Sheep meat


In Russia and abroad, meat breeds of sheep are very popular in breeding. They get a lot of tasty, nutritious meat and by-products like milk, wool or lard. But what meat breeds have good characteristics? This article presents the best beef breeds of sheep for breeding in small plots and large productions.

Breeds of sheep meat

Meat breeds of sheep have certain features that differ from sheep of other directions.

  • Endurance. Meat breeds can walk long distances in search of pasture. However, they are able to graze throughout the year, so that the cost of feed is significantly reduced.
  • They get a lot of meat. At the same time, muscle mass is increased not only in summer, but also in winter, which allows them to be cultivated year-round.
  • Strong immunity - these animals rarely get sick due to their strong build.
  • In terms of content, there are minimum requirements.
  • Meat is pleasant to the taste, juicy, without a negative smell.
  • Breeds of sheep of the meat direction are capable to give 2-3 young in the offspring. So for breeding, they are ideal.
  • Females have a lot of milk and feed their offspring. Additional supplements are required in rare cases.
Interesting! Mortality among lambs in the meat direction is minimal.

Sheep for central Russia

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In Russia, there are a lot of meat sheep breeds. Some of them are beneficial for breeding, others pay for the content exclusively for industrial cultivation. Below are the best breeds for central Russia.

Photo of Gorky sheep breed

  • Gorky meat breed was obtained by crossing Hampshires and northern sheep sheep. Main qualities: tasty meat, slaughter meat yield - 55%, fecundity 140%, yield - 155 l / 122 days of lactation. After one haircut, you can get 4-6 kg of wool, although it is not soft, so it is not profitable for sale, unlike meat. The weight of an adult male reaches 110 kg, of a female - 80 kg. Individuals develop rapidly, in 4 months they already weigh about 30 kg.

    Photo Romanovskaya sheep breed

  • Romanovskaya The breed of sheep was obtained more than 2 centuries ago. Distinctive quality - two-tone wool, humpback profile and komolost. Main qualities: multiplicity (for the year 2 lambing and up to 5 lambs), rapid growth of young stock, large yield (up to 200 l per year). At 6 months, the sheep weigh about 35 kg, an adult ram - 100 kg, and the uterus - 60 kg. Carcass yield - 47%. Wool from individuals cut up to 2 kg.
Interesting! The wool of the Romanovskaya breed of sheep is famous for its durability, for which it is valued all over the world!

Photo of Kuibyshev sheep breed

  • Kuybyshevskaya Breed obtained by crossing females of the Cherkasy breed and males Romney-march. It is recommended for keeping on pasture. These horny animals give large offspring and grow quickly, due to which the breeder gets a lot of meat products. An adult male reaches 130 kg, and the uterus - 80 kg. In 4 months the young growth already weighs 30 kg. Slaughter meat yield - 55%. Cut wool - 5 kg in females and 8 kg in males. Fecundity of females - 125%.

    Photo of southern breed of sheep

  • South the sheep meat variety was obtained only in 2008, and the selection lasted for more than 14 years. Animals are viable, highly productive and picky in terms of care. Male weight - 110 kg, uterus - 55 kg, by the 6th month of the lambs reach 45 kg. Wool can be obtained up to 2.5 kg / shearing, so you can sell not only meat, but also wool.

    Photo of Katumskaya sheep breed

  • Katum The breed has a short coat with a thick undercoat that appears only in winter. Cutting individuals is not necessary, they are not demanding to the diet, and the character is more than calm. Therefore, in breeding, they are very simple and profitable. These animals are very strong, hardy. Male weight - 110 kg, females - 80 kg. Slaughter meat yield - 53%. Females for lambing give 2-3 lambs.
Interesting! The Katum breed is actively bred in the middle part of Russia, in the south and the north of the country, but selection work on improving the species continues to this day.

Breeds of sheep for Siberia

Not all types of sheep are suitable for growing in Siberia. Of course, many varieties can tolerate cold due to thick fur, but long winters, prolonged keeping in a stall are not for any breed. According to reviews of breeders, the best version of meat sheep for Siberia is the West Siberian breed, created specifically for this region.

Stock Foto West Siberian sheep breed

West Siberian breed - young look. Breeding began in 1998 and only in 2010 work on the breeding of species was completed. Its main feature is that sheep are distinguished by high productivity and viability in the harsh conditions of Siberia. Western Siberian sheep can survive even very cold winters without any problems. The average weight of a ram is 100 kg, the uterus is 63 kg. Young animals develop quickly, and by the 120th day of life reaches a weight of 50 kg.

Interesting! In Siberia, you can also breed Edilbaevsky meat breed of sheep, as it quickly adapts to different climatic conditions.

The best foreign meat breeds of sheep

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Foreign breeds of sheep are highly productive, but many of them cannot be bred on the territory of Russia because they are adapted only to certain conditions of life.

