Incubator Blitz


With the constant breeding of poultry, sooner or later there is a need to purchase an incubator. After all, buying young stock is not always profitable, and if you lay eggs under a hen, the productivity will go down. But how to choose an incubator that does not break in six months? Incubator Blitz is among the five best budget options. It is convenient, reliable and has many advantages over similar products.

Incubators Blitz and their uniqueness

Incubator Blitz

The range of incubators Blitz is made in Orenburg (Russia). Incubator Blitz has excellent quality indicators and is in great demand. What are its advantages?

  1. Can work from a network of 220 V or from an alternative source on 12 V.
  2. Inside it is galvanized, which allows to increase its performance for years to come. While similar plastic and foam incubators quickly fail, this one serves for years without significant changes.
  3. Exact temperature. The Blitz Incubator can maintain a single temperature for a long time.
  4. Does not rust.
  5. It has a thick, hard body.
  6. Has a warranty period of 1-2 years, if you buy it from the manufacturer.
  7. All models have a built-in fan, auto-rotate the grill.

Blitz Incubators have several models that differ in certain characteristics, such as capacity or functionality.

Incubator description Blitz norm

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Incubator "Blitz Norma"

The predecessor of the "Blitz Norma" was the "Blitz TS6". These models are almost identical, but the Blitz Norma has a simpler and lighter body. Due to this, the company was able to reduce the cost of them and increase demand accordingly. Externally, it looks like a white box. The case of this model is made of extruded polystyrene foam (foam), up to 30 mm thick with a smooth film on the surface.

  • Power supply 220 V, power 60 watts. There is also backup power from a 12 V battery.
  • The weight of the incubator is 4.46 kg, and the exact dimensions are 705x365x330 mm.
  • There is a fan that allows you not to air the incubator from time to time, saving valuable time.

Important! If the incubator is purchased not in the store, but on the Internet, it is recommended to agree with the seller on a 2-layer wrapper. Since this is not a very solid thing on the road, it can break.

  • Humidity regulator damper 30-85%. The Blitz Incubator has a more advanced (convenient) system topping up the water.
  • The built-in digital thermometer allows you to easily check the temperature inside from time to time and regulate it as needed.
  • The device has an auto-rotate function every 2 hours for 72 chicken or 24 goose eggs.
  • On the end of any function, the incubator notifies with a signal, while the sound is loud, and not quiet as in some other models.

Of the disadvantages of this model, breeders usually point out that there is no tray for quails, it must be purchased separately.

Incubator Blitz 48 eggs

Incubator "Blitz" 48

Incubator Blitz 48 has a presentable appearance. The body is brown, durable, made of foam (30 mm) with an external, plywood coating. Inside the metal incubator. The top cover is transparent, so that the breeder will be able to follow the work of the incubator and the state of the eggs at any time. The grille is made of high-quality material, so it will not wear out quickly even with frequent use. On the side there is a digital counter with all the necessary data.

  • Construction weight 8.1 kg, dimensions 540x350x310 mm.
  • This incubator can hold at a time 48 chicken, 16 goose, 130 quail, 34 turkey or 38 duck eggs. At the same time during the order, you can choose which type of grille will be delivered in a free set (1 grid).
  • In the event of a power failure, the Blitz 48 automatically switches to power supply from a 12 V battery. However, the battery must be purchased separately, as it is not provided in the configuration.
  • Temperature accuracy up to 0.1 degrees! At the same time, the change in temperature in the room where it stands does not affect the temperature in the incubator, as is the case with simpler incubators of other types.
  • Humidity is manually adjustable from 40% to 85%.

Important! There is also a digital model of this incubator, but it is about 1000 rubles more expensive.

  • If necessary, you can turn on the egg turning mechanism every 2 hours.
  • There is a convenient funnel for adding water, a fan.

Disadvantages: no battery assembly, grilles, except for the first, that comes in the set must be purchased separately.

Characteristics Blitz 72

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Laying eggs in the Blitz incubator 72

Incubator Blitz 72, like the previous form has a simple and digital version. The price difference is about 2-3 thousand rubles. Therefore, it is necessary to look here, whether additional digital functions are necessary (programming). Outwardly, it looks comfortable and even beautiful. The walls are foam (30 mm), the frame is brown, made of plywood. Inside it is galvanized from durable metal.

  • Incubator weight 9.6 kg, dimensions 715x350x310 mm.
  • Incubator power Blitz 72 60 watts. There is a possibility of switching from the mains supply to a 12 V battery and vice versa.
  • The temperature is kept at exactly 0.1 degrees.
  • Humidity is manually adjustable from 30% to 85%.
  • Built-in rotation mechanism every 2 hours.
  • Contains a convenient funnel for water and the fan.
  • Suitable for breeding goose (24 pieces), chicken (72), duck (57), quail (200), turkey (50) eggs.

Disadvantages: battery must be purchased separately; only one tray, the rest are purchased separately.

Digital Incubator Blitz 120

Incubator "Blitz" 120

Incubator Blitz 120 refers to more serious, one might say, semi-professional models. It surpasses all the above incubators, both in functionality and quality of work, but it costs much more. So, what is its feature?

  • The design of their foam (30 mm), outside the upholstered plywood. Inside, everything is metallic. There are comfortable round viewing windows.
  • Weight 11.4 kg, dimensions 715x350x360 mm.
  • Digital electronics, there is the possibility of programming. The display itself has large, clear numbers.
  • Up to 120 chicken, 40 goose, 695 duck, 330 quail or 84 turkey testicles can be displayed in it.
  • In a set of 2 trays for eggs.
  • Power 80 watts. Can be powered from the network or from the battery.
  • There is an audible alert that turns on if the battery is almost discharged or if it just turned on. He also lets you know when the internal temperature changes.
  • Fans 2, which is natural with large incubator sizes.
  • In a set there are 4 trays for water and a funnel for its topping up.

Disadvantages: This model provides 2 trays for eggs, but the expanded functionality assumes the acquisition of new trays in the future, and this, in one way or another, is additional spending.

Blitz Base

Incubator "Blitz-Base"

The Blitz-Base incubator is recommended for breeders who have an average farm or are engaged in the sale of young stock. It contains the best solutions from all the models described above, but in addition, it is very roomy!

  • The body is made of aluminum, plastic and some other types of metal. This design is bought for years to come. It is beautiful, durable and very easy to clean. There are adjustable legs, so that you can put the structure stationary, and she did not stagger. The front door is transparent so that it is easy to watch the eggs without opening it.
  • Weight 72 kg, dimensions 1000x650x1200 mm.
  • Humidity is regulated quickly. Adjustment is possible from 30% to 83%. Overheating is not possible.
  • Maintains temperature to within 0.2 degrees.
  • Two fans distribute the air well and make it possible to do without manual ventilation.
  • Includes 5 trays of food grade plastic.
  • Up to 1400 quail, 170 goose or 520 chicken eggs can be grown in this incubator.
  • There is an auto-rotate every 2 hours.
  • The sound signal starts to work if there are inaccuracies in the temperature mode or if the electricity is gone.
Interesting! To some extent, the incubator is automated. It can maintain one temperature, humidity, rotation of trays.

There is also a similar model Blitz-Baz, but now for 630 eggs. Its difference, in fact, only in the number of eggs that can fit in the tray, no more. Up to 1,750 quail, 440 turkey, 500 duck, 260 goose or 630 chicken eggs can be grown in this model.