Five-Minute Blackcurrant Jam Recipes


In order to preserve more useful substances, vitamins, and fruits or berries are not boiled soft, you can boil the berries in the syrup for only about 5 minutes. This jam is called a five-minute. It cooks very quickly, does not require any special culinary skills, and in taste is not inferior to simple jam, which is boiled for a long time. Five-minute blackcurrant jam for the winter contains many vitamins. The best recipes recommended by cooks are presented in this article.

How to make jam five minutes?

Five-minute jam photo

Unlike simple jam, five minutes is very easy to prepare. Jam is obtained more saturated, currant flavor, may even have a natural sourness.


  • Currant 2 kg;
  • Sugar - 1.6 kg.


  1. First you need to sort out the currants, remove the tails, leaves and wash it several times in clean water. Then the currant unfolds on a towel to glass the water.
  2. The next step is to twist the currants in a meat grinder to make a currant puree. It is possible to use a blender for this procedure, a food processor, if any.

Important! For cooking jam it is better to use a wooden spoon with stirring.

  1. It is recommended to cook jam in a bowl or similar container of stainless steel or enameled, with a thick bottom, then it will not burn. A currant is poured into such a pelvis, put on a moderate fire and covered with sugar from above.
  2. When the mixture boils, boil it for 3-5 minutes to dissolve all the sugar and turn it off. If you want to save more vitamin, you can only bring the jam to a boil and immediately turn off. That will be quite enough!
  3. Currant jam in just 5 minutes should cool down a bit (10-15 minutes), then it is packed in washed and sterilized jars and sealed with lids.

A similar five-minute blackcurrant jam for the winter is obtained as a thick jam. It has a rich aroma, taste, and due to the fact that the puree is not frayed through a sieve, it also contains the skin, which contains most of the vitamin C.

Five-Minute Black Currant Jam Recipe for Winter

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Five-minute blackcurrant jam for the winter

Five-minute blackcurrant jam is prepared for about half an hour, so you need to have on hand all the necessary ingredients and devices for canning, so that the process goes without a hitch.


  • Black currant - 1.5 kg;
  • Granulated sugar - 1.5 kg;
  • Water - 1.5 cups.


  1. The currant is washed, cleaned, moved, so that only the berries are left, without tails. It is desirable that the berries were about the same size, then they are evenly cooked.
  2. Banks need to be washed with edible soda, and then washed with boiling water. The lids are also washed and boiled in 5 minutes.
  3. Water is poured into a convenient cooking container and sugar is added. The syrup should boil about 2-3 minutes.
  4. When the sugar syrup boiled, currants are dipped into it and brought to a boil.

Interesting! For jam, five-minutes usually take a little less sugar than in the case of ordinary recipes.

  1. When the jam boils, it must be boiled for 5 minutes. Foam is necessarily removed when it appears, and the jam itself is better from time to time to interfere, so that it does not stick to the bottom.
  2. The finished jam (after baking for 5 minutes) is turned off and packed in containers. Then they need to roll up and cover with a warm towel for 24 hours.

Recipe for delicious black currant jam

Cooking delicious blackcurrant jam

Appetizing five-minute black currant jam is obtained if cooked with ginger. A similar dish comes out fragrant and more useful.


  • Black currant - 1 kg;
  • Sugar - 1.5 kg;
  • Water - 750 ml;
  • Grated ginger - ½ tbsp. l


  1. Berries inspect, remove the tails, wash. Then they must be put in a colander and scalded with boiling water.
  2. In a separate bowl, water and sugar should boil.
  3. While the syrup boils, ginger is rubbed on a fine grater (preferably fresh, not dry).
  4. When the syrup boils, ginger and berries are poured into it. They should boil and then boil them for only 5 minutes.
  5. At the end of time, jam scattered in containers (sterilized) and hermetically closed.

One more very tasty variant of jam prepares at once from 3 types of currant. The recipe for five-minute black currant jam with the addition of red and black is more vitaminized and the color of the ready-made dessert is not so dark.


  • Black currant - 3 cups;
  • Red currant - 3 cups;
  • White currant - 3 cups;
  • Sugar - 6 glasses;
  • Water - 1 cup.


  1. Currants of all three types are sifted. Only berries with no tails and absolutely clean can be put in the jam, therefore it is necessary to wash them well. Wash the berries in the pelvis, changing the water several times.
  2. After the berries are washed, they are put to dry on a towel, because the extra liquid during cooking does not need anything.
  3. Dry currants are placed in a container where they will make jam (basin, pan) with a thick bottom and pour 250 ml of water. On low heat, the mass should boil to the berries to make juice. Then sugar is poured into a basin, stirred. The mass should boil slowly so that the sugar does not stick, but dissolves evenly.
  4. When the jam boils, cut 5 minutes and turn off the fire. As cooking jam, you must remove the resulting foam.
  5. The finished jam can be poured into sterilized containers and rolled up.

Five-jelly black currant jelly

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Photo of black currant jelly

Not only jam, but also jelly can be made from currants in just 5 minutes of cooking.


  • Black currant - 12 glasses;
  • Granulated sugar - 15 glasses;
  • Water - 1 cup.


  1. In currant berries, tails must be removed. They are well sorted out, washed and dried on a towel.

Important! Jelly is easier to make from small berries. They give a lot of juice and at the same time look beautiful in banks after the mass begins to thicken.

  1. Berries are poured into the cooking vessel and they are poured with 7.5 cups of sugar - half of the total amount, and 1 cup of water is poured from above. The fire under the tank should be big so that everything boils quickly. As soon as the mass boils (it needs to be stirred), exactly 5 minutes will be detected.
  2. At the end of time, the fire is turned off, and another 7.5 cups of sugar is poured into the jelly. While the mass is hot, it will quickly dissolve if mixed.
  3. Banks under the twist sterilized, as well as the cover and then fill the jelly, roll.

Five-jelly blackcurrant jelly solidifies quickly, so you do not need to turn the jars upside down after rolling. They are simply left on the table until they become cool and are carried away to the pantry. After 1-2 weeks, you can see that the mass inside has become jelly-like.