The best early potato varieties


Potatoes are often planted in the backyard area or garden. This is a popular, healthy root vegetable that is not very difficult to grow. Early consumption is often chosen for personal consumption and sale. Early potato varieties are of several types, and differ in quality characteristics, so before the final choice is to get acquainted with their description.

Features of early potatoes

Differences early potato varieties

Early varieties of potatoes begin to develop as soon as the soil warms up to + 8 ... +10 degrees Celsius and as soon as the flowering period is over, the first crop can be started to be harvested. At this time, it is going to young potatoes, with a thin, easily detachable skin.

The main crop is harvested when the peel becomes coarser, thicker. This period usually falls on the end of August or the beginning of September. But depending on the variety, place of cultivation, fertilizer used and care, the timing of the main harvest can vary greatly.

Early potato varieties are divided into three groups:

  • ultra early ripening in 40-60 days from the moment of emergence of shoots;
  • early ripening yields for 60-70 days from the day the sprouts appear;
  • mid-season varieties ripen in about 70-80 days.

Ultra early potato varieties

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Impala, Bullfinch, Charoit, Ariel, Allen

Ultra-early potato is popular in the northern regions, as it grows fast. It is also often used if the harvest goes on sale. However, the early harvest in this case requires the full return of the gardener - painstaking care, proper planting and fertilization.

  • "Impala"- variety cultivated in Holland. The first potato harvest can be carried out 40-45 days after the sprout emergence. It is adapted to many climatic zones, has a satisfactory yield (360 kg / ha). Potatoes are oval, smooth, pale yellow in color, weighing 130 -160 g. In the composition of 10-15% of starch. Commodity and shelf qualities are excellent. There is resistance to potato cancer and viruses.
  • "Bullfinch"ripens already on day 45, and the main crop is harvested from day 55. It ripens amicably. The tubers are slightly elongated, the skin is bright pink, and the white flesh in the section. The weight of tuber is 60-90 g. 15.7-16% - the amount of starch in composition. Marketability is not bad, but keeping quality is excellent. There is immunity to potato cancer.
  • "Charoite"ripens very quickly. The first crop can be harvested after 1.5 months, the main crop is harvested after about 2 months. The root crop is oblong-oval, with yellowish skin and light yellow pulp, weighing 100-143 g. Starch as a part of up to 17% Productivity is 225-320 c / ha.
  • "Ariel"it is harvested in 1.5 months after sprouting appeared. Due to its fast ripening period, it practically does not get sick and is rarely affected by pests. The tubers are yellowish, elongated. The taste is excellent, suitable for cooking and frying.
  • "Alyona"ripens in 45 days. Potatoes are oval, pink in color with white flesh. The root weight is about 130 g. Starch in the composition is up to 17%. The average yield is 1.5 kg / sq. m. This variety is resistant to many diseases, including fungal diseases .

The best early ripe potato varieties

Early ripe potato types

Early ripening species are less demanding to care, so they grow young gardeners and those who want to get an early harvest. The early potato varieties described below are distributed on different continents and have excellent recommendations.

  • "Zhukovsky early"- potatoes, created in Russia. It is planted already in the middle of spring, as it is cold-resistant. Potatoes of oval type, 100-150 g each. Light pink skin, sometimes coffee, smooth, not many eyes. White flesh, not subject to browning 15% of starch. There is resistance to nematode, scab, rhizoctoniosis. Not afraid of frost and lack of water.
  • "Meteor"yields an average of 70-75 days harvest. Potatoes are elongated, with yellow skin, weighing 100-150 g. In the section is light yellow, with pleasant taste. Starch is up to 14.9%. There is immunity to potato cancer, nematode. 209-404 centners of crop is harvested per hectare.
  • "Karatop"created by German breeders. Ripens in 60-70 days. Tubers are elongated, yellow in color with a small number of eyes. A little starch, on average 11%. Approximate mass of potatoes is 80 g. The variety is not afraid of late blight.
  • "Anosta"ripens by about 60 days, maybe a little later. Potatoes are oval, with yellowish skin, also yellow in the section, but slightly lighter. Starch is about 13%. The variety has pleasant taste, yield. The main drawback is the instability to diseases and pests .
  • "Sante"- a fruitful variety, which needs about 70 days to ripen. Oval, bright yellow tubers. Root crops have excellent taste, are used for cooking, frying, stewing, baking. The variety is not afraid of diseases (common), therefore save money and time.

Potato medium ripening

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Romano, Gala, Fun, Nevsky

Mid-early type potatoes have an excellent taste, a good vitamin-mineral composition, as during the cultivation it has time to collect useful substances from water, fertilizers and soil. Growing these early potato varieties may not be as easy as the previous ones, since during their maturation all sorts of pests are in an active state, which means they can spoil the tops and tubers — you need to keep a close eye on this.

  • "Romano"- potatoes bred in Holland, reaches maturity in 80 days from the day of spitting sprouts. Root crops gives elongated, with pink skin. Eyes are very small. The average weight of potatoes is 70-80 g. Creamy pulp, tasty, universal use. Starch to 12%. Unpretentious to the type of soil, irrigation.
  • "Gala"ripens in 70-80 days. Potatoes weighing 100-120 g, oval with a yellowish, smooth skin. The color of the pulp is faint yellow. It is tasty, it does not boil soft during processing. Starch consists of 11-13%. The type is not afraid of mechanical damage, 340-600 centners per hectare.
  • "Fun"- Ukrainian potato variety, which needs to be ripened for up to 80 days. Tubers weighing 110-120 g, pink in color. The flesh is very tasty, white in the section. The variety is productive and unpretentious in maintenance.
  • "Nevsky"It has a very long shelf life, excellent yield. It ripens in 75 days on average. The taste of the pulp is excellent, very tender, sweet. The potato has quite good commercial qualities and therefore is often grown for sale.