Breed Barbezie


Barbezier chickens can be proud of their French origin. They are distinguished by delicious meat, simple content and are valued for it not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Representatives of the species have a beautiful color, good-natured disposition and are divorced without problems even by novice breeders.

The story of Barbazier

The Barbezie-Saint-Hilaire village of the Charente region of France is the birthplace of Barbezier chickens, from where the Maran chickens also came. They were bred several centuries ago, but in the 18th century the breed was on the verge of extinction. At the end of the XVIII century, French breeders began work on the conservation and restoration of the species. Officially, the breed was registered only at the beginning of the 20th century.

Photo chickens breed Barbezie

Interesting! In the XVIII century, the breed was almost lost due to the fact that the birds died en masse. At the moment, it is believed that the birds at that time simply did not have enough minerals. Indeed, in areas where there was clay or mineral-rich earth, bird deaths were recorded extremely rarely.

It is believed that the breed was originally obtained by crossing local French chickens from the village of Barbezie with selected individuals along meat and egg lines. For breeding used only large and healthy cocks and hens.

In Russia and Ukraine, the first representatives of Barbazier appeared at the beginning of the XXI century. But in large poultry farms they are not bred - such beautiful birds can be found only on private small farms and farmsteads. The reason for the low popularity of unprofitability. The breed of chickens Barbacea is certainly well carried, gives a lot of tasty meat, but grows slowly, therefore most breeders prefer simpler, early ripening species.

Description breed chickens Barbaze

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Barbeziera chickens belong to the meat-and-egg type, but it is for meat, not egg-laying, that is valued all over the world. Representatives of the species have a stately build, a proud posture, especially roosters. Their body is harmonious, proportional and muscular. Breed is considered the largest and strongest of all French species. The weight of cocks is 4.5 kg at a height of 70 cm, and chickens - 3.5 kg at a height of 65 cm.

Photo breed chickens Barbezie

Interesting! Alexander Dumas Sr. - a famous writer and playwright was a great lover of Barbezier chickens.

The body is powerful with well developed bones. The back is wide, tilted back. Hips wide. The legs are strong, gray in color, of medium length, the toes are set correctly, without plumage. The wings are located parallel to the body, tightly pressed to the sides. The stomach is well expressed, convex. The neck is elongated. Medium sized head. The eyes are yellow-brown, but from a distance they appear black. The red comb is well developed and can reach 8 cm. The lobes are white, in males up to 5 cm, in females a little less.

Chickens breed Barbezie have black plumage. Feathers are tight to the body, do not stick, look well-groomed. Roosters have a greenish tide, especially the greenish color should be on the tail.

The nature of the bird

The breed of chickens Barbacea is characterized by a good-natured disposition. These are calm birds, very curious and active. They do not sit on the spot, so well-equipped walking is very important for them. They walk in several individuals. In one hen house you can keep both adult birds and young animals, because the bird is not at all conflict.

Photo chicken breed Barbezie

For people, strangers, as well as other birds or animals chickens Barbezie treat tolerated. They are not shy, they react normally to the "guests", the main thing is that they have the same good-natured attitude.

Barbezier Chicken Productivity

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The reason why breeders from different countries love and breed Barbezieh chickens in their productivity. But what exactly can please the breed?

  • The meat of chickens and roosters is red in color, which is quite unusual for a bird. The taste is excellent, it is considered a great delicacy and highly appreciated by cooks. It looks like game meat, both externally and to taste. They get a bigger carcass from the male than from females, but the meat is harder - it needs long cooking.

  • Males gain maximum weight by 1.2 years, and females by year.

  • Females start to lay eggs from 5-5.5 months, while they rush even during the period of molting and severe frosts, if you create suitable conditions for them - lighting and heat.

Important! One of the obvious drawbacks of the breed is considered to be the slow chickens' feathering, which is why young animals need increased attention.

  • The egg production of females is up to 200 eggs per year, the average index is 160-170 pieces / female.

  • Eggs are large - 75-90 g, white in color with a rather thick shell.

  • It is also worth noting that the Barbezier chickens have a very good immune system, due to which they rarely get sick, and the survival rate of the young is 90%.

How to contain Barbazier?

