Plastic cellar to give


For a gardener, it is important not only to grow a good harvest, but also to keep it in one form or another until next summer. As a rule, cellars are used for storing preserved vegetables and fruits. Plastic cellar to give, can not be called an innovation. Such designs use more than one generation in different countries around the world. The article will describe their advantages, disadvantages, main types and reviews of people who have already used them.

What is a plastic cellar?

Photo plastic cellar

The plastic cellar is a hermetic construction, also called a caisson, which is located underground and serves to store food, preserve, and various things. Such structures, as a rule, are not made at home, with their own hands, since in them the most important thing is strength and tightness. They are produced by many companies around the world. The volume, the shape of the cellar, additional improvements (such as shelves inside or built-in adjustment of the microclimate) are the most diverse and are selected depending on the needs of the buyer.

Such a structure is usually made by extrusion welding. It has stiffeners to maintain the original shape for many years, and that the design was as strong as possible. The entrance to this cellar can be located on the side or on top. It also provides natural ventilation, equipped with exhaust air ducts with a grid to reduce the likelihood of rodents in the cellar.

The advantages and disadvantages of a plastic cellar

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By purchasing a plastic cellar for a dacha or a private house, a gardener gets the opportunity to create a small, convenient “bunker” for vegetables on his plot. The advantages of such a room can be explored below.

The advantages of the plastic cellar

  • Using a plastic cellar is very convenient. It is always rationally equipped with an entrance, there is a place under the shelves or shelves are already equipped, but there is also a place to put the vegetables in bags or boxes on the floor.
  • The ability to install the cellar, where it is necessary gardener. The place can be separate or be under the garage, house, shed.
Interesting! This design is durable, it is impermeable to light, water. Air is circulated through ventilation. Inside, you can install climate control to set a suitable humidity, temperature.
  • Plastic does not absorb smells, it is easy to wash it, it is difficult to sneak inside to rodents, pests, and fungal diseases that plague in simple basements and cellars.
  • The service life is within 50 years or more due to the fact that the body of the caisson is made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which are not susceptible to corrosion.

Photo options cellar

Despite the visible advantages of the design, it is impossible to call it ideal and the disadvantages of this are the main confirmation.

  • Price hurts bites! For a similar design, albeit reliable, will have to pay about $ 1000, but more often, and installation will cost another 700-1500 dollars!
  • Inside has its own, standard ventilation system. Attempting to alter, improve, replace it may lead to a violation of the tightness of the cellar.
  • Do not install it under the finished structure. It is possible to place a caisson under a house that is under construction, but if the foundation has already been laid, it will be almost impossible to do it without damaging it. Usually, gardeners first set up a plastic cellar and only then, on top of it, start building a barn, garage or something like that.
  • During installation, it is advisable to place a concrete slab inside the cellar that will protect the caisson from being squeezed out of the ground, which is often the case if improperly installed.

Cellar Titan

Installation of the cellar Titan

There are many varieties of plastic cellars. To choose a really good one, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. "Titan" is a famous brand, under the name of which several types of plastic cellars are produced.

  1. Titan-Agronom 2.

Known model, the price of which can reach up to $ 3,000 without installation. The latter will cost the buyer another $ 1,000 (the price of installation and the cellar itself depends on the size). The design has a wide variety of sizes from 2x1.5x2 m to 6x2x2 m. The entrance from the side is flat.

Of the advantages of the model it is worth mentioning the reinforced bottom, the presence of a temperature and humidity indicator. Among the shortcomings - the need for additional space for mounting the stairs.

  1. Titan gardener.

The model has a robust frame and comfortable internal layout. Inside there are: shelves, chimneys, folding stairs, reinforced floor. Price from $ 1600, installation from $ 500. The cellar has different sizes from 1.2x1.2x1.5 m to 6x2.4x2 m. The entrance door is 80x180 cm in size, there is a lock, which is very prudent in this case.

The advantages include the presence of lighting inside, which is usually installed completely free (load), the neck of the structure has additional reinforcement. As for the shortcomings, then there is only the price.

