Grape Variety Buffet


Among the many grape varieties stand out brightly Buffet. The variety was created by Ukrainian breeder Vitaly Zagorulko. Such varieties as Kuban and Zaporozhye Gift were taken as the basis for the creation of the Buffet Party. Its feature is not only in early ripening, but also in unsurpassed taste, large, juicy berries, high transportable and commercial qualities, as well as yield. Details about the quality of the variety will be described below in the article.

Description of the grape variety Buffet

Grape Variety Buffet Photo

Buffet grapes are early varieties, it takes 115-125 days to ripen. This is a table species, fast-growing. The bush grows strongly, if you do not control its growth, there are about 14 shoots per square meter. Vine fully ripens by the end of the growing season. Standard pruning is done on 5-8 eyes. Flowers bisexual.

Interesting!Interesting! Thanks to the bisexual flowering type, high yields are achieved.

The clusters are cylindrical or cone-shaped, of average density, weigh 0.5-0.8 kg, less often the weight reaches 1.5 kg. Berries from large to very large in size, weighing 13-17 g, sometimes there are berries and around 20 g. The shape resembles an egg or an oval and keeps tightly on the stem. The skin is matte, covered with bloom, dark blue, almost never felt during the meal. The pulp is dense, crispy.

Characteristics of grapes

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Buffet grapes is very sweet

Characteristic features of the Fourchette variety are distinguished by it among many other types of grapes.

  • Due to the fact that the Buffet is related to early varieties, the harvest is obtained very early.

  • The variety is delicious, universal use. It can be eaten fresh, used for cooking, juices, canning.

  • Product quality is high, the bunches on the market are quickly bought up due to the attractive appearance.

  • A good transportability allows you to carry the Buffet grapes over long and short distances.

  • Frost resistance to -23 degrees Celsius.

  • Productivity is high.

Important!Important! Buffet grapes are very sweet, so it is not recommended for use to people who adhere to strict diets.

Of the drawbacks, it should be noted that the vine can be overloaded with the harvest, therefore gardeners often ration the number of clusters. In addition, the variety is prone to various diseases from which it is necessary to spray it all the time.

Features planting grapes

Photo planting grapes

Planting varieties can be carried out in spring or autumn. The site is chosen sunny, light, so that the bush from all sides was illuminated and heated. Plant grapes sprouts Buffet at a distance of 2.5-3 meters from each other, due to the fact that it grows heavily.

For planting the Buffet grape, a pit is used that is dug out in 3 weeks. If the groundwater level is high, drainage is laid at the bottom of the pit. The bottom is covered with a mixture of complex fertilizers and simple earth. Then you need to install a support that will hold the young bush vertically.

A sapling is installed on a small elevation in a pit; it is well covered with soil and compacted. Then watering is carried out at the rate of 2 buckets of water per plant. When the ground dries out a little, the upper part of the ground is loosened so as not to be taken in by a thick crust.

Grape Care Buffet

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Proper care of grapes

Caring for a grape variety Buffet reception, it is important to comply with certain measures.

  • Watering is carried out in 1-2 buckets under the bush as needed. Often it is impossible to water, so that the roots do not rot, but the ground should not dry out completely.

  • As needed, the ground is loosened and weeds are harvested. Loosening is usually carried out after watering, when water is absorbed.

  • For growing use bezshtambovy fan shape. Trimming is done on 5-8 eyes. It should make sure that the bush was up to 30 strong shoots.

  • The variety is moderately resistant to gray rot, and it was rarely attacked by wasps, but for the preservation of the clusters, you can put protective mesh bags on them, and from diseases and pests that often appear, from time to time, spray them with fungicides and insecticides.

  • Top dressing is made from 3 years after planting, you can begin to feed the bushes. Used minerals mixed with water.

Important!Important! If during planting fertilizers are not used, you must begin to apply fertilizing of grapes from the first year of planting.

  • Buffet grapes makes temperatures up to -23 degrees Celsius. In temperate and northern latitudes, these grapes must be mulched and covered for the winter.

Harvesting takes place in the second half of August. Berries, as a rule, are not showered, but it is not recommended to delay harvesting. This variety is stored well in the refrigerator or cold rooms used for storing the crop.

Reviews of Buffet grapes

Grape photo

Rarely in the gardens and gardens can be found Buffet grapes, because even though it is in great demand in the market, it is difficult to grow.

  • Kira Mezina: “I didn’t dare to grow the Furschetny variety for a long time, I thought that he was very demanding to care. But it turned out that care is almost standard, only more treatments are needed from diseases, and so, there are not very many problems.”

  • Irina Agapova: “I think the stand-up grapes are the best of the best. The taste is incredibly sweet, pleasant, not bitter, the sourness is barely palpable. The berries are big, beautiful, the household is delighted with this variety!".

  • Valentin Rybalko: "The Buffet Variety is worth the effort spent on it. For sale, this is one of the best options - there is always a buyer. Usually they are bought up one of the first. Berries are stored for a long time and easily transported, and even wasps are not cheap for it."