Watermelon variety Sugar Kid


Among many melons, watermelon Sugar Kid stands out. It is not only juicy and sweet, but also adapted to growing in different climatic regions. Description of the variety, its advantages, disadvantages, as well as the method of cultivation, will be described below in the article.

Description of a grade of a water-melon Sugar kid

The flesh is rich red, very juicy, coarse-grained

Sugar Babe is an early (ultra early) variety. From the day of germination to fruiting, it takes an average of 2.5 months. This is a medium-sized plant, the vine of which grows by 2 meters or a little more. The leaves are large, rich green. Stems are fleshy, may break if they are not properly bent.

Watermelon varieties Sugar baby is difficult to confuse with other species, because it has a bright appearance. Fruits are medium in size, weighing up to 6 kg, although usually about 2-3 kg. The rind is dark green. The pattern is, but visible only from near. It is a few tones darker than the main background, is not very pronounced, so the watermelon from a distance may seem just green.

The rind is not thick. The flesh is rich red, very juicy, coarse-grained. After full maturity it becomes straight sugar, very sweet. Seeds are found on average, they are small, black or dark brown.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

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Watermelon Sugar Babe has excellent product quality

Many farmers and buyers who have tried to grow a variety, or at least just ate it, speak about the benefits of a variety.

  • Transportability is good. Watermelons can be transported over long distances. On the road, they do not crumple, do not rot.
  • Commercial quality is excellent. Watermelon Sugar Babe attracts with both color and flavor.
  • In growing unpretentious, it can grow even in a cool climate.
  • There is a good immunity to disease.

Among the shortcomings, it is possible to single out only the fact that it ripens for a long time in a humid climate, therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of location and method of cultivation.

Growing watermelons Sugar Kid

Photo planting watermelon seedlings in the ground

It is recommended to plant a watermelon variety Sugar baby only in light, sandy loamy land with an abundance of fertilizers. The soil must be drained otherwise it will be difficult for the thin roots of the crop to develop. The site should be lit, sunny. Pumpkins or cucumbers should not be predecessors, because all melons and gourds have the same diseases and pests. Greenery, corn, beans, spinach, onions, and tomatoes can be neighbors.

It is important! Planting a watermelon in shrubs or trees is impossible, because from them there will be a big shadow.

Grow a variety of watermelon Sugar baby seedlings or direct sowing of seeds in the garden. The latter is practiced in the southern regions, where there is a long, hot summer and there are no unexpected cold snaps. But in the coldest areas you should not only use the seedling method, but also grow this variety in the greenhouse. Only in this way you can certainly get a high-quality, ripe harvest.

Seeds are cooked a few days before planting. First, they are sorted out, then the hollows are screened out. After that, they are dipped for a couple of hours in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate. And the day before planting put in the water (50 degrees) for a day. Then the water is decanted, the seeds are soaked with a cloth and used for sowing.

Land for planting should be well heated - 15 degrees at a depth of 10 cm. This primarily applies to open ground. Regardless of whether the seeds or sprouts are planted, if you use cold ground, they may not settle down. Landing time depends on the region - in the south it falls at the end of April, and in the north by the middle or end of May.

Planting seedlings and seeds is the same. Holes dug at a distance of one meter from each other. Row spacing - 1.5 meters. Planting depth 3-5 cm. In the greenhouses using trellis cultivation method. Usually the plants are seated at a distance of 70 cm from each other and tied up to curl upwards. It saves space very well, and to some extent simplifies care.

Seedling cultivation

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Photo growing watermelon seedlings Sugar Baby

If there is a desire or need to grow a variety of watermelon Sugar baby seedling method, it should be done from mid-spring. The land for sowing is friable, light with an abundance of sand or peat. Fertilizers like humus, wood ash, or minerals are also added to it. Sow immediately to a depth of 2-3 cm, in separate cups, so that the roots do not intertwine with neighboring shoots.

Seedlings grow slowly, so do not be surprised that the sprouts peck for a long time. The main thing is to make sure that the cups are warm, with sufficient light and that the ground is not dry. When there are 3 leaflets in the seedlings and it will be seen that it is strong, you can plant it in a permanent place. After transplanting seedlings to a permanent place, you need to cover plantings with film or cut plastic bottles for the night and on cold days.

Leaving and harvesting watermelon Sugar Babe

Watermelon culture is capricious. If you do not provide it with a certain care, the fruit may not have time to ripen or will not be very sweet. How to take care of watermelon Sugar baby?

Photo of the harvest of watermelon Sugar Kid in the greenhouse

  • Watering is rare, but abundant (30 liters per square of planting). The water is taken warm, and the procedure is always postponed for the evening, when it will not be hot.
Important! More water is poured during the growth of greenery, and during the ripening of fruits, watering is stopped altogether, otherwise the watermelons will burst.
  • The ground under the shoots is loosened quite often, until the lash has grown. With trellis cultivation with this in general there should be no problems. Weeds are removed during loosening so as not to clog the plot.
  • During long rains it is worth covering the fruits so as not to rot and put them on cardboard, bricks or wooden coasters.
  • On the trellis as ripening, the fruits are tied up in nets so as not to fall.
  • As the whip grows, it is worthwhile to send it where the agrarian is needed, and place a place at the root with earth to provoke the development of the root system. This will allow the plant to be much stronger and increase yields.
  • Top dressings allow watermelons to grow faster and improve the taste of the fruit. At the stage of 2-3 leaves, nitrogen fertilization is carried out. The following feeding is carried out by the same fertilizer in a fortnight. During the appearance of the ovaries and ripening of the fruit can be fed potash-phosphate fertilizers.
  • If diseases appear, pests destroy them with fungicides and insecticides.

Harvesting watermelons Sugar kid spend closer to the end of summer. When the berries are fully ripe, her tail dries up. With a slight squeeze, a characteristic crackling sound will be heard, and even when tapping you can hear the pronounced sound of a ripe fruit. After harvesting, watermelons are taken for sale or put in storage in the cellar, basement, refrigerator.

Reviews of watermelon Sugar Kid

You can hear a lot of positive reviews about the watermelon variety Sugar Sugar, and this is not surprising, because it is sweet and profitable for sale.

  • Dmitry Dolgin: “I have been growing the Sugar Kid for sale for more than 5 years. Buyers love it, first of all for its convenient size - it is easy to choose for one person or a large family. It looks beautiful, bright, the flesh stands out favorably, and the taste pleases."
  • Ekaterina Afanasyev: “A good variety, due to the fact that the skin is thin, I always buy it for winter preservation. It is well kept in jars, the flesh does not disintegrate, the taste is unmatched in winter. Although it is fresh and tasty, we grow it annually. -1.5 kg, red, sweet was a lot. "
  • Mikhail Steklov: "The Sugar Baby Watermelon Variety is certainly convenient for growing on private plots, but it’s difficult to compare it with Melitopol 60. It’s not so sweet, though quite juicy. Suitable for cocktails, juice, desserts."