The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses


Every year, gardeners try to choose the best and most suitable varieties of tomatoes for their greenhouses. The choice is usually based on personal preferences and characteristics of a particular variety, hybrid. The article below discusses the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, recommended by experienced gardeners.

The best hybrid varieties of tomato for greenhouses

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses are a wide range. A separate category are hybrids. They have an increased yield and can grow in difficult conditions with lack of sunlight and high humidity.

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses are hybrids

  • "Hanni Mun F1" - versatile pink tomato grown in greenhouses. Tomatoes ripen brushes 4-5 pieces. Fruits reach a weight of 220 g, round, dense. Inside the flesh is fleshy, juicy, sweetish. The advantages include: commercial quality, yield, resistance to temperature, keeping quality.
  • "Pink Claire F1" - pink, early (100 days), tall tomato for the greenhouse. The fruits grow with brushes, each 250-300 g on average, almost round, dense, very tasty. They do not crack when overripe, tomatoes grow even at elevated temperatures and humidity, and by the end of the season they do not shrink.
  • "Supernova F1" - early, greenhouse hybrid. The first fruits can be tasted already 65 days after planting the seedlings. The plant is not high, the fruits are red, round shape with a small spout, weighing about 300 g. The yield is 100 t / ha. It grows well in different climatic zones, but in greenhouses.
  • Big Beef F1 has a very high yield, while the fruits do not shrink, regardless of the number or time of ripening. There is resistance to fusarium, verticillosis, stem cancer, TMV, gray spot, nematode. Hybrid sredneranny, productive, tall. Fruits weigh up to 330 g, flat-round, red, tasty.

The best tall varieties of tomatoes

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Tall best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses can give huge yields. And if you creatively approach their cultivation, then such plants can become a real decoration of the greenhouse.

Tall varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

  • "Happiness Russian F1" grows more than 2 meters tall. Ripening occurs on the 115th day after planting seedlings. It is grown only in film or polycarbonate greenhouses. It has a stable immunity to certain diseases. Tomatoes are rounded, pink, slightly ribbed, weighing up to 300 g. The rind is dense - suitable for transportation and storage. Productivity is 5-6 kg / plants.
  • The Scarlet Mustang grows to 1.8 meters in height. In the hands of 6-7 fruits. Tomatoes are elongated, weighing within 200 g. The color is red or crimson. Mid-season - 115 days. There is a high disease resistance. With quality care from the bush to collect 5 kg of crop. Best for salads.
  • "Major F1" grows from 150 cm and up. Fruits ripen in 100-110 days. After ripening, they have a pink color, almost round, weight - 250-300 g. Despite the fact that these tomatoes are juicy, they tolerate transportation. Productivity is 8-12 kg / m. sq.

The best low-growing varieties of tomato for greenhouses

Low-growing best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses are in great demand. They give tasty fruits at different times (depending on the variety), but caring for them is not as troublesome as for tall varieties.

Low-growing best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

  • "Openwork" grows up to 90 cm tall. Maturation occurs in 100-110 days. Tomatoes have an average weight of 250 g, red, round and slightly flattened on top, 4-chamber. The rind is dense, which allows them to conserve and pickle. The flesh is fleshy, aromatic. The variety is not afraid of high or low humidity. Productivity to 12 kg / m. sq. Similar to this variety is the "Bourgeois".
  • "Banana legs" - variety of medium ripening. It grows up to a meter in height. Masking is done moderately. Fruits are collected in brushes, look like long cream of yellow color. The taste is delicate, with a hint of citrus. Recommended for fresh consumption and preservation. Productivity 5 kg / bush.
  • "Mercury" - early hybrid. Ripens in 97-100 days. Grows up to 65-70 cm in height. Tomatoes ripen in brushes 5-7 pieces. The shape of red fruits is flat-round, weight - 150-170 g. Resistant to TMV and Alternaria. The yield of 12.7 t / ha.
  • "Doll Masha" grows from 50 cm to 100 cm in height. Maturation occurs within 80-90 days from the time of planting seedlings. The fruits have a uniform color, even, weighing up to 300 g. Inside 4-6 chambers with seeds. Good for transportation, storage. It has universal application. Productivity from a bush - 7 kg.

