The best varieties of early cabbage


Cabbage is of different types, as well as the time of its ripening. Early varieties are grown everywhere. They have a fresh, rich taste, delight with an abundance of vitamins, nutritional value, benefits. Some varieties are designed for greenhouses, others for open ground, and there are universal. Below in the article will be described the best early varieties of cabbage by type.

Early varieties of white cabbage

White cabbage is familiar to all. It is widely used in the preparation of a variety of dishes, so the demand for it is always high.

Photo cabbage varieties June, Dumas F1

  • "June" going to the end of June, as evidenced by the name of the variety. It is grown in open field. The ripening period is about 90 days. The head is round, medium density, weighing up to 2 kg. Leaf color is green-green. Cabbage through, small. Productivity from a square to 5 kg. The advantages include cold resistance up to -5 degrees. The leaves are juicy and fresh to the taste. Disadvantages: when overriding the forks crack.
  • "Dumas F1" - ultra-fast hybrid ripening for 90 days. It is grown mainly in greenhouses and greenhouses. Heads of small, up to 1.5 kg, the average density. Sheets are green on the outside and white on the inside. Taste is pleasant, fresh, leaves crunch. Advantages: forks do not crack, not afraid of thickened crops.

Cossack F1 and F1 Transfer

  • "Cossack F1" - A hybrid resistant to various diseases. Ripens in about 112 days. The head is up to 18 cm in diameter, weighing about 1.2 kg, the shape is rounded oblate. Sheets are green-gray, covered with a waxy coating. The inner leaves are cream. Stump up to 6 cm in length. Productivity - 4 kg / m. sq. Advantages: heads do not crack, cold-resistant.
  • "Transfer F1" ripens in 110 days. Heads of cabbage are small, weigh up to 1.5 kg. The leaves are green, beautiful, white inside. Taste is saturated, fresh. The yields are stable, 4-5 kg ​​are collected from the square. Advantages: a friendly return of the crop, resistance to cracking, infections. Use is universal.
Interesting! Most early cabbage varieties allow you to get 2 harvests per season!
  • "Parel F1" matures in 95 days on average. It is grown in open field. Heads flattened, medium in size, weighing 2 kg. The color is pale green with white bloom. Stump is average. Productivity to 5 kg from square meter. Advantages: transportability, high content of vitamin C. Disadvantages: not stored for a long time.

The best early cabbage varieties of this type also include: "Golden hectare 1432", "Malachite F1", "Zarya", "Copenhagen Market", "Dietmara Early".

Early Red Cabbage

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Red cabbage is inferior in popularity to white cabbage. But it is very useful, it is used more often for the preparation of fresh salads, snacks.

  • "Approximately F1" can be collected within 75-80 days from the date of emergence. Heads of 1.5-2 kg, rounded. The leaves are dark purple, bloom, juicy, without bitterness. Advantages: keeping quality, resistance to cracking, cold, some diseases, transportability.
  • Kyoto F1 Japanese hybrid, which gives the crop within 70-75 days after the emergence of sprouts. Color heads of bright crimson. The leaves are glossy. Heads sometimes grow to 2.5 kg, but more often 1.5-2 kg, the shape is round. Advantages: shelf life up to 4 months, does not crack. The use is universal.

Photo of Nurima F1 variety cabbage and Firebird

  • "Nurima F1" - Dutch hybrid. Ripens in 70-80 days. The socket is well developed, compact. Heads of small, up to 2 kg, round in shape. Leaflets purple. Productivity in the range of 6.2 kg / m. sq.
  • "Firebird" relatively new domestic variety. The growing season is 95-105 days. The heads grow to a mass of 2-3.5 kg. The taste is excellent, suitable for heat treatment, pickling or fresh consumption. Advantages: forks do not crack, stored for a long time, can be transported over long distances.

The best early red cabbage varieties also include: "Intro F1", "Red Dynasty F1", "Avant-garde F1", "Boxer", "Lyudmila F1".

Early varieties of kohlrabi cabbage

Kohlrabi has only recently become widespread in Russia and Ukraine. Prior to that, it was in great demand only in Western Europe, Australia and America. Today, this type of cabbage is grown everywhere in greenhouses and in the open field.

Viennese white, Viennese blue

  • "Vienna white" ripens in 65-80 days. It is grown in open field. Socket with a diameter of 45-85 cm. The head is flat-round in shape, weighing 80-100 g and a diameter of 8 cm. Color is pale green. The taste is good, the flesh is tender and juicy. The advantages include drought tolerance. Vintage variety gives one at a time. From a square of the area 6-7 kg gather.
  • "Vienna Blue" from the "Vienna White" is different purple head. In addition, she has a more pronounced taste, for which she is valued in cooking. Maturation occurs a few days after the white "brother". The rest of the two varieties are similar.
Interesting! Kohlrabi tastes very similar to a cabbage stalk, but more juicy and sugary.
  • "Sonata F1" - sredneranny hybrid. It is grown in open field. The fruit is purple. The flesh is juicy, very tender. Cabbage weight about 650 g. During the season you can get two harvests of this variety.
  • "Gusto" gives flat-round heads with an average weight of 500-700 g. The growing season is 80-85 days. The color is dark purple, the flesh is white and green. Advantages: commercial quality, taste, resistance to mucous bacteriosis, cracking, lignification. The yield is about 4.7 kg / m. sq. Can be grown in open field or greenhouses.