Plastic cellar Tingard

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Cellars "Tingard" are very popular. They are more affordable and no less convenient. Product feature - no seams inside and outside. The entrance is always installed on top, and it has standard dimensions of 80x70 cm.

  1. Tingard 1500

The cost of the model is almost 1600 dollars. Installation is not included in the price. The size of the cellar is 1.5х1.5х2.4 m, the volume is 4.3 cubic meters. Inside there is a metal staircase (very reliable), shelves and wooden flooring. Installed weather station.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Tingard 1500 cellar are well described by people who already use it. The advantage is that the manufacturer claims 100 years of reliable construction service, but the downside is the top entrance, which is not convenient for everyone.

  1. Cellar Tingard 2500.

It is distinguished not only by 100% sealing, but also by what is made of high-quality food-grade polyethylene. This material has a very long lifespan, so once spent on it, you will not have to think about replacing for many years.

Interesting! Inside this design is dry throughout the year. The winter temperature is within + 3 ... +8 degrees.

Tingard 2500 costs about $ 2,800, installation is not included in this amount. The classic dimensions are 2.5x1.9x2.6 m, the volume is 9.6 cubic meters. This is a rather large construction, which is the main advantage, but the upper entrance through the hatch, as in the previous case, is not suitable for all buyers.

Cellar Prime

Prime plastic cellars are installed anywhere, regardless of the type of soil or groundwater level. The manufacturer claims that the design has been serving for at least 50 years, if properly installed, therefore installation should be entrusted to specialists.

The basis of such a cellar is made of polypropylene, safe for humans and resistant to the influence of the external environment. All Prime cellars are equipped with stiffeners, so that they are not afraid of rocky soil.

Important! If you wish, you can order a cellar at your discretion. Size, shape, customer selectable, the rest of the work for the manufacturer. True, such a cellar will be much more expensive.

Depending on the location of the entrance Prime is with:

  • horizontal entrance;
  • vertical entrance;
  • sloping entrance.

The dimensions of the cellar can be very diverse, but more often they take standard ones: 2x2x2 m. Inside there are plastic shelves, a place for boxes of fruit and vegetables.

Plastic Triton Cellar

Photo Triton cellar

Triton company makes cellars of plastic for villas and private houses, consider the most popular models and their characteristics.

  1. Triton 2.5.

This model has a ribbed case. Sizes from 1.2x1.2x1.5 m to 4x2x2. The cost of 1100 dollars and installation - $ 500 on average, but depends on the size. The entrance is on top - through the hatch, inside there are three rows of shelves.

The advantages include easy installation. Such cellars are sometimes installed with their own hands, although this may affect quality. Nevertheless, manufacturers recommend not to skimp on this issue, since improper installation can reduce the service life.

  1. Triton 6.3.

This is a cylindrical caisson made of high-quality plastic. In terms of ergonomics, this is a very convenient model. The purchase of such a "storage" for products will require about $ 2,000 and about $ 900 more for installation, if the dimensions of the tank are 2x2.3 meters, the total volume is 6.3 cubic meters. Inside there are already 3 rows of shelves.

The advantages include the compactness of the cylindrical model, its efficiency. But the disadvantages include the fact that because of the location of the hatch in the center you need to select a special place for installation.

Reviews of plastic cellars

Reviews of gardeners who used plastic cellars in the country, as well as possible talk about their quality and functionality.

  • Konstantin Shulga: “A neighbor put a plastic Tingard cellar at his dacha. After 2 years, I also decided and absolutely did not regret it. For the first time in my winter pantry there is no mold, and the products are stored normally, and do not deteriorate after a couple of months.
  • Tamara Gorbatenko: “We bought the Triton cellar a few years ago. Of course, this is expensive, but it pays for itself completely. In winter, even with very strong frosts below, at least +3 degrees. As for me, this is ideal for the cellar. Anyway, my conservation is enough ! ".
  • Anton Novikov: “They bought a plastic cellar of 4.5 cubic meters last year. It preserved everything that was possible, since there was no need for restrictions. The winter survived very well. The carrots were kept quite well in boxes. ".