Variety of watermelon Crimson Sweet


When choosing a variety of watermelon worth paying attention to the sweetness of future fruits and ripening. For middle zone of Europe and Asia, early ripening varieties are selected, as a rule, even with greenhouse cultivation. But not all early watermelons have good taste. Watermelon Crimson Sweet is distinguished by its sugar content and pleasant taste, for which gardeners around the world are valued.

Description of the variety of watermelon Crimson Sweet

Photos of watermelon Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet is a popular variety of early watermelon bred in France. Its name translates as "raspberry sugar", which quite accurately describes its taste and color of the pulp. The plant is not very branchy, grows up to 1.5 meters in height, if you use the trellis.

Watermelons grow to 8-10 kg with proper care, but more often have a weight of 3-5 kg. Fruits are round or oval. The flesh is crimson-red, with almost no streaks. The peel is thin, smooth on top, the pattern resembles Astrakhan watermelon - green with light green stripes, but shines a little more. The taste of this watermelon is very sweet, rich, juicy, for which not only gardeners but also buyers in the market love it.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

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The positive qualities of Crimson Sweet are known to all gardeners who have grown this variety at least once.

  • The ripening period is 70-80 days. This is an early variety, so cultivation usually does not cause difficulties even in regions with a temperate climate.
  • The yield from a square is about 10 kg, that is, on average, about one or two fruits are collected from such an area.

Watermelon storage

  • Well kept, has high commercial quality.
  • Suitable for long transport, despite the fact that it has a thin peel.
  • Resistant to drought.
  • It is immune to anthracnose.
Important! Any watermelons, including Crimson Sweet, do not grow well on black soil or peat land. Ideal for them suitable sandy soil.

Crimson Sweet has not many watermelon drawbacks, but they cannot but be mentioned.

  • Easily affected by Fusarium, if it is available on the site.
  • Cultivation and ripening is strongly influenced by weather conditions.
  • Watery taste may occur if the plant is often watered. To avoid this, you need to stop watering bushes 1-2 weeks before picking.

Growing watermelon Crimson Sweet

Photo bahcha

The seeds of this watermelon are sown around April-May, depending on climatic conditions. At the time of the procedure, the ground at a depth of 10 cm should be heated to + 15 ... +18 degrees. Before you sow the seeds, it is worth choosing a good place. It should be well lit from all sides, regardless of whether the culture is grown on the trellis or just to be on the ground.

It is important! Growing watermelons in the area with a high level of groundwater is impractical because this crop does not tolerate high humidity. With such cultivation a good harvest will be no more than 50%.

Land for planting should have a neutral acidity, be enriched with minerals (potash-phosphorus). Seeds usually do not require special treatment. But it is advisable to soak them the day before landing in warm water. Although, if they are processed (have an unusual color), then soaking can only harm. Sown seeds at a distance of 40-100 cm from each other - the main thing is not to interfere with the "neighbors" grow, to a depth of 4 cm. Then they are sprinkled with a layer of earth and watered. Sowing sites can be slightly sealed by hand.

If seedlings are used for planting, you must first select the strongest, healthiest shoots, and then plant them in the pits with the same distance as in the case of seeds. It is not worth much to deepen, it can hurt. To seedlings quickly began, and the seeds have risen, it is necessary to cover the bed with plastic wrap until watermelons appear in diameter up to 15 cm. Sometimes the film is removed, just to ventilate the seedlings, but return it at night.

It is important! You can grow watermelon Crimson Sweet not only by seed, but also by seedling. The second option allows you to get a harvest for 10-15 days earlier.

Planting care consists of timely weeding, weeding, treatment of pests, diseases, fertilization and, of course, watering. Watering timely, without delay is needed from the moment when the first shoots appear. Sometimes this variety is pinched to get larger fruit, but this is not necessary.

Watermelon Crimson Sweet on bahche

It is very important that after the fruits begin to grow follow, so that they do not lie on the ground, this can lead to rotting. For safety, they are placed on the leaves of a watermelon or on a cardboard, plastic, wooden board.

Ripens watermelon from August to October. Understand that the fruit can be ready for a dried tail. If there was little sunshine in the summer, then it will take more time to mature. Such watermelons are harvested no earlier than mid-September. But if the conditions and the weather did not disappoint, then in August you can feast on sweet fruits.

Reviews of watermelon variety Crimson Sweet

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Pro watermelon Crimson Sweet is very difficult to find a negative review, because a bad crop is usually the result of poor soil or unfair care.

Sliced ​​Watermelon Crimson Sweet

Anna Kren: “I planted a watermelon Crimson Sweet in the greenhouse last year. Care was the easiest since there was little time for this. But the watermelons grew, albeit small up to 3 kg. In the section, the crimson, juicy, very sweet - the family is happy."

Svetlana Gribko: “For the first time I tried to grow a watermelon at a dacha. The choice fell on Crimson Sweet because it was early and it was about him that I heard a lot of positive feedback. I conjured the beds as best I could, during 2.5 months and the work, good, paid for itself. Watermelons grew in average , up to 5 kg. In a section red, without veins, very sweet, sugary. Now I will grow annually.

Vladimir Valeriev: “I have been growing Crimson Sweet for 2 years. The main thing in this business is good seeds and proper cultivation technology. I like the fact that the fruits in the cellar are stored in my house until December! The taste is excellent, the seeds inside the fruit fully ripen!”.