Chicken Drinkers


In each brooder or chicken coop with chicks you need to install drinkers with fresh and clean water. You can buy them or make them yourself - the main thing is that they are practical and safe. Drinking bowl for chickens can be of different types, so you need to be able to understand them and, if necessary, do it yourself.

Types of drinkers for chickens

Vacuum, microcup and nipple drinkers

In agricultural stores there is a huge amount of the most diverse types of drinkers for chickens. The main types, the most common are only three:

  • Microcup structures have a valve, when pressed, the water flows into the drinking trough.
  • Vacuum constructions are usually installed on the floor. They allow for a long time to maintain a normal water level in the drinker - sufficient for chickens. These drinkers are very easy to do with your own hands.
  • Nipple drinkers are not only the most common, but also the most convenient, simple, practical, not only for chickens, but also for other poultry of different ages.
Interesting! Nipple drinkers are incredibly comfortable. Besides the fact that they are suitable for birds of any size, they need to be rarely washed, since the water is always in a closed container and it flows only when the bird is drinking.

Drinking trough for chickens can be made from anything, so a simple saucer filled with water can also be considered a complete drinking trough, although uncomfortable. Drinking bowls for chickens are made of different materials and various types - the main thing is to show imagination.

Chick Drinker Requirements

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Before you make a design for water, you need to familiarize yourself with what qualities the drinking bowl for chickens should possess.

Glass, plastic and metal

  1. Material for production must be harmless. Glass, plastic, metal - everything fits, but most importantly, these materials should be of high quality.
  2. Security. There should be no sharp corners, edges in the drinker.
  3. Metal, if used to create the drinker, is one that will not oxidize over time.
Important! Even in the case of an automatic water dispenser, you should not forget about the timely cleaning of the structure. For the whole day a lot of garbage gets into the bowl with water, and pathogenic bacteria develop, so you need to wash the drinker regularly!
  1. It is desirable that the design was of medium weight, since the bird's lung is turned upside down, and the heavy one may be unsafe.
  2. The fixing of the drinker is made as reliable as possible so that it does not fall.
  3. A convenient drinking bowl should be not only for chickens, but also for the breeder who will have to clean it!
  4. The trough, in which there is water, should be low and small in diameter so that the chicks cannot fall into the water and get wet.

Nipple drinkers do it yourself

Nippelny drinking bowl

Nipple drinkers are primarily recommended for growing broilers. The chickens of this bird must be well fed, and therefore the water must be of good quality, and often vitaminized. Nippelny drinking bowl provides an opportunity to add any additives to water without risk that liquid will spill on a floor.

Nipple drinkers make different types. There are simple and complex designs, some even connect to the water supply. But in order not to bother, you can make a simple and convenient drinker. To do this, you need only a few nipples (you can buy in the store), a drill and a convenient container like a bucket or bottle.

  • First of all, several holes are drilled in a tank selected under water (bucket, bottle, other container). They are made in the bottom of the pot.
  • After that, nipples are threaded into the holes. It is very important to ensure that they sit tight, do not fall out, otherwise there will be a flood in the brooder.
  • Now you need to hang the container to the brooder ceiling so that the chicks can freely run from the bottom and drink from the nipples. The fixing parts must be reliable, otherwise the bucket will fall over time.

That's all - the drinking bowl for chickens is ready, it remains only to fill it with water and check for functionality.

Plastic Bottle Vacuum Drinker

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Vacuum Trough

A plastic bottle drinking bowl for chickens is probably the easiest design option available for any breeder. It is done very simply.

  • A low tin jar is taken (can be taken from under canned fish). The cover is removed, the edges are processed in such a way that they are not sharp. If there is none, you can take a low, wide glass jar.
  • Now you need a simple plastic bottle. It is well washed and filled with water, and then closed with a lid.
  • In the corner of a brooder or any other room where chicks are held, a holding structure is made - a wire attached to the wall on both sides in a circle. The diameter of the circle should be such that a plastic bottle can easily fit inside.
Important! The bowl used in this design must be at a height above the neck of the upturned bottle, otherwise the water will pour over its edges.
  • Now you need to install the bottle in a circle of metal wire so that the neck with the cap is on the bottom of the tin can (in the center). A tin jar is placed directly on the floor. It remains only to slightly open the lid and the bowl will be filled with water.

Microcup drinkers

Microcup drinkers

Cup drinkers are considered the most simple and incredibly convenient. The essence of such a drinker is that when the water level drops in the bowl, the flow of water opens and fills the bowl. At the same time, after its filling, the hose is blocked and water does not flow over the edge of the bowl. The flow of water opens and closes by means of a floating tongue (which is the plug) or when the bowl is lowered under the weight of water (it closes the valve itself).

The convenience of the design is that it is simple, affordable and allows you to rarely change the water. On the other hand, it is very difficult and not always possible to make such a construction with your own hands, so it is best to buy in a store. In addition, the bowl should be washed regularly, so it gives inferior drinking bowls in terms of hygiene