How to cut raspberries in the fall


Pruning raspberries in the fall is carried out from year to year. This is an important procedure that allows you to rejuvenate the shrub and increase yields next year. But there are many subtleties of this process. Below in the article, information will be given on how to correctly cut raspberries in the fall, how to prune remontant varieties, and when exactly this needs to be done so that there is a good harvest.

Why spend the autumn pruning raspberries

Preventing wintering pests inside raspberry shoots

In the spring and autumn they carry out the planned pruning of raspberries. But not every gardener knows what to do in general. So before considering how to cut the raspberries in the fall, it is worth describing the purpose of this procedure.

  1. Preventing wintering pests inside raspberry shoots.
  2. Thinning rows to get more sunlight to the bushes.
  3. Removal of diseased and damaged pagons, which spoil the appearance and quality of raspberries.
Interesting! Autumn pruning of raspberries is considered more important than spring, so it must be carried out annually.
  1. Yield increase.
  2. Improving the winter hardiness of the plant.
  3. Giving the bushes a normal, neat shape.

When is the autumn pruning of raspberries

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When is the autumn pruning of raspberries

How to cut the raspberries in the fall, many experienced gardeners know, but not everyone can get the optimal time for the procedure. And yet, experts say that it is impossible to pull with it. The sooner the bushes are cut, the more time they will have to recover before the first winter frosts.

First of all, you need to cut off the two-year shoots, which gave a harvest this year, as well as curves, diseased and weak twigs. The pruning time usually depends on the cultivar and can vary considerably. But, it is believed that as soon as the raspberry gave the last harvest, you can begin to cut it. So if the last harvest was harvested in September, then in September the raspberries are pruned. Bushes it will be good and will not hurt if the procedure is carried out correctly.

Important! Autumn pruning of raspberries, regardless of type and variety, should be carried out at least 3 weeks before the onset of constant, freezing temperatures.

As for remontant varieties, there is one nuance. The fact is that cutting the bushes in the summer, after fruiting is meaningless - raspberries will give a second crop in the autumn. So you need to wait for re-fruiting, and only then, after the fall of the leaves, when all the nutrients from the pagons are transferred to the root system, you can begin to cut off reparative raspberry varieties.

How to cut the raspberries in the fall

Proper pruning of raspberries is beneficial to the bushes, and therefore the gardener. It allows you to increase the yield and quality of the bushes. They

Pagons cut almost flush with the ground

much less sick and less affected by pests. So, how to trim the raspberries in the fall correctly?

  • First of all, two-year-old shoots are pruned, which have already separated the last harvest. It is easy to identify them - the bark on such a branch is dark brown, and in the annual shoots it is greenish or light brown.
  • Weak, dry, and sick branches also need to cut. Dry shoots can not even be cut, but simply broken, they break without problems, the same applies to old twigs, but still it is better to use a secateur to make the bush look neat.
  • Pagons are cut almost flush with the ground. The stump from a cut branch should be up to 5 cm high!
Important! If you leave high hemp from cut pagons, pests or bacteria can settle in them for the winter, the spores of fungi and the plant will begin to ache in the spring.
  • In the annual shoots in the fall cut off the tops of 20-30 cm. This increases the frost resistance of the plant.
  • If pagons with an abundance of spines, it is necessary to work with heavy gloves or use a secateur on long handles, a lopper.
  • If there are black or brown spots on the ponds, then this is most likely purple spot. To cure such a bush is very difficult. It must be completely dug up and burned until the disease hit the neighboring plants.

After pruning on each bush should be no more than 10 strong, healthy shoots. But this is optional. Depending on the variety, growing conditions, and climatic features, annual shoots can be up to 3 on a bush.

How best to cut the raspberries in the fall

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Double pruning raspberries (cutting according to Sobolev)

Double raspberry pruning (Sobolev pruning) is the best method for pruning simple crop varieties. This method is not suitable for remontant species, but for ordinary raspberries it is considered the most effective to increase the yield of bushes.

Important! After pruning, all cut pagons should be collected and burned outside the site.

In late May or early June, the first pruning of raspberries according to Sobolev is carried out. By this time, the shoots should have grown by 70-90 cm. The apex of such branches is cut by 10-15 cm, thanks to which new branches appear from the sinuses, the stem begins to branch and, consequently, the yield increases.

The second pruning is carried out in the fall. The carriages are again trimmed and at the same time, remove unnecessary and diseased, dry branches. But, if the gardener plans to conduct double pruning of raspberries annually, you need to plant the bushes far away from each other, because with time they will become thick and harvest will become harder.

How to prune raspberry in autumn

The repair and simple raspberries are very different. How to prune raspberries in the fall, if she is a remontant, every gardener who grows this particular species should know.

  • The repair raspberry produces a crop on both annual and two-year-old shoots, therefore in the fall all shoots are usually cut, leaving stumps up to 5 cm tall, but better at the root. This procedure allows you to get the next year a rich autumn harvest, but it will be uneven, and the berries can be small, because the bush will put a lot of energy on the development of pagons in the spring.
Interesting! If the gardener in the fall completely cuts the pagons of the remontant raspberry to the root, this procedure can be carried out after the first frost.
  • If you need to get a quality crop, but in smaller quantities than in the previous case, in the fall all the two-year-old shoots are cut into remontant raspberries, and the one-year-olds leave. They bend well, so even in the middle or northern regions, it will be possible to bend them down and insulate them for the winter so as not to freeze out - this does not represent a serious problem.

After the pruning of raspberries in the fall, it remains only to destroy all the cut pagons, fallen leaves, and also to insulate the bushes for the winter.