The best breeds of goats


Since ancient times, people have grown goats to get nutritious milk, tasty meat and soft wool. The quality and quantity of all these products depends on the breed of the animal and its content. The article below presents the most famous, the best breeds of goats, characterized by high quality characteristics.

Dairy breeds of goats

Toggenburg breed

The main value of goats has always been in the milk. Dairy breeds of goats have a very high demand, so breeders continue to work on improving the breeds in this area.

  • The best breeds of dairy goats have long been headed by the Zaanen species. Representatives of the breed are champions in the number of yields. For the year, an animal can produce up to 1000 kg of milk with 4.5% fat, and a world record of 3507 kg. Goats grow to 100 kg, females more than 50 kg. The first mating is possible from the year. A breeder gets up to 4 kids each weighing 4.4 kg.
Interesting! The largest number of feeds is obtained from zaanensky goats, which have given offspring 3-4 times.
  • Toggenburg breed is small. Females weigh about 50 kg, and males 70 kg. Color brown, different shades. The milkiness is high (up to 1000 kg / year), the milk of this goat is considered unique in taste and composition, therefore it is very expensive, and abroad it is used to make high-quality dairy products. Individuals have a nice, soft fur covering the whole body. It tolerates a frosty and temperate climate, but does not like the heat.
  • Like other dairy breeds of goats, the Russian white goat gives good milk production - up to 500 kg of milk with 5% fat in 8 months of lactation. Divorced in different climatic zones throughout Russia and in some foreign countries. When lambing, the female gives no more than 2 kids, but more often it is 1. The weight of a large female is up to 50 kg, the males are 30-35 kg more.
  • Nubian goat has an interesting appearance. She has long, lowered ears and limbs. The height of the animal is about 90 cm. The body is not thick, elongated. Udder females neat shape, in proportion to the body. Females and males can have horns. Unscented milk, high quality. Up to 800 kg of milk with fat content of 8% per year.

Goat meat

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Goat meat has an unusual taste, but if you know how to cook it, it surpasses beef and lamb. Therefore, goat meat is also bred very successfully. What are the best breeds of goats meat direction beneficial in the content?

Kiko breed

  • Kiko is an interesting species of goats weighing 60-70 kg on average, but there are more. Females bring for a lambing 2-3 kid. Young healthy, strong, quickly gaining weight. Milk give little, but to feed the kids more than enough.
  • The Boer goat can reach a mass of 95 kg, while goats often weigh 135 kg! Dietary meat, with a small amount of fat in the composition. Color brown, but there are exceptions. On the head there are sharp horns, ears are similar to Nubian. Boer goats are calm, give offspring several times a year. In the litter 2-3 kids weighing up to 4 kg. Females are considered caring mommies, but goats have a very cool temper.
Interesting! Boer goats not only give a lot of meat without an unpleasant smell, but also have a high growth rate and excellent immunity.
  • Greek goats were spread throughout the world from Greece - their homeland. Coat color can be very diverse. The weight of individuals is about 60 kg. The meat is very tender, juicy without the smell inherent in goat's meat. The lactation period lasts no more than a year and during this time they receive up to 100 kg of milk. He has a great taste, fat.

The best breeds of goats down

Mountain-Altai goat

Downy goat breeds are bred to obtain high-quality wool, which is used for the production of various fabrics and fur products.

  • Pridonskaya breed restrain in the upper reaches of the Don. These goats are white, black, mousy suit. Their bodies are elongated, their legs straight. Pooh and skin go for further processing. They make different soft fabrics, warm clothes.
  • The Orenburg breed is known for its pleasant to the touch down, used in the manufacture of the so-called Orenburg shawls. They are not only pleasant to the touch, but also worn for a long time.
  • Mountain-Altai goat has a developed, strong body. Each individual is sheared at one time to 800 g of fluff. Wool is usually black, but there are exceptions. Used fur for making various warm things.

Dwarf goat breeds

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Relatively recently, breeders began breeding interesting dwarf goat breeds. Their peculiarity is that with an insignificant feed intake, they give milk and meat. These amazing little creatures, among other things, are an ornament to any compound, therefore they are often bred as decorative ones.

  • The Nigerian dwarf goat looks very similar to its large relative. Only the size of the animal is different. The animals have thin legs, developed, large udders. Animals grow up to 60 cm in height, their weight rarely exceeds 30 kg. Fur color from light to dark colors, stains and blotches of other shades are also possible. Wool is not very thick, not long. Per day give up to one and a half liters of milk with fat content of 6%.
  • The model of the estate has small, curved horns, which clearly distinguishes it from other species. The height of the goats is up to 50 cm with a body length of 70 cm and a mass of 25 kg. The fur is thick, short, rather soft. Color dark with light spots or patches. Per day gives up to 2 liters of milk 5% fat. It is very tasty and contains many nutrients.

Mini goats

Important! Mini goats need special attention. The first thing you need to be very careful about the care of the hoofs and trimming monthly. Otherwise, the hooves may start to rot.
  • Cameroon goat was bred in Africa. These goats are loved by the fact that they eat little - 3 times less than normal ones. But at the same time they provide the breeder with both milk (1 l / day, 5% fat) and meat (individual weight 30 kg), so it is not surprising that in a short time they have become incredibly popular all over the world. Color breed red or black. For one mating female can bring up to 2 kids. After birth, they immediately stand on their feet. They have a very good immune system and moreover - they are amenable to training!

It is important to note that dwarf goats also have their own directions. For example, Cameroonian gives a lot of high-quality meat, but to get milk, it is better to purchase Nigerian goats or a model of the farmstead.