Chickens of breed Master Gray


The meat-like direction of chickens is most prevalent in the world. Such birds have high egg production and excellent meat quality. Among the representatives of this trend are the Master Gray chickens. About their productivity, features of the content, feeding and breeding can be found below in the article.

How did the breed appear?

The appearance of the Master Gray breed

Chickens of the Master Gray breed are a cross of the meaty direction. There are two subspecies in the cross - Master Gray M and Master Gray S. The Hubbadr company in Hungary breeds birds of this species. Although there are also branches of the company in the USA and France, that is why it is easiest to buy a cross without impurities in one of these countries. Of course, the seller must provide documents that the bird is bred on one of the Hubbadr farms, otherwise guarantees that this original will not be.

Chickens of this species are also often called the Master Green and the Hungarian giant. The purpose of creating a cross was to obtain a poultry meat line that can survive not only in the greenhouse conditions of poultry farms, but also on small farmsteads, in villages, that is, in the private sector. Master Gray is really distinguished by unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention and feeding.

Description of Master Gray Chickens

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Adult hens of breed Master Gray

Chickens Master Gray is very beautiful. They have a massive physique. Legs are big, strong. Earrings and comb bright red or scarlet. Hocks on legs and paws yellow. Plumage gray, shell, pockmarked. It is because of the color of feathers that the bird got its name. The motley color of the chicken is obtained by alternating gray and white feathers. A brighter pattern is visible in the neck and at the edge of the wings.

It is important! You can distinguish cross-breed chickens from young stock of other breeds and crosses by a pale yellow, almost white color of down, a gray dot on the crown and a dark border on the wings.

The chickens of the Master Gray breed have a gentle disposition, they are calm, friendly to the breeder. Birds are not very shy. They are quite active, but not aggressive, so fights among roosters are extremely rare. Differ in obedience - with them are not very many problems. They are often bred as a decorative appearance because of the beautiful color of the feather and good-natured disposition.

Efficiency of chickens

Efficiency of chickens

The good productivity of the Master Gray breed allows the breeder to not only opt for this cross-country, but also to increase the livestock in the farm. What are the productive qualities of chickens?

  • Egg production is observed from 3.5-4 months.
  • In the month the chicken gives about 20 eggs, sometimes more. Total egg production period lasts 7-8 months a year, and then molts. Eggs are large (60-70 g). But from 2 years of age, the egg production of birds falls by 30-40%.
  • The weight of an adult chicken is 3 kg, and the weight of a rooster can reach 6.5 kg.
  • The weight of Master Gray's chickens is gaining well, but more slowly than in the case of meat breeds.
  • The taste of meat is pleasant. It is tender, soft, without a strong odor, but when overfeeding, the presence of fatty deposits is possible.

Keeping and caring for birds

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Maintenance and care of chickens

The content of the bird is elementary. Special conditions for this cross-country are not needed, it will be enough just a simple chicken coop, where it will be dry and warm throughout the year. According to observations, the breeders most quickly this breed is gaining weight with cellular content. This method also allows you to keep many more individuals in a small-sized chicken coop. For 20 chickens you need at least 10 square meters with floor content. They should not be crowded in cells, therefore it is desirable to adhere to the same norms.

Important! Master Gray chickens can be kept both on the floor in the hen house and in cages, the main thing is to ensure their purity and regular feeding.

Chickens of this type normally tolerate frosts, long periods of cold snaps, and can be carried even in winter, but they should be comfortable in a hen house! For this, walls are necessarily insulated (if possible, heating can be carried out). Chickens of Master Gray breed should be kept at temperatures from +2 degrees Celsius to +28 degrees. But in winter a thick bedding spreads on the floor so that they do not freeze their paws.

For chickens make comfortable nests, and perches can be arranged in 2 tiers. Do not forget that these are rather large birds; if they fall from a great height, they can hurt themselves. It is mandatory to put bowls of ash and sand in the house or cages, otherwise the feathers will quickly become contaminated and parasites may appear.

In order for the chickens to rush in the winter, they need to be provided with sufficient lighting in the winter. Artificial light is installed in the chicken coop, as close as possible to the natural (not bright, normal color). If possible, equip walking. It saves money, as the bird spends most of the day on the street and eats pasture. It also allows you to control the weight of chickens and increases their immunity.

It is regularly worth inspecting birds for the presence of diseases, pests, since such problems can cause attacks of cannibalism, aggression, not to mention the epidemic, which is much easier to prevent than to cure. From time to time the chicken coop itself is disinfected, treated with a solution of creolin (5%), formalin (3%) or acoustic soda (2%), especially before new individuals are settled.

Features of food of hens Master Gray

Grain and other chicken feed

There are no special requirements for nutrition. Master Gray breed chickens eat almost everything they are given. Therefore, nutritional standards are more related to the breeder's capabilities.

  • Food should always be fresh. Soured porridge and rotten vegetables will lead to the development of parasites and diseases in the body of the bird.
  • If possible, feed should be included in the diet, birds grow faster on it, but this is not necessary.
  • To improve the quality of eggs and increase their quantity, you need to pour in the food feathered mineral supplements (simple vitamins).
  • In a separate container should be gravel and sand, to improve digestion.
  • When the chicken begins to carry eggs, calcium is added to its diet.
  • They feed the birds 3-5 times a day.
  • The diet of an adult bird must include: greens, grain, vegetables, fish waste (fish meal), a natural source of calcium.
Important! Important! Chickens Master Gray should not starve. There must always be at least some food in their feeders, otherwise they will start to lag behind in development, and their productivity will decrease.

Properly eat Master Gray chickens from birth. The first 4 weeks they should eat more protein and greens. Grain (barley, wheat) but crushed is introduced only from week 6. Feeding with feed allows you to gain weight faster, but the chicken develops slowly and starts rushing much later, so here you must first decide what the breeder wants to get from the bird.

Cultivation of breed of hens Master Gray

Type of chickens Master Gray

The company Hubbadr does not disclose the secret of creating a species, therefore, to create such chickens yourself is unlikely to succeed. Crossbreeding representatives of the species among themselves gives good offspring with the qualities of one of the parents. But to get the same good meat or egg production as the parent does not work. In addition, each subsequent generation has a less stable immunity, reduced productivity. For this reason, chickens are better off buying, rather than breeding on their own.

It is best to acquire young stock on specialized farms that are licensed and confirm that chickens of the Master Gray breed are actually sold or abroad. If the breeder decided to breed the bird, albeit with a gradual loss of maternal qualities, there should be no problems with the brood. Chickens Master Gray have good maternal qualities. They take care of the offspring, they sit on eggs, so that only a timely feeding and cleaning is required of the breeder.