The best early varieties of sweet pepper


Some types of garden crops grow for a very long time, the same applies to sweet pepper. Therefore, it is precisely the early varieties of sweet pepper that are most in demand among gardeners. There are a lot of early species, they have different qualities, taste and external characteristics. The best early varieties of sweet pepper and hybrids with a description and characteristics are selected for you after studying the surveys of gardeners.

Features early varieties of sweet pepper

Early varieties of sweet pepper

Early varieties of sweet pepper ripen in about 85-100 days after sowing seeds in the soil. There are a lot of such species that ripen in the shortest possible time, and each variety has its own characteristics: taste, color, size of fruits, collection time, attitude to diseases, method of care.

Usually, early varieties are small in size, because their maturation takes a little time, but the taste of these peppers is not inferior to mid-season or late. In the care they are not very simple and require careful inspection on pests and diseases. These cultures are developing very rapidly, and therefore there is very little time for processing from insects, fungal infections and other diseases. They are grown for sale and for fresh consumption.

The best grades of sweet pepper of universal type

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Varieties of sweet pepper

The best varieties of sweet pepper of early ripening period give fruit literally in 2.5-3.5 months. These peppers have excellent taste and good product quality. In this category there are species that can be planted both in closed and in open ground.

  • "Health"- a sweet variety that yields for 78-87 days. The plant is large, the peppers are large, up to 80 grams each, in the form of a cone. In consumer ripeness, it has a dark red color. The main positive quality is fruit set, even in small frosts.
  • "Brother fox"ready to eat on the 85-90th day. Peppers are orange, hence the name. Weight Percini is within 100 g. Bushes of the stem type, not very large, up to 70 cm. This type is recommended for snacks, fresh consumption.
  • "Claudio F1“they have already tried for 72 days. Peppers are large, weighing 250 g, fleshy, with a thickness of currents within a centimeter. The distinctive quality is high yield. After ripening, the seeds become dark red.
  • "Fakir"gives tasty peppers on 86 days after sowing. The color is light green with light yellowness, but can ripen to scarlet. Peppers are small, weighing up to 65 grams, but less often. Many such peppers ripen on each shrub, and about one square meter 3 kg of crop.
  • "Atlant"ripens in 70-75 days after sowing seeds. Bush grows up to 75 cm. Fruits give large, up to 22 cm long, fleshy, red. Wall thickness is 8-10 mm. Taste is excellent - application is universal. From a square meter to 5 kg of fruits.

The best varieties of sweet peppers of different ripening terms are described here - //

Varieties of sweet pepper for open ground

Buratino F1, Corvette, Topolin, Eroshka, Funtik

In the open field to cultivate crops is quite simple, with a certain care and climate. Early varieties of sweet pepper for open ground are distinguished by their resistance to slight frost (return) and relative demanding care.

  • "Pinocchio F1“- a hybrid ripening about 90 days after the emergence of shoots. Bushes are large, stem-type. They are not formed. Fruits are in the form of a cone 17 cm long and 7 cm wide. Fruit weight is 100 g on average, and wall thickness is 5 mm. С square meter (5-8 bushes) is about 14 kg of harvest.
  • "Corvette"grows in height 65-70 cm. The leaves are not very much. Peppers up to 85 grams, and as they mature take the shape of a cone. They are glossy, bright scarlet after ripening with a wall thickness of 7-9 mm.
  • "Topolyn"grown by rassadny method. Bushes are small, standard, up to 65 cm. Peppers as elongated cubes, weighing 85 g. Walls up to 7 mm. In technical ripeness of salad color, but then redden. There is resistance to vertex rot, bacterial wilt and black mold The crop weight per square meter is 4-5 kg.
  • "Eroshka"fairly quickly and grows well in open soil. As early as 95 days from the date of sowing seeds, the first fruits can be harvested. The bush grows up to 50 cm, there is no need for shaping and garter. Pepper shaped, weighing up to 180 g. The walls are not very thick - 5 mm. The color of the peel changes as it ripens from greenish to orange-red. Up to 16 tasty and beautiful peppers are gathered from the plant per season.
  • "Funtik"grows and ripens in 100-110 days. It is a semi-thigh culture 60 cm high. Peppers are scarlet, weighing up to 180 grams, conical shape. The thickness of the pulp is 5-7 mm. The use is universal, the taste is excellent. It is grown through seedlings.

The best varieties of pepper for greenhouses

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Flippok F1, Fidelio F1, Agapovsky, The ox ox, Merchant

Cultivation of pepper in the greenhouse allows you to get the maximum yield, but you will have to invest a lot of effort in caring for them. And although it is usually not easy to work in greenhouses, gardeners often acquire early varieties of sweet pepper just for cultivation in greenhouses in order to get a bountiful harvest for sale and for other needs.

  • "Flippok F1"gives a full harvest on the 75-80 day from the day the sprouts appear. It is grown in film greenhouses. The bush reaches a height of 120 cm, few leaves. Peppers 60 g, not more, in the form of a cube with indistinct edges and slightly elongated. Walls 3-4 cm. Color depends on the degree of ripening. Initially, the peppers are green, but eventually change color to red. From each bush you can collect up to a kilogram of peppers per season.
  • "Fidelio F1"- an ultraearly variety of sweet pepper, ripening in 80-90 days. The bushes grow up to a meter. Perchina has the shape of a cube with obvious edges. The color is whitish, with a silver tint. The pulp of fruits is 8 mm each, and the weight is 180 g.
  • "Agapovsky"Pepper is grown in closed ground on a trellis. Fruits 100 days after emergence. It is a medium-height crop with rich foliage. The yield per square meter is about 10 kg. Pepper cubes, slightly elongated with clear edges. Fleshy fruits (8 mm wall) , weighing 120 g. Taste is pleasant, sweetish, aroma is pronounced. It is grown through seedlings.
  • "Ox ear“they are often cultivated in greenhouses. It takes 75-80 days from the moment of planting the seedlings to picking the fruit, and if you take the time from the time of sowing the seeds to the harvest, it takes 100-120 days. Bushes grow to 75 cm. Medium-sized fruits (up to 140 grams) with a pronounced aroma. The walls are juicy, not very thick. It tolerates transportation.
  • "Merchant"grown in open ground, but recommended for greenhouses. Matures in 100-110 days. Peppers grow up to 140 g under cover, have thick flesh up to 8 mm, with an abundance of vitamins. The color of the peel is red. The taste is sweetish, without bitterness. Productivity in the greenhouse comes to 10 kg per square meter.