Cabbage Variety Gift


In the world there are many varieties and hybrids of white cabbage, but only some species do not go from the store shelves from year to year. These include the variety Gift. Where does this popularity come from? Cabbage Gift has a good taste with relative simplicity in terms of growing. She is not afraid of autumn frosts and is resistant to many diseases.

Description of cabbage variety Gift

Cabbage gift was included in the state register in 1961. It is cultivated in almost all regions of Russia, but in the northern regions (Siberia, the Urals) it is imperative to carry out warming of the beds in the spring, and not to neglect dressing. The socket grows large, up to a meter in diameter. The leaves are spreading, slightly raised, slightly undulating along the edge, slightly wrinkled. Color green with wax bloom.

Important! Gift cabbage varieties can be sown with seeds immediately in open ground only in hot, southern climates.

The weight of each head can be up to 5 kg, but more often - 2.5-3 kg. The shape of the plug is round or flat-round. Internal stump is medium in size. The heads of cabbages are dense, very juicy, which is immediately clear after the first cutting - a characteristic crackling is heard. The leaves are fleshy, with a high content of juice. The color of the outer leaves of the head is gray-green, yellowish in the section.

Characteristics of cabbage Gift

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Cabbage color Gift green with wax bloom

Of course, with each type of cabbage you can find flaws, but the cabbage variety is considered one of the few that practically have no drawbacks, except for low yields with insufficient care, but this is typical of any type of cabbage. Below are the characteristics of the form.

  • Due to the abundance of sugar in the composition of the variety, it is possible and even recommended to use for fermentation.
  • Strong immune system.
  • Cultivation is possible even in adverse conditions.
  • Heads resistant to long-term transportation, on the road does not deteriorate.
  • Commercial quality is high. Cabbage has a pleasant appearance, after cutting thinning, cabbage flavor becomes thinner.
  • Stored not as long as the latest varieties, but also not bad - about 5 months.
  • Cold resistance.
  • Heads do not crack, although if there is too much watering, it is quite possible.
  • Productivity is consistently high under proper growing conditions.

Cabbage Seedlings Gift

Cabbage Gift after cutting thinning delicate cabbage flavor

Cabbage variety Gift is usually grown through seedlings. Seedlings harvested since early April. The land for it is made of 5% river sand, 75% peat and 20% turf land. After thorough mixing, it is poured into separate containers, seeds are sown in them at a distance of 3 cm to a depth of 1-1.5 cm, covered with polyethylene or glass and placed for germination in a warm, sunny place.

It is important! To secure the land for seeds, you need to pickle it with an antifungal drug several days before sowing the seeds.

For seed germination in the room should be a temperature of about +18 degrees. After the emergence of shoots, the shoots are transferred to a room with a temperature of up to +15 degrees, so as not to stretch. Sometimes, in order to simplify cultivation, gardeners immediately plant seeds in separate cups of 2-3 pieces and thin out as they grow, until they leave a sprout in a cup. But if the seedlings grow in one trough, then after the appearance of 2 leaves, it is desirable to dive into separate containers.

On dark, cloudy days, the cabbage is highlighted with the simplest lamp. Approximately 2-2.5 weeks before transplanting to a permanent place, seedlings begin to harden in fresh air. She is taken out daily from the house, first for 15-30 minutes, after 1-2 days for 1-1.5 hours, then 3-4 hours. Such hardening increases the resistance of the culture to negative factors.

Planting cabbage

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Plant 40–60 cm apart at a distance of 70 cm between the rows

For planting cabbage variety in the open ground, you need to wait until the end of May. They are always planted in a sunny area, with low groundwater level Land for planting should be fertilized in the fall (2-3 kg of humus per square square). In spring, before sowing, it is possible to enrich the soil except with nitrogen fertilizer.

Interesting! Planting cabbage is best in cloudy weather or in the evening, when the temperature drops, and the sun begins to set.

Planting seedlings in separate wells at a distance of 40-60 cm from each other at 70 cm distance between the rows. After planting sprouts the land is abundantly irrigated It is important to ensure that when planting seedlings, the earth is pressed tightly - it stimulates the development of the roots and the rapid adaptation of the plant. If, after planting, cold or nights are not yet warm, you can cover the beds from time to time with a transparent film or light agrofibre.

Care and harvest

Photo harvest cabbage Gift

Large yields of cabbage variety gives only under the right conditions for watering. For example, during dry periods, 1-2 irrigations per week are sufficient. On the square of the square make 1.5-2 liters of water while the plants are small, and 3-4 liters of water when the head has already begun to form.

Do not interfere with timely feeding. Feeding is usually carried out with watering or after long rains (so that the earth is well saturated with moisture). Fertilizers make only 3 times. The first time fed with urea (or manure) 2 weeks after picking the seedlings. The second feeding is carried out with superphosphate and potassium sulphate 3 weeks after the first. The third feeding is not different from the second, but is carried out even after 2-3 weeks, but only if the earth is very depleted.

Important! Feeding can positively or negatively affect the taste of cabbage, so you should carefully consider the choice of fertilizer.

There are also several important rules for the care of these varieties of cabbage, from which one should not retreat, otherwise the plant will be frail and can often hurt.

  • Weeds are harvested as they appear. It is desirable to prevent weeds from planting spikelets, flowers, and starting to sow seeds - while they are still small, it is much easier to get rid of them!
  • Loosening the soil for cabbage is very important. It is advisable to ensure that the bed always has a slightly raised ground. Loosening can be carried out after irrigation, when water is absorbed or just as far as possible. The main task is to make sure that the soil is not taken in a dense crust.
  • Hilling is carried out only 2 times per season. It stimulates the development of the root system. The first hilling is carried out 2-3 weeks after the sprouting of the seedlings. Repeat - after another 2-3 weeks after the previous one.

Reviews on cabbage variety Gift

Most gardeners like cabbage Gift. Its excellent taste, pleasant appearance of heads can not please the farmers and buyers in the market.

  • Pavel Frolov: "I have been growing it for several years for souring. And when the harvest fails because of the cold, I have to buy cabbage as a gift for the same souring. It is very tasty after salting - I recommend everyone to try."
  • Garik Smernov: “An old, time-tested variety. Cabbage. A gift is not just called so - the yield with minimum investment is guaranteed! We grow every year. There are, of course, underdeveloped forks, but for the most part the harvest is excellent. The taste of the cabbage is good, stored without problems."
  • Nikita Zaitsev: "The cabbage is good, even on the old, not fertile land, it gave a harvest last year. The forks of 1-2 kg were, but very tasty, sweetish - cabbage borscht and salting. The gift is simply delicious!".