Barbezier’s breed of chickens is unpretentious, but, like any other bird, it needs acceptable conditions. The chicken coop is made by the number of individuals. This is a big bird, more Leggornov and many other breeds, so up to 2 individuals are placed on a square meter. Perches are made of very durable wood or similar material so that under the weight of birds they do not break, at a height of up to 60 cm from the floor. For each quiver or rooster, 25-30 cm perch is set aside. In the cages to keep chickens can not, because they need an abundance of free space.

Photo breed chickens Barbezie

Important! The town of Barbezie, from where the eponymous chickens originated, has an oceanic climate. Due to the high humidity in this region, the Barbesier breed of chickens is resistant to high humidity and weather changes.

At 5-7 females one nest is made. The litter creeps standard - sawdust, straw, you can purchase - special for chickens. In the chicken coop should be a basin with sand and ash for cleaning feathers, as well as comfortable feeders and drinkers.

Walking is done necessarily, because the barbezie hens can not live in captivity. Even in a spacious chicken coop to them closely! The paddock is big. The fence can be installed is not very high, as individuals fly reluctantly and low because of the large mass of the body.

In winter, it is important to ensure that the hen house has a positive temperature so that individuals do not freeze. If it is not possible to install heating, you can use a biofeedback for heating. Winter walking is possible in sunny or at least windless weather.

Feeding features

There are no special requirements for feeding, but it must be borne in mind that because of the rapid growth and the large final weight of the bird, they need to eat nutritious food. Most often, breeders purchase mineral supplements and premixes (for example, Ryabushka) and add them to simple feed for chickens. This allows you to increase the nutritional value of the diet and improve its vitamin composition.

Important! If the Barbesier’s chickens do not receive the required amount of minerals, diseases of the knees and joints may begin to develop in the young, as in adults. They will be difficult to move with such a large body mass.

Photo of feeding Barbezieh hens

Feeding is carried out 4 times a day - by the hour. In the summer, you can 2 times a day (morning and evening), and in the afternoon they will look for food on their own. It is very important to give grain feeds at night - they are digested more slowly and chickens can easily wait for the morning without experiencing strong hunger.

How to breed chickens?

Barbezier chickens are considered bad chicks. They do not look for offspring, they do not incubate eggs, therefore they need to be bred in an incubator or put eggs under females of other breeds. But this does not mean that getting offspring is difficult. With any kind of breeding hatchability reaches 98-100%, and the survival rate of the young - 90%. But in order to increase the chance of survival of young offspring, certain moments must be taken into account.

  1. Walking youngsters begin no earlier than 3-4 weeks due to the fact that they fledge slowly. Before that, they are kept indoors (brooder) at a temperature of + 28 ... +32 degrees Celsius.

Important! Only the largest, healthy Barbesier chickens are selected for breeding, because small individuals produce weak offspring.

  1. In the early days, the chicks are given a boiled egg, then you can turn on the cottage cheese, chopped greens, gradually introduce barley, oatmeal, and corn grits (chopped). Only from the end of the first week you can start giving vegetables.

  2. In order to keep the hens of the Barbacea breed not sick, from an early age, vitamin and mineral supplements are included in their diet.

  3. In 8 weeks it is desirable to vaccinate chickens.

Reviews of breed Barbier

Can not be called chickens Barbezie popular outside France. But it is definitely a valuable bird.

Photo breed chickens Barbezie

  • Julia Bilichenko: “This breed attracted my attention with its self-sufficiency. The birds are very beautiful, productive, and the meat is tasty! In France, it is put on a par with truffles. Of course, vitamin supplements are mandatory - tested on personal experience, without them the chicks often get sick, but the birds pay for themselves content!".

  • Alexey Tabakov: "An unusual breed with really tasty meat! Grew up in a family of hunters, so there is something to compare - Barbezie's chickens really taste like game, only the meat is not so tough. I breed in an incubator and only for meat, but I sell eggs."

  • Vladimir Anischenko: “Nice view, but if we talk about the sale of meat and eggs, that is, more productive breeds. I was personally interested in the taste and quality of meat, so I stopped at Barbacea, but if the quantity of the products produced is important, then you should look for another breed. grow slowly but productively, decorate the courtyard and are easy to clean. "