Potato variety Zhukovsky


One of the most popular and common vegetables in the world is potatoes. Among the various varieties of this crop is the potato Zhukovsky. This is an early appearance with high yields, strong immunity to many diseases and excellent taste.

Description of the potato variety Zhukovsky

Description of potato Zhukovsky

The Zhukovsky potato was obtained at the end of the 20th century by crossing two varieties. As a result of the experiment, a resistant, drought-resistant variety with strong immunity was obtained. Zhukovsky is grown mostly in regions with a temperate climate. Although excellent cultivation results were obtained in all corners of Russia, including Siberia and the southern regions.

Early variety, brings the first harvest within 60 days after planting. Bushes semi-sprawling, medium height. The leaves are dark green. Blossoming is plentiful, but not long. The buds are white at the edges and reddish in the middle. Productivity reaches 3,5 kg / m. sq. On average, 10-12 healthy potatoes are formed under each bush.

Tubers of medium size, oval, weighing 100-150 grams. The skin color is beige or pinkish with bright eyes. The flesh is white, dense, does not darken in sections. In the composition of 10-14,7% starch. When cooking does not boil soft.

The advantages and disadvantages of potatoes Zhukovsky

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Before proceeding to the characteristics of planting and caring for the crop, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of the variety. So, what are the strengths of the potato Zhukovsky?

  • It has a short ripening period, only 2 months.
  • It tolerates drought.
  • Not afraid of frost, so it can be grown even in cold areas.
  • The Zhukovsky potato has a strong immunity to diseases such as scab, potato cancer, and also to the effects of nematodes.
  • Unpretentious to care.
  • After harvesting the crop is stored for a long time.
Important! On acidic, depleted soils, the variety produces a poor, poor quality crop.

Not a lot of disadvantages, but you should not forget about them.

  • It needs timely harvesting, because when overexposed in the ground, the taste of tubers deteriorates.
  • At high humidity and relatively warm weather is affected by late blight.

Planting potatoes Zhukovsky

Potato Zhukovsky planting

One of the advantages of the variety is that it can be grown on any type of soil, as long as it is not acidic. But here it is better to choose a place for planting sunny, this is important for the rapid development of the plant. Land preparation is better to start in the fall. They dig it up, loosen, reduce acidity if needed. It was at this time after digging the land that it was fertilized with manure (compost), so that during the winter it would have time to perepret and was an excellent diet for the culture.

Since Zhukovsky’s potatoes tolerate cold temperatures without problems, they can be planted in the middle of spring. But before it is important to germinate tubers. This is done from mid-March. Potatoes are inspected, sifted, sorted by size and laid out on the floor so that it gets scattered sunlight. In about 15-30 days, good sprouts will appear, and the potatoes will be suitable for planting. Type of planting is selected depending on the site and the preferences of the gardener. This may be the trench, flat or ridge method.

Important! Planting material is best sorted by size and by sprouts. Tubers with dense, plump shoots more than 1 cm long are suitable for planting. But thin ones can either break or not settle down - it is better to plant such potatoes separately or discard them.

Before planting, you can put a little crushed eggshell with wood ash or some mineral, nitrogen mixture into the prepared wells. The optimum temperature for landing +5 degrees. The depth of seeding of tubers is about 5 cm. The distance between tubers is 30 cm, and between rows 70 cm.

Planting care

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Potato bushes care

Potato Zhukovsky does not require special care, anxious treatment of bushes or young shoots. Caring for him is not much different from caring for other varieties.

  • Hilling is done as the bush grows. They begin to do it when the shoots reach a height of 5 cm. This procedure protects the bush from cold weather, pests, diseases, and also stimulates the development of a powerful root system.
  • Watering requires timely, abundant, but not frequent. A lot of moisture can harm and lead to the development of late blight. But drought this plant tolerates without problems. So in this case it is better not to pour than to pour.
  • Fighting drivers and diseases usually comes in the summer. When the Colorado potato beetle, blight or any other problems, you should immediately use insecticides (fungicides) or strong folk remedies.
Important! During the flowering period, it is not recommended to treat potatoes with chemicals. This not only harms the culture, but also insects that pollinate flowers.
  • Weeding is carried out not only in the early stages of the development of culture, but also when the bushes grow significantly. After all, root crops should develop in a loose, oxygenated, nutrient medium.
  • Any weeds are removed as they occur. They are harmful in the absorption of nutrients and moisture in the soil, the spread of pests, diseases, and deformation of potato tubers by their roots.

Harvesting and storage

Collection and storage of potatoes Zhukovsky

After 60 days after planting potatoes, you can begin to harvest. And for a long time to postpone this procedure is not worth it, since it may adversely affect the taste of root vegetables. The variety is resistant to mechanical damage, therefore it is possible to collect the tubers either independently, manually, or with the help of special machines, automatic tools.

After digging, the potatoes are well dried and stored for storage in bags or crates. Storage room should be clean, dry with a temperature of + 2 ... +5 degrees. Potatoes lie for a long time, without loss of taste or external qualities, so it is often grown for sale.

Reviews of potatoes Zhukovsky

As a rule, gardeners speak positively about the variety Zhukovsky, because it is really beneficial in cultivation, both in small and large scale.

Ekaterina Karaseva: "I prefer the Zhukovsky variety from the early potato varieties. It ripens quickly, gives a big crop, and there are no problems with it - the main thing is to wait until it ripens. Since it was harvested early, it was very poorly stored."

Peter Savchenko: “It’s not the first year that I plant potatoes Zhukovsky, but only with other varieties. It is unpretentious and quickly yields. It always goes first for food. And I’ll put up late varieties for storage. insecticide, then there will be no difficulties. "

Olesya Petrova: “Despite the cold climate and relatively cool summer this year, the variety of potatoes Zhukovsky pleased us with a large crop. The truth is that I spent a lot of time on care, but it was worth it. Now I will plant it annually.