The best varieties of potatoes with a description and photo


The best 10 varieties of potatoes with a description and reviews will be presented below in the article. These are potato varieties that are more often chosen by gardeners for growing in large and small volumes. They are suitable for personal consumption and for sale.

Potato Gala

Photo of potatoes Gall's variety

The German variety Galla refers to the early, table. Maturation occurs within 75-80 days. Bushes are upright, medium size. The leaves are large, dark green. Up to 25 potatoes are removed from the bush. The corolla is white, the flowers are medium in size.

The root weight is 100-140 g. The peel is yellow, the flesh is also yellowish. Starch content up to 16%. Taste is excellent, use is universal, does not boil soft, does not change color after heat treatment.


  • It adapts to the soil and climatic conditions.
  • Productivity up to 400 kg / ha.
  • Tubers are transportable.
  • The shelf life is 85-90%.
  • Resistant to many diseases.


  • Yield depends on care.
  • Prone to lesion rizotoniosis.

Reviews of gala potato variety:

Potatoes with cheese

  • Andrey Plyusnin: "Favorite variety! I allocate the largest possible area for it. The crop is always large, high-quality, little waste. For 5 years, I’ve been growing, there have never been any problems with growing!"
  • Sasha Frolova: “I don’t really like this variety to taste, but in terms of yield and stability it has no equal. It’s not difficult to grow it, unless you have to fight with pests, but like with any potato.”
  • Marina Dishuk: "All my neighbors just plant it. The only problem is where to put the harvest. It is necessary to distribute to relatives who have no country house or sell it, because for my family there is too much harvest."

Potatoes variety Red Scarlet

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Dutch potatoes Red Scarlet pleases many gardeners with their characteristics. This is a favorite variety of many manufacturers for the preparation of chips. Leader in many indicators among the red varieties. Ripens only 70-80 days.

Photo Potatoes Red Scarlet Grade

Low bush with upright pagons of medium thickness. On a bush can ripen up to 15 tubers. Potatoes weight in the range of 90-150 g. The rind is pink-red, smooth, with mild eyes. The flesh is white. In the pulp up to 15% starch. Used for cooking different dishes. During cooking does not darken, it does not boil soft.


  • The yield of about 400 kg / ha.
  • Not afraid of drought and high temperatures during the growing season.
  • Lezhitkost 98%.
  • Immunity to late blight tuber.


  • In some moments, demanding care.
  • Prone to late blight, scab ordinary.

Red Scarlet potato reviews:

Potatoes with greens

  • Raisa Pavlova: "I read a description of varieties of potatoes of different types. I tried to plant only a few. As for me, Red Scarlet's potatoes are one of the most welcome" guests "in the garden. For a start, it is very tasty, and the pink skin attracts buyers in the market - it’s at the height. Stored no problem, if you know how - in general, no complaints! ".
  • Anton Matveyev: "Better than Red Scarlet has not yet found. In any case, from the red varieties. They grow more than 5 years, the yield is consistently high."

Potato variety Luck

Photo of potatoes Luck variety

Knowing the description of potato varieties, you can easily choose the best one for yourself. Fortune potatoes early ripe, table variety, ripens in 65-80 days. Bred by Russian breeders. It is grown on various types of soil, and even in a dry, hot climate gives a good harvest.

Bushes are medium in size, thick. The leaves are dark green, dull, medium size. Snowy flowers with folded petals. About 15 potatoes are produced from the bush. The peel has a yellow color, the flesh is white. In the composition of up to 15% starch. The taste is very simple, not pronounced. Pulp when cooking sometimes darkens. May fall apart.


  • Productivity is consistently high - 400-430 kg / ha.
  • Resistance to drought.
  • Transportability.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage.


  • Prone to late blight, Alternaria, nematode.
  • Simple, mediocre taste.

Reviews of potato variety Luck:

Potatoes with tomatoes

  • Evgeny ShuykA: "The yield is excellent. Last year, I did not know where to put it for storage. But the taste is very mediocre, without zest. I plant not much, my wife often uses it for baking."
  • Lyudmila Sergeevna: “A good variety in terms of cultivation, however, often hurts if you don’t keep track of this issue. We sprinkle our potatoes 2-3 times a season with herbal infusions. They help, but the disease still comes back. I don’t want to use chemistry - the early one -Taky ".
  • Irina Guseva: "Fortune potatoes - a variety for soups, where taste does not play a big role. I grow no more than 20 bushes for food, the rest of the area is occupied by more profitable varieties for sale."

