Powdered milk for piglets


In many different cases, the breeder has to independently feed the newborn pigs. And most often for this is used powdered milk for pigs. How exactly to use this product, and when necessary, will be described below in the article.

The composition of milk powder

Powdered milk for piglets can be found at any pet store, on the Internet or at farmers' markets. It is produced by different manufacturers and it is from who produces this product, and its composition will depend.

Important! The more natural ingredients in the composition of milk powder, the more useful it is for a pig!

Usually, all components of the product are indicated on the packaging. At the same time, different manufacturers can use completely different components for production, but there are also those components that can not be abandoned, if we are talking about real dry milk, and not cheap analogues, substitutes. So, what should be in dry milk for pigs?

  • Whey in dried form is done with special processing to preserve its beneficial properties.
  • Lactose or milk sugar is added in order to maintain the strength of the piglets raised on artificial feeding.
  • Trace elements (iron, calcium, selenium) - an important component to improve the digestibility of nutrients from milk powder.
  • Vitamins (A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B6, B12) are necessary for normal growth and development of the animal.
Interesting! Iron, selenium and calcium in the composition of milk powder reduce the risk of such diseases as rickets, anemia and muscular dystrophy.
  • Amino acids - vegetable proteins (tryptophan, lysine and methionine).
  • Probiotics.
  • Lipids.
  • Immunoglobulins.
  • Fillers like gluten, potato protein.

The number of certain components, their quality, as well as additives depend on the manufacturer and its goals (improving the quality of the product, promoting a new product, creating an ecological product, cheapening, and so on).

Feeding a pig with powdered milk

When do piglets get milk powder?

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Many farmers believe that there is nothing better for pigs than real mother's milk and they are absolutely right. But there are a number of cases when a pig cannot get his mom's milk in the amount that he needs or it is completely unavailable and then powdered milk comes to the rescue. So when is powdered milk useful for piglets?

  1. Powdered milk is often used if the female has a lot of piglets. As a rule, the uterus cannot feed many pups at once for many reasons. This is a shortage of milk, and an elementary lack of space in the nipples - the strong force out the weak and as a result several individuals get less and less mother's milk each time. In this case, a substitute is used. He is bred in the right proportion and feed those pigs who are undernourished.
  2. When piglets were taken away from the mother for one reason or another (her illness, death, aggressive behavior, etc.), natural milk is replaced with artificial, dry milk. However, in this case, you need to be more careful when choosing a mixture, because the piglets, which do not receive any mother's milk at all, need more nutrients and healthy substances!

The effect of powdered milk on piglets

About the benefits and harms of powdered milk on the pigs are zealous disputes. But most experts agree on the opinion that a good product will not be harmful.

  • Whey improves the metabolism of the young pig, contributes to the active work of the digestive tract.
  • Powdered milk for piglets nourishes the body with energy, thanks to which the animal grows faster and feels better.
  • Vitamins and minerals allow better assimilation of useful substances and saturate each individual organ, provoking its normal performance.
Important! If you choose the right piglet mix and use it according to the instructions, it will have a positive effect.
  • Milk sugar contributes to the fact that the pig will be easier in the future to switch to a normal diet.
  • Powdered milk for pigs strengthens the immune system due to the same trace elements and some vitamins, they also reduce the risk of disease. Protective functions are activated. Bones grow correctly.
  • Probiotics contribute to the normal functioning of the intestines, which is very important for young piglets. They regulate the level of beneficial and harmful microflora.
  • In addition, as an additive to the mother's milk, it allows better digestion of substances that piglets receive from the mother.
  • Lipids contribute to the rapid growth of the animal, building muscle.

A total of milk powder has a positive effect on the pig, but mother's milk, of course, will be better for the pigs, so experts do not recommend replacing one with another, if it is possible to let the mother feed her child herself.

The negative sides of dry milk are noted in the case when it comes to cheap analogues with synthetic composition, without natural products or with their lack. In such cheap dry mixtures there are really very few wholesome and, apart from the rapid growth of the young, they carry nothing more.

The best way to feed the piglets is to read here, and we wrote about what premixes for pigs are here.

Photo of weekly piglets

How to dissolve powdered milk for piglets?

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Depending on the manufacturer of powdered milk for piglets, the method of breeding it may be different, so it is important to carefully read the instructions. The concentrate depends on many factors including the age of the pig, whether he has a permanent nursing mother and other nuances. For example, for suckling piglets you need not very concentrated milk, because some of the nutrients they receive from mother's colostrum. But for piggy on artificial feeding make a concentrated product.

Important! To save on the purchase of milk powder, it is better to take wholesale 1-2 months in advance.

Now about the rules of breeding milk powder.

  1. Dilute it only with boiled water!
  2. The water temperature should be + 45 ... +55 degrees.
  3. The powder is poured in a thin stream in half of the total amount of water and is constantly stirred to prevent lumps from forming.
  4. After the milk is poured, mixed, you can add the rest of the water and shake well.
  5. After the milk has dissolved, it is cooled to + 37 ... +40 degrees and only then animals are fed.
  6. The diluted liquid is completely evaporated. Leftovers are poured out - it cannot be stored!

The proportions of milk powder

The proportions of dilution of dry milk with water depend on the pigs age. Therefore, in different cases, they change. Usually, dairy pigs are fed with the mixture for the first 2 months, until they fully switch to normal feed.

The table of proportions for diluting milk powder for feeding piglets from the first days of life:

AgeThe rate of milk powder per day (grams)Proportions of dry milk with waterConcentrate / Green Feed Introduction (grams)
1-4 days300 g / 6 times a day1:7Do not add
5-10 days700 g / 5 times a day1:8Do not add
11-20 days1200 g / 5 times a day1:825-90 g / greens do not enter
21-30 days2500 g / 4 times a day1:8100-200 g / 20-50 g
31-40 days3000 g / 4 times a day1:10200-400 g / 50-100 g
41-50 days3700 g / 3 times a day1:10400-600 g / 100-200 g
51-60 days3000 g / 3 times a day1:10600-800 g / 200-500 g

This table will allow you to understand how to feed a pig for the first 2 months of life. However, in order to grow quickly and not be ill, it is necessary to provide him with the first 2 hours of life - colostrum, and then use the dried milk, which has the most balanced and natural composition. Although such mixtures are expensive, they pay for themselves completely.