Eggplant seedling pick


Eggplant can not grow all. This is a whimsical culture, demanding care. Difficulties begin already in the period of growing seedlings. Picking eggplant seedlings is not easy, but it is this that allows you to grow strong, productive bushes.

Why dive eggplant?

The benefits of eggplant picking

Eggplants are delicate plants, so not every gardener decides to swoop down on them. From here there are many contradictions in this respect. Some people think that without picking, eggplants grow better, others believe that picking eggplant seedlings allows you to get a full-fledged, healthy shrub.

Important!Important! After the eggplant picking, the restoration of the root system lasts up to a week!

What are the advantages of eggplant picking?

  • Weak, underdeveloped plants usually do not survive and can be eliminated at an early stage of cultivation.

  • The seedlings appear more nutrients for the development of the root system.

  • The seedlings are hardened and their immunity increases.

  • Picks are the ideal prevention of diseases that often occur in thickened crops.

  • During the picking, you can check the condition of the root system of the seedlings and, if diseases are detected, take appropriate measures.

Opponents of the picking see the following disadvantages in the procedure:

  • reducing the number of seedlings;

  • slower growth of seedlings (at least a week);

  • if the plant does not properly dive, its immunity will not increase, but weaken.

When to dive?

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When should dive eggplant seedlings

The period of the picks also causes controversy among the gardeners. It is believed that there are only two correct options.

  1. In the first case, the procedure is carried out at the time of the appearance of the first 2 true leaves. At this time, the plants are already quite strong - more likely to survive. In addition, it is already clear which saplings are viable, which are sick and frail - they can be sorted. But at this stage, the root system of saplings can be very confused, and it will be difficult to carry out the procedure without damaging the roots of the crops.

Interesting!Interesting! Many gardeners do not think about the growth stage of eggplants and pick them just by the lunar calendar.

  1. In the second case, it is carried out during the development of the cotyledons - the rudimentary leaflets. Such a procedure is not so traumatic for plants, because the roots still take up little space and do not tangle. The procedure is simplified to a simple transfer of plants with an earthy clod in separate pots.

Capacities for picking

What is better to grow seedlings?

For picking young seedlings of eggplants, you can use: disposable cups, milk bags, pots of thick paper, homemade cups of paper and tape. But peat cups and eggplant seedlings are not used due to the density of the walls, the negative effect of peat and the possible damage to the roots of the plant during growth! The diameter of a suitable container is 8-10 cm and the volume is up to 750 cm. Cube.

Important!Important! When choosing containers, you need to consider the volume. If the cup is very large, the earth in it can sour, and the roots will suffocate.

It is highly recommended, regardless of which capacity for planting is chosen, to make drainage holes at the bottom so that the water does not stagnate in the ground.

Eggplant picking ground

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Choosing land for landing

Eggplants grow well in light, nutritious soil of neutral or weak acidity. At the same time, both for sowing seeds and picking seedlings, it is desirable to take the same soil. Usually for seedlings using simple land from the garden, harvested in the fall. It is advisable to mix garden soil with the purchase in a 1: 1 ratio in order to enrich it a little. Also there it would not hurt to add wood ash, sawdust, river sand to make the earth more lush.

Such an earthy mixture is eggplant and nutritious and light. And in order to disinfect it, before planting the substrate is watered with boiling water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Picking process

Dive eggplant seedlings

During the day, but it is better 2-3 hours before picking, eggplant seedlings are poured abundantly with water, so that the earth softens and the plants are easily removed from the ground. The process itself picks can be described briefly on the points.

  1. Capacity is filled with substrate.

  2. Then it needs to be poured over with a solution prepared from a tablespoon of urea, a teaspoon of wood ash and 250 ml of liquid mullein diluted in 10 liters of water. It is necessary to water the land so that it is wet, but not flooded.

  3. A hole is made in the ground where a sprout will be planted. Depth is up to 1 cm. For this you can use a pencil, a stick, a handle of a tablespoon.

Interesting!Interesting! To seedlings grew big and strong, it is recommended to harden it. Eggplants can be started “walking” only at a temperature of + 13 ... +15 degrees Celsius. The first hardening time is up to 45 minutes.

  1. Sprout removed from the common box with seedlings. To do this, the ground loosens a little around the seedlings and gently, with a stick or spoon, the ground rises so that the sprout crawls easily.

  2. The seedling and its roots are examined for disease, damage. Healthy roots should be white, without growths or spots.

  3. If the sprout is healthy, you need to put it in the hole made in the new cup. Planting is carried out before the cotyledons.

  4. It remains to close the hole by bending the ground around, and slightly tamping it down.

Important!Important! If the eggplant roots are too long (more than half a centimeter), you can pinch them a little. This will allow the roots to easily fit in the hole and lead to a more lush growth of the bush.

After the eggplant seedlings are pickled in separate cups, it is poured with water, in which a little growth stimulator is dissolved in advance. Among the popular species can be called "Epin" and "Energen".

Seedling care

Properly care for rasad

If the eggplant seedlings do the picking correctly, it will not hurt the sprouts, although it may temporarily slow down their growth. The next process is care. Seedlings need a lot of attention, especially when it comes to eggplant.

  • The pots are placed on the bright window sill, but in the first 2-3 days they should be darkened due to the high sensitivity to the sun.

  • The roots, like the seedlings themselves, should not freeze, therefore the window sill should be warm. If it is cold, or there is a draft out of the windows, the pots are raised 20 cm above the sill.

  • The first watering is appropriate only 6-7 days after the pick. In the future, water is added as the soil dries out - every 5-7 days. Water needs to be separated or filtered with a temperature in the range of +20 degrees.

  • Loosening of the earth is usually not required, because it is already loose, but if it can be seen that the earth is taken with a crust, it will not prevent her from a little fluffing with a pencil or toothpick, but carefully so as not to harm the roots!

How to feed eggplant seedlings after picking?

Properly feeding eggplant seedlings

Dumping eggplant seedlings often leads to wilting or slowing the growth of crops. What to do? The easiest and recommended by gardeners method - dressing.

  • If the plants wither, an infusion of ground egg shells is used for fertilizing. For this, the eggshell is crushed (as small as possible). A glass of such egg flour is poured with 3 liters of water and boiled for 2-3 minutes. Then it needs to be mixed with 5 liters of water and when the mixture reaches room temperature it should be used for watering.

  • Instead of egg shells, you can also use an infusion of used tea brew. A glass of sleeping tea is poured with 3 liters of boiling water and infused for up to 24 hours. Then you can strain the tool and use for watering.

If the seedlings are growing normally, it is still recommended to feed them after the pick. The first feeding is needed 10-15 days after the picking. Such substances as Agricola Aqua, Kemira or Kornerost are used for this.

Interesting!Interesting! If the seedlings of eggplants before planting in the open ground is very stretched, you need to feed it with the drug "Athlete". 1 vial of the substance is diluted in a liter of rain or melt water and used for irrigation of crops. Each plant is taken 50 ml twice a day with an interval of 2 days.

In the case when there is no possibility or desire to use chemicals, you can use personally prepared fertilizer. 60 g of ammonium nitrate, 1.5 g of potassium salt and 10 liters of water are taken per 2 g of superphosphate.

After the temperature in the greenhouse reaches +15 degrees, it is possible to carry out the last transplant of eggplant seedlings. In open ground transplant is usually postponed by the beginning of June, when the air temperature reaches +20 degrees.