Goat Milking Machine


The more goats in the farm, the more time they require to care. Milking a goat takes a lot of power from hostesses, especially since not all animals calmly relate to this procedure. Some farms use a special milking machine for goats. These devices are of different types, sizes and even the method of use may be slightly different, so you need to be able to understand them.

Why do I need a milking machine?

Milking machine and milking goats photo

Goat milk is nutritious, healthy, very tasty, although it is certainly an amateur. And yet it is valued all over the world and costs more than a cow. It is difficult to find a large goat farm, since these animals are not bred in the same quantity as the cows, but medium and small farms are often found.

To simplify work with animals, milking machines for goats are sold on the market. What are their features and why are they needed? When the farm has about 10 goats or more, you need to be able to keep track of all, feed, clean, walk and check your health. Milking usually takes a lot of time, and therefore milking machines were invented.

  • The goat milking machine is a simple, convenient device that is easy to work with.
  • They are beneficial because they distribute the goat as much as possible, which has a positive effect on the health of the udder and the goat itself.
  • Nipples, with proper use of the device is not damaged.
  • Animals quickly get used to the procedure and do not resist it.
  • There are expensive and simpler, cheaper models.
  • Devices are manual or with engines for automatic, independent milking.

Milking machine Doyushka

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Milking machine "Doyushka" - simple, affordable and popular. Due to its compactness, it is ideal for small goat farms. Its characteristics are as follows.

  • For an hour, you can get 5-10 goats.
  • Stainless steel milk collection bucket.
  • Capacity milk bucket 25 liters.
  • Cost up to 400 dollars.
  • 64 ripples per minute.
  • Due to the presence of wheels on the machine, it is easy to move it from place to place.

The main advantage of this goat milking machine is that after the milking process is completed - the milk in the udder is over, the glasses are turned off. The milking process is as close as possible to the natural, manual, which reduces stress for the animal.

Milking machine Protein-1

Milking machine for goats "Protein-1" refers to the dry rotary type. It is a two-wheeled cart with a hanger. Used for small and medium farms. Can serve up to 20 goats per hour. The following describes its characteristics.

  • There is protection of the pump from getting into the milk.
  • This is a mobile car, quite comfortable, even if you use it without help.
  • At the same time can not milk more than 1 goat.
  • Aluminum milk tank, which is convenient, practical and durable.
  • The capacity of the milk tank is 20 liters.
  • The device is simple to maintain, it can be used by one person, special training is not required - only familiarization with the instructions.
  • Electric power is 0,55 kW.
  • Shaft rotation speed is 1500 rpm.
  • Dimensions: height 125 cm (with hanger), width 51 cm, weight 40 kg with a bucket.
  • Price from 250 dollars. It is not expensive for such a machine, despite the fact that the lifetime is long.

The kit includes an aluminum bucket and milking equipment. Glasses for nipples vacuum, plastic, are adjusted under each goat separately. You need to use this machine according to the instructions and attentively treats the process when the device is connected to the goat!

Milking machine Protein-2

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Similar to the previous model - "Protein-2" has similar characteristics. It is used for milking 40 goats per hour. The design of dry, rotary type.

Milking machine Protein-2 and goat photo

  • Shaft rotation speed of 3000 rpm.
  • Plastic cups with silicone nipple holders.
  • Milking bucket 40 liters.
  • Aluminum milk bucket.
  • There is an electronic protection of the pump against the ingress of milk.
  • This is a mobile design, similar to a cart.
  • You can milk up to 2 goats at the same time.
  • Electric power is 0,75 kW.
  • This goat milking machine costs about $ 350.

Milking machine Burenka-1

This goat milking machine is suitable for farming with 1-20 goats. What are its advantages?

  • This is an easy-to-use machine that is easy to work with - specialized staff or long training is not required.
  • Most accurately simulates manual milking.
  • Keeps udder goat - calluses, sore, wounds when using it usually do not appear.
  • Glasses where milk is collected are made of stainless steel to preserve the quality of the product being collected.
  • This is a light (28 kg) and quiet machine.
  • Udder drained as much as possible.
  • The price is about 400 dollars.

After connecting the machine to the goat, they start the milking process. On milking takes an average of three minutes, although it happens more or less - depends on the amount of milk. The machine has protection against milk entering the pump, engine power 0.75 kW. During operation, you need to monitor the process so that the glasses do not fall off the udder (although this usually does not happen). After the milk has ceased to go into the glass, you need to turn off the machine. Milking cups with udder can not be broken - they are carefully disconnected, because the vacuum can injure the nipples.

Maiga Milking Machine

Do not forget about the milking goat machine "Maiga". This is a budget option available to almost everyone. The market value of 80 dollars. Suitable for a small farm with 10 goats, no more.

  • Milk can holds up to 18 liters.
  • In a minute the device makes 60 pulsations.
  • The design weighs 7.5 kg, which is very small and therefore convenient to carry and use.
  • The main drawback - there is no pump in the configuration, it must be purchased separately.

Milking machine "Miga" does not require special staff for maintenance. It is easy to use - you just need to study the instructions and follow it strictly. Do not interfere and safety rules. While the machine is in operation, it is impossible to leave the house - you should stand next to the goat and make sure that there are no problems. If it is clear that the goat hurts or the device does not work, it is turned off, checked and only then, when the goat calms down, you can try connecting it again.