This also includes such early varieties of cabbage as: "Pikant", "Deikatesnaya red", "Moravia".

Early cauliflower varieties

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Cauliflower is considered one of the most useful. The best early cabbage varieties of this type are described below.

Photos of early cabbage varieties Express, Snow Globe and Summer Resident

  • "Express" ripens in about 62 days. White inflorescences with a yellow tint. Heads weighing up to a kilogram. The taste is very good, tasters particularly highlight this variety, among all the early ones. Advantages: possible dense planting, high yield. Disadvantages: vulnerability to pests, bacteriosis, low cold resistance.
  • "Snowball" ripens in 60-65 days. Heads up to 850 g, white as a snow globe, whence the name came, even spherical in shape. Advantages: can be planted fairly tightly, resistance to common diseases, ripening.
  • "Summer Resident" has a growing season of 80-100 days. The head is white, round, up to 1 kg. Contains lots of vitamin C and sugar. It is planted so that there is at least 50 cm of free space between the seedlings! Advantages: transportability, keeping quality.

It should also be called varieties: "Movir-74", "Sierra", "Malimba", "Alpha F1".

Varieties of early broccoli

Vitamin and Emperor

Early varieties of broccoli are not suitable for long-term storage. Grow them for fresh consumption, processing or sale.

  • "Vitamin" broccoli ripens 3 months. Seedlings can be planted twice per season - in April and mid-June. The heads are small, weighing about 300 g. After the head is cut for 2 weeks, small lateral ones grow, up to 5 cm. They are also edible, just small. The color of cabbage is dark green. Harvesting should be carried out immediately after ripening, since the crop quickly deteriorates in the garden.
  • "The Emperor" - A hybrid with a remarkable appearance, ripening in 80 days. From the side of the inflorescence resemble small Christmas trees. Heads are large, up to 10 cm, conical shape. The density is average.
Important! Early varieties of broccoli can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  • "Corvette" - an early hybrid, the growing season of which is 60 days. The heads are dense, large, gray-green. After cutting the main fork grows many small branches. Advantages: tolerates adverse weather conditions, can be frozen for the winter.

Among the early varieties also stand out: "Vyarus", "Linda", "Tonus", "Fiesta", "Tribute", "Comanche".

Brussels Sprouts Early Ripening

Brussels sprouts contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. It forms a center, high stem, in the sinuses of which is formed from 20 to 100 small cabbage heads.

Photos of Long Island Brussels Sprouts, Franklin F1 and Rosella F1

  • "Long Island" has early ripening. The stem is not very high, the leaves are green, with a waxy coating. Plugs are round, green, dense. On the stem matures up to 80 pieces with a total weight of 0.8 kg. The taste is good. Advantages: unpretentiousness, resistance to frost, fungal diseases. Productivity to 1,2 kg from square meter.
  • "Franklin F1"ripens in 150-160 days. The heads of cabbages are spherical, large as for Brussels sprouts. About 70 pieces with a total weight of about a kilogram are formed on the trunk. The taste is excellent. Advantages: resistance to cooling and fusarium. Yield from a square to 2.8 kg.
  • "Rosella F1" - sredneranny hybrid ripening in 160-165 days. Ripening friendly. Stem tall, with bubbly, large leaves of dark green color. Cobs up to 13 g, rounded elongated, dense. The taste is delicate. Harvest about 1.7 kg / m. sq.

The early cabbage varieties "Dolmic F1" and "Diablo F1" are also among the best.

Peking and Savoy Cabbage

Beijing and Savoy

Not to mention Peking and Savoy cabbage. These species, although not very popular in growing, but have a lot of fans. They have an unusual, pleasant taste, universal application.

From the early varieties of savoy cabbage you need to recommend: "Jubilee", "Early Gold", "Julius F1". Their maturation period is less than 120 days. They have delicate leaves that crunch a little when bitten, fresh taste and aroma.

Beijing early varieties ripen in about 35 days from the day the sprouts appeared: "Asten", "Voronezhskaya", "Naina", "Lenok", "Lyubasha", "Vesnyanka". Their weight rarely exceeds 250 g. Cultures are resistant to tsvetushnosti, have a pleasant taste, juicy veins.

Reviews of early varieties of cabbage

Broccoli salad

Early cabbage varieties are in great demand among summer residents. Seeds of such varieties are always bought up first.

  • Dasha Zaitseva: "It is important for me to grow vegetables in the garden for the warm season - I rarely store them. Therefore, I plant only the early cabbage varieties. The favorites are squirrel and kohlrabi. Last year I also tried Brussels sprouts, but for some reason she did not want to grow with me, maybe the conditions didn't come up or something else. "
  • Alexander Truth: "Fresh, young cabbage in spring or early summer for salad, appetizers, and even borscht - what could be better? I always sow a few early varieties of white in the greenhouse in early spring. I warm up the greenhouse in advance and strictly follow the temperature. I spend a lot of time, but also I’ll harvest earlier neighbors! "
  • Dmitry Skoltsev: “I didn’t try much, only early cabbage grows in the garden - later dies from pests, if it starts to grow at all. Now mostly I sow cauliflower and broccoli. Kohlrabi is only one row for variety. I grow it only in the open field, but the crops are always pleasing ".