Potato Zhukovsky

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The early grade ripening in 60-70 days of cultivation. Appointment table, taste good. Bushes are not very sprawling, it can be said compact. The leaves are green, medium. Flowers lilac. Up to 12 medium-sized potatoes ripen on a bush (there are practically no small root crops).

Photos of potato variety Zhukovsky

The weight of root crops in potato varieties Zhukovsky - 100-120 g. The peel is red, the pulp is white. Starch in tubers up to 12%. The flesh practically does not darken. It is often used while the potatoes are young - the old is recommended for the production of chips.


  • Resistant to most diseases.
  • Transportable, on the road is not much damaged.
  • Drought resistant
  • The safety of root crops 92-96%.
  • Unpretentious - just grow it.
  • Productivity is stable - 400-450 centners / ha.


  • Low resistance to phytophthora.
  • Does not tolerate high humidity.

Reviews about potato variety Zhukovsky:

Radish potatoes

  • Nina Dmitriuk: "The description of potato varieties is often at odds with reality, but this is not the case. Zhukovsky is a reliable, stable variety, time-tested. The crop gives early, fruits without problems - what more could you want?".
  • Antonina Doronina: "I update Zhukovsky early once every 3 years. Yields always give big ones. But you can’t say that there are no problems at all. So, about 1/3 of the crop is small potatoes."
  • Oleg Guriev: "The taste of this sort of potato is very delicate. You can also let the peel in the food, after proper preparation it is soft, tasty, but most importantly - healthy!".

Potatoes variety Bellarosa

Bellarosa variety

German early variety. New potatoes are dug already for 45 days. Bush up to 75 cm, with half-standing stems. The leaves are rich green, large. Flowers red-purple, medium in size. Root crop varieties Bellaroza large, up to 205 g, elongated. The rind is pink, the pulp is yellowish. In the composition of up to 15.7% starch. The description of varieties of potatoes of another type does not have the same obvious advantages. Below you can read the advantages of potato Bellaroza.


  • Taste is pleasant, use is universal.
  • Commercial quality and transportability.
  • Productivity is 320-360 c / ha.
  • Immunity to potato cancer, viruses Y, A, blackleg, spotting, any scab except black, rhizoctonia.
  • The quality of storage is 94%.


  • Often affected by the Colorado potato beetle and other pests.

Reviews for variety of potato Bellaroza:

Potatoes with cucumbers

  • Svetlana Ermolaeva: "My favorite red potato variety. Stable yields are observed up to 4 years without changing seed! I grow potatoes for sale - the profit is obvious despite the fact that it practically does not require care."
  • Maria Trafimova: "Bellaroza pleases not only with yield, but also with taste. Potatoes are suitable for any dish, enriching taste. Until it renews seed material, and yet I collect 30 tons per hectare. There is waste, but many times more quality goods."

Potato variety Veneta

Photo of potato variety Veneta

Veneta potato is an early table variety that produces the first crop in 65 days. Tubers of 60-100 g. Up to 12 tubers are removed from the bush. The tubers are yellow, and in the section are light yellow. In the composition of up to 15% starch. The pulp does not darken, does not boil soft.


  • Productivity within 400 kg / ha.
  • Transportable.
  • It is suitable for regions with poor growth conditions for potatoes.


  • Up to 87%. This is not small, but not much.
  • May suffer late blight tops and tubers.

Reviews of potato Veneta:

Broccoli with potatoes in the oven

  • Vladimir Bazhan: “The description of potato varieties is usually pleasantly pleased. But when you buy it for planting, disappointments begin. Of course, it is difficult to argue with the advantages of Veneta, but personally I have experienced all the disadvantages, not advantages, most likely due to the peculiarities of my climate zone. So I decided to refuse the variety. "
  • Diana Soltanova: "Last year I grew this potato. I liked it both in taste and in agricultural technology. Of course, there is nothing to compare with (this is the first experience), but the family is happy with the harvest. I will plant it again this year."
  • Dmitry Dishchuk: "I recommend this variety, but only if you find where to buy quality seed. The taste is very pleasant, suitable for any processing. We freeze our crops in a small amount, and fold the rest into the cellar.

Skarb potatoes

Photo of potatoes grade Skarb

Potato Skarb - mid-season variety, ripening at 90-110 days after emergence. Bushes of medium height, densely covered with leaves. Foliage is light green. Flowers are white, medium in size. Root crop is oval, up to 200 g. The rind is yellow, flat. The flesh of the Skarb potato variety is yellowish. Starch content of up to 17%.


  • It is immune to the main diseases of the potato.
  • The taste is good. During heat treatment does not darken.
  • Not afraid of mechanical damage - transportable.
  • The yield per hectare reaches 650 centners.
  • The quality of storage is 90%.

