Repair Strawberry - the best varieties


Remonturnaya strawberry fruits longer simple species. During the season it gives 2-3 full harvest, depending on the region of cultivation. Of course, the warmer the climate, the greater the chance of re-harvest. Repair varieties of strawberries need to be able to grow, but before it is important to determine the grade.

The best varieties of remontant strawberries

Repair strawberry has many features. The best varieties are distinguished by large berries, a small number of antennae and active growth. They are not difficult to grow and they give stable yields.

Photo strawberry varieties Temptation, Albion, Queen Elizabeth

  • "Temptation" - A hybrid, fruiting from May to autumn frosts. The berries are large, about 30 g. The taste is sweet, with a nutmeg flavor. The pulp is dense, with a high content of juice. Updated annually. Used in ornamental gardening.
  • "Albion" It stands out for excellent transportability, so it is often grown for sale. The berries are dark red in color, sweet, with a strong, pronounced aroma. Not susceptible to adverse weather conditions.
  • "Queen Elizabeth" characterized by low-leaved, powerful bushes. Berries weigh 50-125 g. The flesh is not very dense. Bushes are updated annually, used for landscaping mountainous terrain.

Evi 2, Capri, San Andreas

  • "Evie 2" - English, little-known variety outside of England, although in terms of its quality characteristics it is not inferior to other types of remontant species. Berries of 20 g on average. The variety is drought resistant.
  • "Capri" - high-yield remontant grade. The fruits are tapered to 35 g. In the care is not picky.
  • "San Andreas" has powerful bushes. The berries are of average density, weighing about 30 g. The taste is harmonious, sweet.

Photos strawberries varieties Selva, Dynamite and Monterey

  • "Selva" - American variety, relatively new. It gives berries continuously from June to the first frost. They are very tasty, fragrant. Bushes grow up to 50 cm in height, abundant fruit, every year.
  • "Dynamite" - variety of American selection. Berries of 20 g, light flesh. Gives quite a lot of antennae. Resistant to pests and diseases.
  • "Monterey" - American variety. Bushes are vigorous. Berries in the form of a cone, up to 20 g, juicy, sweet. Productivity is high, stable.

Varieties of remontant strawberries for the Moscow region

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Depending on the region, climate, it is worth sowing one or another remontant strawberry variety. The best varieties of this type of strawberry for the Moscow region are "Elizabeth 2" and "San Andreas". They are ideally suited for this climate and therefore do not cause difficulties in care.

Strawberry Elizabeth 2

"Moscow delicacy" is another variety with early fruiting. Berries about 25 g, red, with a pronounced taste, aftertaste of sweet cherry and bright aroma. The yield from the bush a little more than a kilogram with competent agricultural techniques. There is resistance to decay, frost.

Not to mention the variety "Elsanta". He gives great harvests every year. Fruits differ in tremendous taste, juicy, dense, are easily transported! Variety "Clery" also does not become redundant in the garden in the suburbs.

Strawberry for Siberia

The repair strawberry for Siberia should start to bear fruit early and is simply obliged to withstand cold winters with strong frosts.

Photo of strawberry sorta Elizaveta 2, Mount Everest, Lyubava

  • "Elizabeth 2" can easily be grown in a similar climate. It does not require a serious approach to cultivation, the variety is winter-hardy. The berries are large, dense.
  • "Mount Everest" time-tested, stable and winter-hardy variety. Not large-fruited, but yields big.
  • "Lyubava" also grown in the northern regions. It is resistant to diseases, ticks. Gives large berries of 40 g, beautiful and tasty, suitable for sale. Yield is above average in Siberia.

You can also successfully grow in such cold climates such remontant strawberry varieties such as: "Crimean Remontant", "Selva", "Geneva", "Sweethart".

Light-brown varieties of strawberry repair and their features

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Small-fruited remontant strawberry varieties do not form antennae. Their main advantage is that they bear fruit almost continuously until the onset of frost.

  • "Rugen" - blooms very early and fruiting begins early in it. The berries are bright red, conical. The taste is very sweet, the aroma is strongly pronounced. This is a dessert variety.

Ryugen, Ali Baba, Forest Fairy Tale

  • "Ali Baba" has semi-sprawling bushes up to 15 cm in height. The berries are tapered, red with white flesh. Weighing 3-5 g. The aroma resembles wild berries. The variety is high-yielding. There is resistance to diseases, pests. Not afraid of cold winters.
  • "Alexandria" It has not only tasty fruits, but also a decorative appearance, therefore it is often decorated with lots, balconies, flower beds. Berries of 7 g, very tasty, sweet, with a rich aroma. This variety is unpretentious in the care and gives great yields.
  • "Forest Fairy Tale" gives small, neat bushes with an abundance of peduncles. Flowering continuous. Berries up to 5 g, red, conical, sweet-sour. The variety is fruitful.
  • "Ruyana" - strawberries, different compact bushes. Fruits in May. The berries are relatively large, juicy with a bright aroma of strawberries. The variety is resistant to drought, frost, and disease.

Growing remontant strawberries

Watering and feeding strawberries

It is not much more difficult to grow remontant strawberries than simple ones. It needs the same care as a simple strawberry variety, but if in the case of the latter, the main care occurs in spring and early summer, when the plant bears fruit, in the case of remontant varieties, the care lasts until the first frost, when the bushes finally do go to sleep

The peculiarity of care in this case - constant watering and fertilizing. The latter are carried out only by the safest fertilizers, which cannot harm the berries, flowers and bushes. Top dressing is necessary for remontant varieties to maintain the strength of the plant, because a lot of nutrients and culture forces are required for constant fruiting, so do not forget about it. It is also important to regularly weed bushes and remove weeds, because they interfere with the normal circulation of air, are distributors of diseases and pests.

If you choose the right strawberry remontants for the plot and take care of them in a timely manner, you can provide the family with a useful berry for a whole year!