The category of the best short-growing tomatoes should also be attributed "Danko", "Hospitable", "Bonsai", "Rio Fuego" and etc.

The most productive varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

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The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses have an increased yield. However, there are species that stand out among the rest of the number of fruits that are collected from them.

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses have increased yields

  • "Octopus F1" - a unique type of tomato indeterminate type. It is also called a tomato tree, as the plant forms a long stem and a crown that can reach 50 square meters. He has unlimited growth and, if possible, he can grow up to 5 meters in height. Maturation occurs over 120 days. Fruits are gathered in brushes of 5-6 pieces, each weighing up to 150 g. On an industrial scale, 1.5 tons of tomatoes are picked from one such tree per season.
  • "De Barao" - tall plant that can reach 4 meters. Tomatoes ripen in brushes 6-7 pieces. Each tomato weighs about 100 g. The color may be different, depending on the variety: yellow, red, pink, black. Resistant to phytophthora grade. The yield in the greenhouse reaches 40 kg / m. sq. Differs in long shelf life, resistant to transportation.
  • "Heart of Buffalo" - early variety, ripens in about 100 days. It grows up to 80 cm in height. Its main feature is the huge fruits weighing up to 1 kg. Heart-shaped, pink-crimson color. The consistency is thick, so they are not afraid of transportation. Positive qualities include a great taste and a small amount of seeds. Productivity from a bush - 10 kg.
  • South Tan - indeterminantny variety growing to 1.7 meters. It has an average ripening time. Large fruits - 150-350 g, with a high content of vitamins. The flesh is juicy, with a reduced amount of acid. Productivity to 8 kg / bush. Application is universal.

Cherry for greenhouses

Cherry annually increase their popularity. These are not just delicious mini tomatoes for salads or snacks. The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses from the cherry group are very convenient when closing into jars, pickles, decor of various dishes. The peculiarity of cherry in the sweetness and evenness of tomatoes. They rarely bend, almost never crack, and are resistant to many diseases.

The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses from the cherry group

  • "Honey drop" different long shelf life. This variety has yellow pear-shaped tomatoes. The taste is sweet, rich. Foliage gives little.
  • "Ildi F1" - A hybrid with an average ripening time. Tall, grown on a trellis or tied up. Yellow or orange tomatoes are clustered. The use is universal, the taste is excellent. Up to 6 kg of crop is harvested per square meter.
  • "Red date F1" - late hybrid. It is recommended for drying or salting. Tomatoes are oval, red color.
  • "Madeira F1" gives rounded, red fruits weighing 20-25 g. The number of nests is 2. Ripen in 85-90 days. Productivity to 7 kg / m. sq.

Tomato varieties for polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses are very popular today. They are convenient to use, therefore, they are built in homestead territories. The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses of this type are described below.

The best varieties of tomatoes for polycarbonate greenhouses

  • "Lollipop" grows in polycarbonate greenhouses up to 2 meters in height. The plant needs a garter or is simply grown on a trellis. The number of stepsons is controlled - forming in 2-3 stalks. Tomatoes are oval-shaped, scarlet, even. In clusters going on 8 pieces on average. Weight - 30-40 g. The taste is slightly sour, a little sweet, very juicy. Do not crack, do not crumble, normally tolerate temperature extremes.
  • "Gem Emerald F1" grows more than 2 meters tall. Tomatoes are formed in brushes of 12-16 pieces. Ripened tomatoes have an emerald color, whence the name came, small (30-40 g), oval with a spout. The skin is translucent. The taste is sweet, juicy. Productivity is 6,7 kg / m. sq.
  • "Mikado Pink" ripens in 96-100 days after sowing seeds. It grows over 2.5 meters, gives a lot of lateral shoots (stepson), each plant needs a lot of space for growth - they are not planted heavily. Pink tomatoes weighing 300-600 g. Medium-density peel - transportation and long-term storage is possible. The pulp is sugary, sweetish. The yield per square meter reaches 12 kg with proper care.

Also in polycarbonate greenhouses is recommended to plant varieties: "Octopus F1", "Kroshechka-Khavroshechka F1", "Pink Elephant", "King of Orange", "Budenovka".