Jam of plum without stones for the winter


Winter jam replaces natural fruits and vegetables. It can not contain all the vitamins and minerals that are available in fresh berries and fruits, but still has a lot of nutrients. Jam of plum without stones for the winter, often has a variety of ingredients and can also be made in different ways. The best recipes with a detailed description can be found below in the article.

A simple recipe for jam from seedless plums for the winter

The simpler the recipe for making jam, the easier it is to make at home. When waiting for a lot of conservation for the winter, and it is necessary to recycle the summer or autumn harvest, these are the recipes that save the hostesses. They take a little time, but there is no equal in taste to such jam!

Photo of pitted plum jam


  • Plum - 2.5 kg;
  • Sugar - 5 kg;
  • Vanilla sugar - 25 g.


  1. Fruits are washed in the shower, remove dirt, leaves and other debris, and then let them drain for a few minutes.
  2. Cutting the plums into two parts, the bones are taken out of them, and the fruits ready for processing are put in a separate bowl.
It is important! To make seedless plum jam pieces, it is necessary to take those varieties from which the stone is easily separated from the pulp!
  1. Sugar is poured on top of the fruit and the future is left to jam under sugar for 12 hours.
  2. When time passes, the plums let in the juice are determined on a strong fire and brought to a boil. Then the fire is reduced to a minimum and boil the jam for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Now you need to put the jam on the table and cool. Then it is again determined on the stove, brought to a boil and turned off.
  4. Jam containers are sterilized, and the lid is simply boiled.
  5. While the jam is hot, it is laid out in the same hot cans and corked.

Five-minute pitted plum jam

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Jam can be thick or liquid. Thick jam has a rich taste, it is very tender, sweet and can also be used for baking because it almost does not spread. The following is a recipe for thick jam from five-minute pits of plum for the winter.

Photo of cooking plum jam five minutes


  • Plums - 2 kg;
  • Sugar - 1.6 kg.


  1. To make delicious jam from seedless plums, the best fruits are selected. They should be dense, ripened, but not overripe. If the plum is soft, it will soften and lose its shape during cooking. Selected fruits are washed under the shower 2-3 times. Then they are laid out on a towel to drain.
  2. Ready for processing fruits are cut into halves - the bones are removed. If you remove the peel from the halves, the jam will be more gentle and uniform, and if you leave it, you can come across whole pieces. So this is an amateur.
  3. Peeled plums cut into small pieces or leave in halves.
  4. In the capacity for cooking jam you need to put plums. But put them in layers, pouring sugar. Thus, they quickly squeeze. In this form, plums should be left for 3-4 hours or just for the night. But it is important to cover the container with something like a towel, so that nothing falls inside.
  5. When the drain is given juice, the capacity for cooking is determined on the stove - it should boil. In the process you need to constantly interfere with the jam, as the plum and the sugar itself can burn. As the foam appears, it is removed, and when the jam boils, it is removed from the heat and cooled slightly.
  6. When the jam is a little cold, it is brought back to a boil and allowed to boil for 5 minutes, and then turn off the heat and pour the jam into sterilized containers.

Due to the fact that this jam is boiled for only 5 minutes and contains not a lot of sugar, it is considered useful, because most of the nutrients remain in the plums. The taste of this jam is fresh, not sugary-sweet, so it is pleasant to both children and adults.

Jam of yellow plums without stones in a slow cooker

Jam plums convenient to cook in a slow cooker. It does not burn and does not stick to the bottom of the bowl, the consistency is the one that is conceived in the recipe and, moreover, this jam has a rich taste and a strong, pronounced aroma. Perhaps due to the fact that partially or completely cooked under the lid.

Photo of yellow plum jam


  • Plum - 1.2 kg;
  • Sugar - 0.9 kg.
Important! Yellow plum is usually soft. In order for the jam to turn into slices, and not as jam, it is necessary to select only dense, almost ripe fruits. And so that the color was amber-golden, plums are taken exclusively with a uniform, yellow color, without darkening and spots.


