Carrot Tushon


Carrots are a useful crop. It is grown since ancient times and used both fresh and for processing. Each carrot variety has its own characteristics, qualities, including taste, color of root crops. Tushon carrots are valued for the presentation of the crop, juiciness, sweetish taste and high content of healthy substances.

Description of carrot tushon

Carrots Tushon belongs to the early varieties. The variety was obtained in France. Usually planted in the spring, but autumn planting is also possible. The vegetation period is only 70-80 days. Plant bright green, medium height. The leaf is not very big, it is developed correctly.

Root crops are cylindrical, leveled, with a blunt end. The mass of one carrot in the range of 90-200 g, length up to 20 cm. The core is not rigid. The flesh and core are almost the same, rich orange, juicy in color. The taste is excellent, the variety is universal, used fresh and for processing.

Photo carrot variety Tushon

Characteristics of carrots

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Characteristics of carrots can help to understand what are its positive and negative qualities. Start probably worth with dignity.

  • The Tushon carrot variety is very useful, it is recommended for children because of the sweetish taste and high content of carotene - 11.9%, sugars up to 8%.
  • The main purpose of the variety is to obtain early beam products for consumption or sale.
  • Commercial quality is very good, carrots Tushon smooth, beautiful, rich color.
Important! When growing carrots, you should use fertilizers rich in nitrogen and potassium, because it is in these substances that the culture needs most.
  • Transportability is not bad. The variety is suitable for close and long distance transport.
  • There is immunity to many diseases.
  • Productivity per square meter 4.5-6 kg.

Now, about the shortcomings.

  • Due to the fact that it is an early carrot, it is not very suitable for storage. As a rule, it is consumed during the summer and autumn as it is collected, not subjecting it to long-term storage. But some gardeners keep it for 5 months without serious losses.

Planting varieties Tushon

Tushon carrots are planted in open ground from March to June, depending on the region. It is important that the earth has time to warm up. People say that as soon as aspen has blossomed, you can sow dill and carrots. Land fit loose, enriched with fertilizers. Ideally, it should be sandy soil or loam mixed with sand. Before sowing seeds are prepared. They need to soak for 24 hours in water (you can with a growth amplifier).

Interesting! Carrots live with almost any crops on the same bed. And yet in her favorite such "neighbors" as onions, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, sage and marjoram.

Sow only in well-lit areas. Seeds are placed with a distance of 5 cm, and the rows are made with a gap of 25 cm. The depth of seeding is 1-3 cm. After planting, the bed is watered abundantly with warm water. In order for sprouts to sprout faster, they must be warm not only during the day, but also at night. To do this, the land is often over mulching landings. Straw, peat or compost can be used as mulch. Spread them in a thin layer so that the shoots can make their way.

Seeds of carrots variety Tushon

Care culture

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Carrots are not easy to care for. Due to the fact that you can not see how the root grows, you can grow a completely bad, twisted crop. And all because the carrot needs many things, and only providing it with all the comprehensive care, you can get a good harvest.

  • For the development of carrots suitable only loose, moist soil. Since this vegetable is a root crop, the land should not be swamped at the same time. Therefore, watering is carried out not often - when the earth begins to dry 3-4 cm deep.
  • Thinning is carried out several times per season. Seeds of carrots are very small and it is very difficult to plant them at a distance from each other, so usually it is sown in single file, despite the recommendations, and germinates in a large bundle. But in order for the Tushon variety of carrots to develop normally, it needs a place, therefore, starting from the moment of emergence, it is recommended to thin out the carrots from time to time, so that up to 5 cm of free space remains between the roots.
  • Weeding allows the earth not to crust and penetrate oxygen deep into the soil. It is usually carried out after watering, when the water is well absorbed.
  • Even neighboring carrot sprouts can prevent the development of the root, and weeds even more prevent it from growing with its weaving, developed roots, so they are pulled out while they are still small. This is painstaking work, but it is necessary in order for the carrot to grow even, not twisted, and less likely to hurt.
Important! In order for Tushon carrots to grow bright, juicy and sweet, it must be grown at a temperature of +20 degrees and above. If it is cool outside, then it is worth making a low overhang by type of greenhouse, otherwise the harvest may disappoint.
  • If there is a disease on the garden bed, a pest, it is treated with an insecticide or a fungicide of the desired type. But if the problem is already revealed almost before the harvest, use only folk remedies!

Harvesting takes place in June-September - the earlier it is planted, the faster the harvest will be ready. Mature carrots dug very carefully, so as not to damage. After collecting it, if necessary, washed and dried well. For long-term storage of this variety is not intended, so the harvest immediately goes on sale, processing or use.

Reviews of Tushon Carrots

Tushon carrots are a simple, high-quality variety. He is loved by adults and children, and he does not cause great difficulties in growing.

  • Igor Kabanov: "Of all the varieties that I tried to grow, it tasted most of all carrots Tushon. It is sweet, you can eat even without sugar, and the children are delighted! I grow 3-4 rows, not more, because even in the refrigerator it is not stored very good".
  • Andrey Ivanov: "I plant Tushon cultivar for more than 4 years. Very good, sweet, pleasant to grow - 98-100% germination rate. We use it only for fresh consumption, there is usually not enough for canning."
  • Valeria Mironchuk: "For sale I prefer the Tushon carrot variety. The market is not very close to my house, but makes a trip of 30 minutes without problems. On the market, this variety is known and loved. The carrots are small, smooth, bright - they are bought quickly."