Disadvantages appear only when improper planting or agrotechnology.

Reviews about potato variety Skarb:

Potato and Pumpkin

  • Mikhail Kukhto: “The description of potato varieties hides the most positive aspects. In this case, I want to note that Skarb is the most unpretentious variety of all that I grew. After planting, except for a couple of times weeds were removed, it grows like yeast. The main thing is that the earth is good ! ".
  • Victor Duhov: "Skarb is a very good variety. It is unpretentious in the care, the crop gives a big one. But last year I faced the fact that the potatoes were not uniform. One is big, beautiful, the other is small, the third is crooked. All three are on one bush. And so with all the bushes. I think you just need to update the seed, let's see how it goes next year. "

Rosara potato variety

Variety Rosara

Rosara - German early potato variety. The growing season is 50-65 days, quickly acclimatizing to a different climate or peculiarities of cultivation. The plant is sprawling, massive. The leaves are rich green, purple flowers. From a bush about 15-20 potatoes gather. The tubers from the potato variety Rosara weighing 80-115 g. The rind is red, the flesh is yellow. The taste is good, the starch is 12-16%.


  • Transportable.
  • Productivity per hectare 350-400 centners.
  • The safety of the crop is 97%.
  • Relative resistance to late blight and scab.


  • Spreading bushes do not save space on the site.
  • Cooks do not recommend it for frying.

Reviews of potato Rosara:

Bulgarian pepper potatoes

  • Victor Semin: “Although I heard a lot that the variety is quickly adapting, but in the Moscow region he clearly doesn’t like it. The yield was low, although the potato that it still harvested was very tasty.”
  • Evgenia Belkova: "I have been selling potatoes for more than 10 years, and it is this variety that is sorted out in the first place. It is reliable, well-known and very tasty."
  • Anna Voronina: "We plant Rozara potatoes every year. Yielding, tasty, cleaned very easily - the potatoes are smooth, growing without flaws. There are practically no problems with growing."

Potato Impala

Variety Impala

Dutch, early potato variety Impala ripens in 55-60 days. The bush grows up to 75 cm, upright. The leaves are dark green. The buds are white, medium size. From a bush collect 15 tubers on average. Potatoes oval, grows up to 150 g, but may be less. The peel is yellow, smooth. The flesh is yellowish. Starch to 14.5%. The variety is appreciated by cooks for its excellent taste.

Advantages of the Impala variety:

  • Productivity up to 360 kg / ha.
  • Resistance to potato cancer, viruses of group A, nematode.
  • Commercial appearance, transportability.
  • Up to 95% shelf life.


  • When the summer is dry, the tubers crack.

Reviews of potato variety Impala:

Baked Potatoes with Vegetables

  • Zinaida Gulko: "For several years I have been growing Impala. A good variety, early, not a lot of starch, can be used in the diet. Only in arid climates, as I have it, although it gives a big crop, but many tubers are damaged."
  • Peter Khromov: "I live in the south and in our region it is one of the most promising varieties. They are bought up on the market with a bang. The taste is amazing. Interestingly, the taste may differ depending on the place of cultivation."

Queen Anne Potatoes

Photo of potato variety Queen Anne

Middle German variety, ripening on average for 80-85 days. Up to 16 tubers are removed from the bush. Potatoes of 80-150 g, round. The skin is yellow. The flesh is also yellow, but a few tones lighter than the peel. The taste is good, it is often sold young potatoes of this variety, and not the old one. Starch in the composition of 12-16%.


  • The yield is high - 400-450 c / ha.
  • Transportable.
  • Commercial quality is high.
  • The shelf life is 92%.
  • There is immunity to scab, potato cancer, viruses.


  • May be affected by blight of foliage and tubers.
  • Needs proper care.

Reviews of potato varieties Queen Anna:

Baked Potatoes With Cheese

  • Nikolay Tatur: “They took first samples of taste. I liked not only us, but also our neighbors. We bought seed for 2 plots, we sowed, the harvest was excellent. This year we will check what the yield will be from last year’s potatoes.”
  • Ekaterina Pyshnyak: “As they say, there is no comrade’s taste and color. So I don’t like the taste of this variety, but the yield is good. I grow it along with 3 more varieties. I don’t complain about safety, but small tubers often come across."
  • Lisa Shurupova: "If compared with Gala, the latter is better - the tubers are bigger. But in terms of taste, I liked Queen Anne more. I plant both varieties, half of the crop is stored. Both varieties are stored almost equally well."