  1. After careful selection of the plums, they are washed under a shower and allowed to drain on a towel. The fruits are cut into 2 parts, the bone is removed, and the halves themselves are cut into large cubes or slices.
  2. The lobules are placed in a multicooker container and covered with sugar. Within an hour, they must be infused to give a little juice.
  3. When the juice appeared, extinguishing procedure is set and the time is 20 minutes. The lid is best closed. In this mode, the fruit retains its shape, and the jam while cooked as planted.
Interesting! During the removal of pits from plums, as well as their cutting into slices, yellow fruits can give a lot of juice. It is very valuable, so it is better to carry out all the procedures over a bowl, and then add the selected juice to the multicooker bowl when the slices of plums fall asleep.
  1. When the time comes out, the slow cooker is opened and the jam is allowed to cool slightly. You can gently mix it. But just be very careful not to damage the slices!
  2. Now it is necessary to sterilize containers under the twist and the covers themselves.
  3. When the banks are ready, they pour the jam into them, cover with lids (do not roll up) and sterilize in a saucepan or oven for 15 minutes. Hot containers are sealed, put neck down and cover until complete cooling.

Pitted white plum jam - a simple recipe for winter

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The jam below is very similar to the fruit in syrup. Pieces of plums remain solid, do not fall apart and are a wonderful decoration of the dessert.

Photo of white plum jam


  • Plum - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Water - 200 ml;
  • Citric acid - to taste.


  1. Fruits are washed out and cut into halves. The main disadvantage of white plums is that they don’t get a bone, so they will have to work with cutting and pitting! If it doesn't work at all, you can simply cut off the flesh from the stone with a knife to make small slices.
  2. Ready slices are put in a separate container for making jam and covered with sugar so that they let the juice. White plum is one of the sweetest species, so if you want to preserve its natural taste, you can put a little less sugar - not 1 kg, but grams 600-700. It'll be enough! Infuse the fruit is left overnight (about 8-12 hours).
Important! The softer the drain is, the larger pieces you need to cut it for making jam.
  1. When the time comes out in a container for plums pour 200 ml of water, pour in citric acid and put everything on the stove. The jam is boiled on low heat until sugar is completely melted. It usually takes about 5 minutes.
  2. After that, the jam is removed from the heat, cooled and then determined on the stove. When it boils, it is again removed and cooled. Such approaches may be several, depending on how juicy plums. The finished jam should have a syrup similar to liquid honey. It should be slightly sticky, amber. Plums should not be boiled soft!
  3. When the jam is ready, it is poured into sterilized jars and sealed. After complete cooling, you can transfer them to storage in the pantry.

The recipe for jam from pitted plums with orange

The combination of a variety of fruits in jam gives an unusual taste. This kind of jam is always eaten first! The recipe described below includes oranges, but it is very important to take only citrus fruits that are fully ripe (not over-ripe) and have a rich aroma.

Photo of plum jam with orange


  • Plums - 1 kg;
  • Oranges - 2 pcs .;
  • Sugar - 1 kg;
  • Water - 200 ml.


  1. Plums are washed in the shower a couple of times. When the water is drained, they are cut into two parts, the bones are harvested, and each of the halves is cut into several slices.
  2. Oranges washed and cleaned from the skins. The flesh must be cut into small pieces.
  3. A container with water is placed on the stove, sugar is poured into it in small portions and the syrup is boiled, stirring regularly, so that it does not burn. Ready syrup is considered when the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. When the syrup is cooked, plums are put into it. Slowly stirring them in the syrup, you need to bring everything to a boil. Then oranges are added to this mass. When everything is well mixed, the jam is removed from the stove and allowed to brew for half a day.
  5. After the allotted time, the jam is set on fire again. It should boil and boil for about 5 minutes.
  6. Jam containers are sterilized with covers. The finished dish is packaged in cans and corked.

After twisting the cans, they are placed on their shoulders down, covered and left to cool for a day. Such a jam is not only tasty, but also very useful. It contains a lot of vitamins and has a special aroma with notes of citrus.