The best breeds of turkeys


Unlike ducks or chickens, there are few species of turkeys. In the world, slightly more than 30 breeds are registered, among which seven were obtained by domestic scientists. Bird species are divided into different directions depending on productivity. Below in the article will be presented the best breeds of turkeys of meat, egg and meat-bearing areas.

The best breeds of turkey meat

White wide breasted

Broiler types of turkeys are bred for meat, which have a high body weight and have developed muscles. As a rule, such breeds of turkeys for home breeding belong to large species.

  • White wide breasted turkeys are hybrid and there are three crosses. These birds have a beautiful white feather, a massive constitution. The first cross - heavy, characterized by the largest size. An adult male weighs up to 25 kg, the female - 11 kg. The males of medium cross have a weight of 14 kg, and females up to 8 kg. The last, easy cross grows to 10 kg (male) and about 6 kg (female). Since this species was bred specifically for meat, young individuals are distinguished by precocity.
Important! Meat breeds of turkeys give few eggs, and have excellent taste qualities of meat, so they are expensive.
  • Moscow Bronze Turkey has a black feather color with a bronze tint. On the tail and wings there is a white rim. The bird is large, with strong bones and strong legs. Turkey mass up to 20 kg, females - 12 kg. Egg production per year 95 pieces, 80% of which are fertilized. Survival rate of young 95%.
  • Big 6 are also a hybrid cross-country meat. The plumage is white, but on the chest there is a characteristic black spot. They grow very fast (they weigh 5 kg at 3 months), gaining muscle mass, even under free-range conditions. The mass of the male is 24 kg, the females are 10-12 kg. At the same time, the bird eats relatively little.
  • Hybrid Converter - A hybrid from Canada. Bird weight about 20 kg. The meat has a pleasant taste. Young growth is early, already in 5 months the male weighs up to 20 kg. The meat yield is 60-85%. Turkey egg production is 50 eggs / year.
  • BUT-8 - A hybrid with a rather massive body. The main differences in appearance are big legs and light plumage (mostly white). An adult turkey can weigh 26 kg in normal fattening, but the turkey rarely exceeds a mass of 11 kg. The disadvantage is large bones, which is why the slaughter of meat is not high.

Breed of turkeys of the egg direction

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Turkey eggs are rarely found on the market. They are usually not sold for food, but more for incubators and further breeding. Large and small farms are trying to renew the herd regularly, so as not to be at a loss, so the demand for turkey eggs (especially good quality) is consistently high.

Egg direction turkeys

  • The Virginian breed is also referred to as the Dutch or the White. Representatives of the species do not grow very large, unlike broilers. So an adult turkey can reach 9 kg, and a female 4-5 kg. And although it is not enough for sale, they are also allowed for slaughter, only usually for personal use. The main value of the breed - eggs. During the season, one female gives up to 60 high quality eggs. The disadvantage - require conditions of detention, close to natural.
  • Breeds of turkeys for home breeding of the egg direction are known for such a species as Heaton. This is a very beautiful bird whose male can grow up to 20 kg, and females up to 16 kg. But besides meat, they also give good eggs - 100 pcs / year. Fertilized can be sold, and the rest to let the food. The disadvantage is demanding of growing conditions.
Interesting! Egg species give a lot more eggs than meat breeds of turkeys, so it is sometimes easier and more profitable to breed them.
  • BIG-9 - cross for home breeding. They are very hardy, beautiful, have a developed immunity. Turkey weighs up to 17 kg, the female - 9 kg. During the season, it gives about 120 testicles - out of 10 pieces, 8 will be precisely fertilized.
  • Bronze wide-breasted turkeys have beautiful plumage with brown, green and burgundy shades. Weight of males is 16 kg, females - 10 kg. For the season, the female gives about 100 eggs. But, in addition, bird feathers can also be put on sale, they are highly valued not only for stuffing pillows, but also for decorating or making different things.
  • White Moscow birds have white plumage and a black spot on their chests, like Big-6. The main difference in the mass. In this case, turkeys weigh only 16 kg, and turkeys - 8 kg. This is not much, but herd reproduction is fast, so the benefits are great. During the season, each female can give up to 105 eggs.

The best breeds of egg and meat type

Black Tikhoretskaya

The advantage of the egg-and-meat direction of turkeys is that they can produce both meat and eggs in sufficient quantities for a small or medium-sized economy. The quality of products is at an average or high level, so the breeder will not be at a loss if he correctly selects breeds of turkeys for home breeding. And farmers choose only the best breeds of turkeys in this direction.

  • Wagon - Egg turkey wide physique. She has strong, developed wings (needs to be cut), long, strong legs. White plumage. When a small amount of food is consumed, the weight of the turkey is 18 kg, and the turkey - 10 kg. The egg production of the female is 70 eggs / year, 90% are fertilized. Newborn turkey poults are strong and healthy.
  • Black Tikhoretskaya The breed has a beautiful, black-smolny color pen with a slight green tint. The birds are large, have strong bones. They have a good, good-natured disposition. Temperature extremes are not afraid, unpretentious in content. The male grows up to 10 kg, and the female up to 5 kg. The output of meat after slaughter 60%. Egg production at the female 85 pieces per season - herd resumption is fast. In addition, the taste of meat is excellent!
  • Pale yellow turkeys popular in the territory of Georgia. Feather color is brown with crimson and burgundy shades. Birds have massive bones, wide backs. Males weigh about 12 kg, females - 6 kg. Egg production is about 50-60 eggs per year.
  • North Caucasian white breed different stamina and good health. The bird is early ripening, male weight is 14 kg, females up to 9 kg. One layer per year gives 90 eggs weighing 80 g each. It is grown exclusively in private farms, as it is simply unprofitable for large poultry farms.
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