The best varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region


Growing tomatoes in the garden, you should always take into account the particular climate, otherwise the plant may simply not yield. Proper selection of varieties allows you to get a great harvest of tasty tomatoes and simplify their cultivation. This can significantly save the gardener's money and his time. The best varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region and their characteristics will be described below in the article.

What varieties are recommended for the Moscow region?

Tomatoes for the Moscow region should have many qualities.

What varieties are recommended for the Moscow region?

  • Best in this area take root varieties and hybrids, specially bred for it. There are few problems with them, they do not cause difficulties in cultivation, cultivation, grow quickly, produce high-quality and in large quantities.
  • If a variety is chosen for open ground, then it must be early, since the weather in the Moscow region is unpredictable.
  • It is desirable that the variety or hybrid is resistant to fungal diseases and some other diseases.
  • For greenhouses suitable middle-ripening and early varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region, with resistance to diseases and pests.

Important! Acquire planting material for planting in the suburbs is only high-quality manufacturers and proven, specialized stores.

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

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Greenhouse greatly simplifies the cultivation of garden crops. Under reliable shelter and in improved conditions, plants grow faster, yield greater yields. What varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region can be grown in greenhouses?

Tomato varieties for greenhouses

  • "De Barao" refers to the mid-season tomato varieties that ripen in 125-130 days. The plant is tall, so it is usually grown on the trellis, and that the bushes do not interfere with each other, they are seated 2-3 pieces per square meter. Tomatoes are oval in shape, weighing up to 90 g. Color depends on the subspecies (yellow, pink, red, black). Immune to phytophthora, use is universal. From a bush collect about half a bucket of tomatoes.
  • "Andromeda F1" - an early hybrid ripening in 90 days. Bushes are not very large (70 cm), on average 4 bushes are planted per square meter. Productivity 10 kg / bush. Fruits up to 120 g each. The variety is fruitful, but very demanding for watering and picking.
  • "Blagovest F1" - a determinant hybrid with high and stable productivity. About 20 kg of tomatoes are harvested from each square meter. Fruits grow brushes, each with 6-8 tomatoes. Needs timely planting, while no more than 3 plants can be placed per square meter.
  • "Nevsky" - an early variety recommended for greenhouse cultivation. Maturation occurs in 90-100 days. Bushes are small, not tied up and planted quite thickly (5 bushes per square meter). Tomatoes of this variety are small, up to 60 g, rounded, pink.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Tomato varieties for the Moscow region grown in open ground should be resistant to the climatic features of the region, as well as to pests and diseases, otherwise you can not expect a large and good yield.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

  • Federico is a foreign variety with excellent performance. This variety is growing rapidly and has no particular difficulties in growing. He is not stepson, standard care measures. Tomatoes grow large, on each bunch 3-5 pieces, weighing up to 0.8 kg. Color orange with green streaks.
  • "Siberian early" ripens in 90-100 days after planting seedlings. Bushes grow up to 80 cm in height. The fruits are round, red, weighing up to 100 g. The main requirement for growing is timely, abundant watering.
  • "Demidov" grows up to 60 cm in height. Bushes are compact, so 5-6 bushes are placed on a square meter. Tomatoes ripen in 100 days. Differ in resistance to a fitoftoroz, high productivity. The main drawback - the variety is demanding for irrigation.
  • "Sultan F1" - superearly hybrid from Holland. The first harvest is harvested after 70 days. It is resistant to frosts, climate change, drought, as well as some diseases. Seedlings are prepared from April, planted from the beginning of May. Bushes are low, compact, the mass of each fruit is about 200 g.
  • "Fitous" - mid-season view. Bushes are resistant to many diseases, grow up to 50 cm, the fruits ripen in 100 days. Seedlings are harvested from April, and planting is carried out closer to May. Tomatoes have a mass of 70 g, beautiful, smooth. Fruiting lasts until the first frost. Approximately 12 kg of crop is harvested per square meter (3 bushes).

Also for cultivation in this zone are suitable varieties such as "Iceberg", "Merry Gnome", "Tamara", "Bull's Heart".

Important! Since not all varieties and hybrids take root in the suburbs, experts recommend planting several varieties in the beds. This increases the chances of good yields.

Cherry tomato varieties for the Moscow region

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Cherry tomatoes are distinguished by a pleasant taste and small size. They are ideal for both fresh consumption and canning. The following are the best varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow region of this type.

Cherry tomato varieties for the Moscow region

  • "Sweet bunch" - a variety of early ripening. The first tomatoes can be tasted as early as 85-90 days after planting the seedlings. This is an exceptionally greenhouse variety, it does not produce large yields in the open field and grows very poorly. Shrubs grow to 2 meters, so it is recommended to use the trellis. Tomatoes ripen with brushes, 40-50 pieces, each weighing up to 40 g. It is resistant to almost all common diseases.
  • "Barberry F1" - an early hybrid. It grows up to 2 meters in height. Forms up to 5 brushes, on each of which approximately 70-100 pieces of small fruits weighing up to 12 grams ripen. Tomatoes are very sweet, dense, fleshy, well stored. The positive qualities can also be attributed to the fact that they do not fall off and do not crack during ripening.
  • Cherry Beach Black is a mid-early variety, ripening in 4 months. Tomatoes are small, up to 20 g, ripen in brushes of 30-40 pieces. The plant is resistant to diseases, has a high yield (up to 4.5 kg / bush).

Also in the suburbs with success are growing such varieties of tomatoes as "Gold", "Dance with Smurfs", "Honey drop", etc.