Chicken brooder


When breeding chickens is incredibly difficult to do without a brooder. Under natural conditions, the hen always looks at the state and vital activity of the young, but when breeding a large number of chickens, and even by the incubator method, there is no one to follow the young. In this case, a brooder is built, which is home to the chickens during the first 2 months of their lives. The fact that such a brooder for chickens, its arrangement and equipment, as well as the method of building their own hands can be found below in the article.

What is a brooder?

Chicken brooder

Translated from English, the word "brood" means "to bear." And to some extent the name of this design is fully suitable for its intended use. Chicken brooder is a small box containing newborn chicks up to the first 60 days of life (sometimes less). In this design there is everything necessary for their normal life and development (food, heating, water, dry litter, ventilation, lighting).

Important! If a brooder is purchased in a store, it is important to inspect it for safety, and also remember to check the operation of all systems (heating, lighting, ventilation, etc.).

If we take into account all the main points for the purpose and arrangement of the brooder, it can be done by hand - it is not at all difficult. The main thing in the construction to take into account that there should be comfortable chickens. After all, large, healthy chickens and roosters will grow only under the condition that they were grown in the right conditions at the initial stages of development.

Features brooders

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What features should have a good brooch for chickens?

  • The size of the brooder should depend on the number of chicks to be kept there. The average size is 1.5x1.5 meters. On average, there should be no more than 25 chickens per square meter.
  • Dry, non-slippery floor. As for the pallet, there are a lot of contradictions. On the one hand the net floor and the pallet - it is convenient for the breeder (facilitates cleaning). But on the other hand, chicks are uncomfortable walking on the mesh floor, and they can even damage the legs on it, so before installing the mesh floor you need to think twice about it.
  • Temperature and lighting should be regulated, as at certain stages of growth chicks need different standards.
Important! Chickens that are not yet 50 days old should be treated very carefully and not to disturb them once again without special need.
  • There should be low humidity inside so that the chicks do not hurt.

What do you need for making a brooder?


If the brooder for chickens is done with your own hands, you need to take care to have all the necessary parts and tools on hand. For the construction will need:

  • saw or jigsaw;
  • roulette;
  • screws, nails, screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • felt-tip pen or pencil;

In addition, it is necessary to acquire good material, from which the brooder itself will be constructed. As a rule, wood, chipboard, plywood, multi-layered cardboard or something similar is used that keeps you warm and safe for the young.

Interesting! Sometimes, ready-made boxes, barrels, nightstands, tables, drawers, containers are used as the basis for the brooder. The main thing that they were comfortable, durable, and that there was an opportunity to improve them a little.

How to make a brooder with your own hands?

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Making a brooder does not take much time. This is a fairly simple design.

  1. The skeleton is not a mandatory item, but desirable so that it is easier to bond parts together. For the manufacture of the frame is taken wooden bar (not thick) and is made from it the basis. 4 pieces need to be made 50 cm each and 4 pieces 100 cm each. They are fastened together so as to form a parallelepiped-shaped frame.
  2. A sheet of plywood is taken 1.5x1.5 meters and 1 cm thick. A piece of 50x150 cm in size is sawn off.
  3. Now the piece that remained (100x150 cm) should be divided into 3 equal parts (100x50 cm). This is the future pallet (or floor), rear edge and top of the brooder. They can already be safely attached to the frame (in its place).
  4. From a piece that was made at the beginning (50x150 cm) two pieces of 50x50 cm in size are sawn off. These two pieces are side walls that also attach to the frame.
  5. To the fore (entrance to the brooder) you need to make a frame of thin wooden bars - slats. It is necessary to hang the doors on it and close them outside. The frame is made of 2 long (100 cm) and 3 short (50 cm) crossbars. Long crossbars are attached to the ceiling and the floor, 2 short sides and one is placed across the long, in the middle. Thus, it turns out 2 windows (entrance) in the brooder. For a short crossbar in the middle, the valve is attached so that the doors only open from the outside.
  6. The doors are made of crossbars and mesh. The base or frame is made of the crossbar to the size of one of the entrance (window). Each door should be approximately 45x31 cm. A grid is inserted into the door frame, and a glass or plastic with holes on the other side (so that you can see what is happening in the brooder). When two doors are ready, you can fasten them with hinges to the frame and check how they open and close.
  7. On the side or on the top there is a hole for the bulb. Inside are wires and equipment for heating, humidity measurement. But they must be set so that the chickens do not reach them. Typically, devices are placed outside, and inside only sensors and a lamp (light).
  8. Now it remains to arrange inside the drinker, the feeder.

Before use, the brooder is checked for safety. All electrical appliances should work well.

Growing chickens in a brooder

Rearing chicks

Growing chickens in such a small room as brooder is not at all difficult. All you need is to be attentive and take care of the kids in time. What is the responsibility of the breeder?

  • Regular feeding.
  • The water changes several times a day, because the chickens quickly smear it or nipple drinking bowl is put.
  • Temperature and lighting are regulated as needed (see below).
  • Cleaning is carried out as needed. Often, too bad, because the chicks are nervous and for them any intervention in their space is a lot of stress. But in the dirt they should not sit.
  • It is important to ensure that the inside of the brooder is always dry!

Proper temperature and lighting

Temperature and lighting

Young chicks need a certain temperature, so it is constantly regulated.

  • On the first day of life, the temperature in the brooder should be 34-35 ° C.
  • From 2 to 5 day - maintained 28-30 ° C.
  • From 6 to 10 days you need to inside was about 27-29 ° C.
  • On the 11-20 day temperature drops to 24-26 ° C.
  • From 21 to 30 days you can make the temperature 22-24 ° C.
  • 31-40 days - temperature 20-22 ° C.
  • From 41 to 60 days, the degrees can be reduced to 17-20 ° C above zero.
Important! You can warm a brooder for chicks with a simple incandescent lamp, an infrared lamp, or an infrared film that is placed on the brooder's wall.

Lighting is also regulated as birds grow. So for the first time 3 days it should be included for 23 hours. Then the amount of light is reduced daily by 1 hour, until the daily day reaches 12-15 hours. After that, the lighting control is stopped and maintained at this level.