variety of strawberries Albion does not tolerate heat well, it is almost impossible to grow it in greenhouses.
  • Mulching is recommended during the period when the berries ripen. It prevents them from smearing on wet earth, and also reduces the risk of rot, mildew. In addition, the mulch does not give rise to weeds and retains more moisture in the ground - you can rarely irrigate.
  • For the prevention or control of diseases and pests, it is worth using bio-fungicides and bio-insecticides. Chemicals can be used only in early spring or late autumn, when there is no chance to harm the crop.

Crop harvested as it ripens in several stages. Albion strawberry variety is suitable for fresh consumption, canning, freezing and drying.

Reviews of strawberry variety Albion

Despite the fact that the strawberry variety Albion is American, in Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union it is widespread.

  • Olga Chernova: "Albion is an interesting variety of strawberries. I always insulate my beds for the winter and never had problems. But last year, although there were no severe frosts, a quarter of the bushes died in the spring. True, thanks to the abundance of whiskers, I quickly restored the garden, and the harvest was not small. Now I try to apply more fertilizer. Perhaps the bushes died not from frost, but from exhaustion. "
  • Tamara Heart: “I recently found out about the variety of strawberries Albion. I planted last fall and already this year I tried the first crop. I’ll say that strawberries are not capricious, I haven’t been sick yet. Harvest harvested 3 times, for some reason it wasn’t in May, but there were more than enough berries for food and preservation! The mustache grows enough to annually plant new bushes. "
  • Alexander Krasilov: "The variety is very fruitful, it gives berries almost to the first frost. Moreover, it does not require serious care. We go to the country only 1-2 times a week, but Albion strawberries grow without problems, there is enough water and fertilizer. this year, another 20-30 bushes will be annoyed, which we received from the whiskers to replace the old bushes. "