Rabbit Lop-eared Sheep


Rabbits with hanging ears always cause delight. They are cute, interesting and funny, hence their popularity. The rabbit is diluted with a lop-eared ram (dwarf lop-eared ram) more often as a decorative one. Since their front part of the skull is slightly shortened, and the front part of the head with a crotch, the lop-eared rabbit is called "ram". To date, about 19 breeds of lop-eared sheep have been bred and breeders do not stop at this.

Varieties of rabbits rams

Photos of English, French Fold sheep

Among the lop-eared sheep there are large and small (dwarf) breeds.

  • Kashmir lop-eared ram happens big or dwarf. A simple decorative rabbit has a weight in the range of 2.8 kg, and a dwarf - 1.6 kg. It is believed that there is also a giant Kashmir view, but there is no exact information about it. Hair colors about 20 - from black to white, the length is average. Ears usually hang down the sides, but lack the floor.
  • English sheep - amazing creation. It is one of the largest breeds of lop-eared rams and at the same time the longest eared. The weight of the individual is about 4.5 kg, and the length of the ears is 65-70 cm and the breeders are still working on increasing the ears. The coat is short. Color can be any, but always saturated.
  • French lop-eared ram similar to English in size, only the ears are not so long. Wool is medium, soft, color can be very diverse.

Photo of a German, lion-headed rabbit lop-eared ram

  • German Rabbit Fold Ewe is the most famous of all large lop-eared rabbits. It can weigh up to 4 kg. The length of the ears is up to 35.5 cm. The color is most often agouti, but there are also variations.
  • American sheep It has a rather long coat, and this is what distinguishes it in the first place. Initially, after breeding, he had only monochromatic colors. Then the color palette greatly varied due to the work of enthusiasts, but the quality of wool from new crosses suffered. Americans weigh up to 2 kg.
  • Lop-eared lionhead rabbit ram weighs approximately 1.5 kg. This is one of the youngest breeds. The hair is longer on the head, where the “mane” is, and on the body is shorter. Color is varied.

Character lop-eared

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Rabbit dwarf lop-eared ram has a calm, docile nature. He does not create a lot of noise, and in general he does not like noise. Due to the peculiarities of the ears, this species cannot determine where the loud sound is coming from, therefore, hearing it, it just stops in place. It is because of this trait that you should be very careful about the animal and, if possible, shield it from such stress.

Important! Although the decorative lop-eared rabbit ram seems good-natured and quiet, but if you do not pay attention to it, it will begin to demand it. Most often, the animal becomes on its hind legs and stands in a cage until it is stroked!

How to care for a breed?

Groomed rabbits

In terms of cell selection, walking - care for rabbits of this species is exactly the same as for any other. The cage should be comfortable, large, so that the animal was spacious. Because of the long ears hanging on the sides, you should carefully choose the cage, which will be absolutely safe, without sharp metal parts on the walls or the floor. They walk a rabbit ram just around the apartment, house or on the street, but only in special enclosures or on a leash (there are special leashes for rabbits).

Important! Depending on the breed of lop-eared sheep, care may differ slightly. But for the most part all the features are similar.

If we talk about the characteristics of care, then a lot depends on the breed.

  • First of all, cleanliness is important for the English rabbit. He needs to clean the cage at least once every 2 days because his ears are constantly dragging on the ground, and infection can occur.
  • Any decorative rabbits, sheep, especially long-haired, such as lion-headed, need regular, high-quality combing. Their fur is beautiful only when it is looked after, but if you forget about it, the appearance of the rodent will leave much to be desired.
  • Often the lop-eared rabbit ram itself cleans its wool. However, he can swallow fur. And if in the case of a cat this is not critical, then it is very dangerous for a rodent. A ball of wool in the intestines will lead to the death of a pet within 2 days - this is really very dangerous! In order to avoid such cases, it is desirable to give them a malt-paste, which dissolves wool, but is harmless to an animal.

Bathing bunny

  • It is possible and sometimes even necessary to bathe rabbits, if they get smeared, but this is done carefully so that the beast does not catch a cold. Only warm water is used, specialized soap means (for rabbits), a towel, a hair dryer, if necessary, to dry the fur coat after the procedure.
  • Cleaning of ears for all lop-eared breeds is obligatory, because the ears cannot hang, the rabbit cannot clean them on its own.
  • Claws are clipped as needed if they grow back.
Interesting! If you do not cut the rabbit's claws, he will begin to grind them himself, making holes in the cage or in the house.
  • Fold health is usually unimportant, they are prone to various diseases, so with the wrong care they can get sick often. It’s hard to say how many rabbits live there, a lot depends on the quality of life, the breed, but on average 6-12 years.

Diet rabbit lop-eared sheep

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Lop rabbit sheep eats the same way as other ornamental species.

  • Stern. They are purchased in pet stores large or small packs. There is a simple food, there is a treat with delicacies (dried fruits, nuts, vegetables).
  • Greens are always dried, not fresh. After collecting, it should lie down for about 2-3 days and only then it can be given to a pet.

Rabbit diet

  • Vegetables and fruits are desirable especially in winter when there is no greenery. In this case, you can feed carrots, apples, pumpkin, turnips, zucchini, parsnips, beets. With care give cabbage, tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, citrus - only in small quantities.
  • Hay is an integral part of the diet of a decorative lop-eared rabbit ram. It is given every day, if the cell is over. In particular, it is important in winter, as an alternative to greenery.

Here, in general, the whole diet. It is important to give food several times a day and ensure that the rabbit does not go hungry. For water, it is desirable to use a nipple drinker so that it does not quickly become contaminated.

Reviews breeders about rabbit dwarf lop-eared ram

Stock Foto Rabbit Lop-eared ram

What is the opinion of breeders about a rabbit a lamb?

  • Natalia Beloshchuk: “For already 3 years the rabbit has a lop-eared sheep, a German breed. It is a very touching miracle! But I would not recommend it to families with children. It can scratch my hind legs very hard, and it can bite.”
  • Oleg Bondarenko: “Honestly, I never thought that a rabbit should be cared for so much. Even if it is small, it requires a lot of care. wash, cut claws, etc. So that such a "toy" will not let you get bored - I assure you. "
  • Elena Zimina: “The lop-eared rabbit ram became a friend of our family in 2013. We took him sick from his hands and went out at home. He apparently understood that he was loved here, and began to foul in every possible way. you don't want him - it's a little bundle of happiness! "