Stock Foto Vandeyskoy sheep breed

  • Vandeyskaya - An old, meat breed of sheep, bred by the French. These animals are unpretentious in terms of feeding, keeping, endure winters well. Their meat is lean, with a pleasant smell and beautiful, marble veins. Adult males can reach a weight of 150 kg, a uterus - 110 kg. Newborn lambs weigh up to 6 kg, but as early as 4 months they can reach 60 kg. The weight gain of about 450 g per day. Slaughter meat yield - 50%. For the slaughter of sheep of this breed, like most other species, they are allowed up to the age of one (ideally 4-6 months).

    Photos of sheep breed Zvartbles

  • Zwartbles - a breed known all over the world not only with delicious meat, but also with the softest fleece, vitality. Bred it at the end of XX century. Distinctive external quality - a white strip on the head. Females for lambing give up to 3 lambs. The mass of a newborn is about 3.5 kg. At 120 days the lamb weighs under 45 kg, gaining 400-600 g daily. An adult ram has a weight of 130 g, and a queen is 100 kg. Slaughter output carcass - 50-59%. The meat is very tender, dense, with a sweet taste and pleasant smell.

    Photo of the Latvian darkhead sheep breed

  • Latvian darkhead breed bred in Latvia. Animals of this species have semi-thin hair, the body is well developed, muscular, with strong bones. Sheared wool from females - 3.6 kg, from males - 5.9 kg. Females give 1-2 lambs at a time. Their milkiness is high (180 l / lactation), so supplementary feeding is not needed. But most of all this species is valued for delicious meat. Animals develop actively, a newborn per day adds 300 g each. The weight of an adult male is 100 kg, females 55 kg. Slaughter carcass - 55%.
Interesting! The quality of Latvian black-headed meat is improved when mixed with Tsigai sheep.

The best breed for breeding

The best breeds of sheep for breeding are highly productive. In this category, distinguish meat-greasy and meat-wool breeds.

Photo of Edilbayevskaya sheep breed

  • Edilbayevskaya meat-greasy appearance created in the XIX century, also refers to the fat-tailed type. These animals are very hardy, able to survive even on a poor pasture and withstand significant temperature changes. This is a productive weather and therefore beneficial for breeding. When born, the lambs weigh about 6 kg, and by 120 days they reach 45 kg. The average adult weight is 120 kg, the uterus is 70 kg. Slaughter carcass yield - 50-55%, with the male you can also get another 12 kg of fat. Females are considered good moms, they take care and feed their offspring. Milk during the period of lactation of the uterus can give about 150 liters.
Interesting! Edilbayevsky sheep can be red or black. At the same time, it is black animals that have excellent wool, and their meat output is high.

Stock Foto Hissar sheep breed

  • Hissar The breed is the largest variety of sheep in the world. It is divided into 3 subspecies (meat-greasy, greasy and meat). These sheep are especially common in Central Asia. Animals grow fast, very hardy, recommended for cultivation in mountainous terrain. Daily weight gain in lambs - 600 g. By the 4th month of life, young individuals reach 45 kg. The weight of a mature male is 140 kg (190 kg maximum), and of the uterus - 80 kg. Carcass yield - 58-60%. During lactation from the female you can get up to 130 liters of milk. The main drawback of the species is the poor quality of the wool.

    Photos of Dorper sheep breed

  • Dorper - South African, meat breed. It is valued for its tender, tasty, odorless meat. Animals are hardy, can graze even on poor pasture. Juveniles after birth develop rapidly (weight gain per day 700 g) and as early as 7 months the animals become sexually mature. The weight of a lamb at 120 days is 65 kg, a mature male is up to 140 kg, and a uterus is 95 kg. Slaughter yield more than 70%. Females give for lambing 1-3 lambs. The main external feature is short, uneven in length wool. You do not need to cut it, it does not interfere with animals and protects them from weather disasters.

    Photos of Prekos sheep breed

  • Prekos - French meat-haired breed. The animals are ripening, in demand all over the world. They have a pleasant, milky color, gray and white individuals are less common. Newborn lambs weigh up to 5 kg, at 4 months they already reach 35 kg, gaining 300-350 g per day. An adult male weighs about 130 g, females - 70 g. You can get not only high-quality meat from Prekos sheep . He trimmed from a male - 9 kg, from a female - 5.5 kg. Uterus for lambing can bring 1-2 lamb and feed them with their milk. To the slaughter of animals allowed to reach 12 months.

    Photos of sheep breed Texel

  • Texel - Dutch breed. Differs in delicious taste of marbled meat. The sheep are beautiful, there is no hair on their feet and head. The weight of a newborn individual is up to 7 kg, by 4 months the weight reaches 60 kg already. An adult male can weigh 130 kg, a uterus - 90 kg. Slaughter yield - 55-60%. Fecundity - 1-3 lamb per lamb. Females give a lot of milk during the lactation period, which is enough not only for feeding milk, but also for sale.

Lamb was valued at all times for its nutritional value, despite the high price. Meat sheep can be very beneficial in terms of growing. But getting a big profit is important to adjust the market and create conditions for regularly receiving the right amount of meat.