Pig Premixes


Premixes for pigs are in great demand, as they are an indispensable additive in the diet of the animal. Scientists have long proved that premixes are a useful vitamin supplement that does not harm. But in order to bring maximum benefit, you need to be able to choose and use it.

What is a premix and what is its benefit?

Premix for pigs is a dietary supplement that many breeders fear. If on large farms and industries they are used regularly, then in villages and private farms - almost never. The reason is that breeders are afraid to use them due to the allegedly dangerous composition or action on the animal. However, the premix is ​​an additive with bioactive components, which allows you to improve the quality of feed, feed, improve its nutritional value, vitamin composition. Due to this, the animal eats faster and receives the beneficial effects of food consumed on your body.

Premix and its benefits

The effect of the premixes is explained by the fact that there are many substances in their composition that the animal cannot receive in sufficient quantities in simple food or on the walking. With the consumption of food with this additive, the pig nourishes the body with useful substances, which gives a positive effect.

The premix compositions are very diverse and depend on the type, purpose, manufacturer, cost, and other important points. However, all such mixtures contain vitamins, minerals, fillers, antibiotics, amino acids, enzymes in different quantities.

What is the effect of premix on pigs?

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The positive effect of premix for pigs

The positive effect of premix for pigs is associated with their vitamin composition.

  • Vitamin A in premixes contributes to the rapid development of the animal, improves eyesight, normalizes the work of the intestine;
  • B1 and B6 normalize the nervous system, as well as the muscles;
  • B2 helps in violation of absorbability of nutrients in the body;
  • B4 protects the animal from obesity, so that it is irreplaceable for fattening pigs;
  • Vitamin D3 is used for problems with bones, joints. It is added to food and separately, with rickets;
  • Vitamin E improves reproductive function, indispensable for pregnant sows;
  • K - is responsible for blood clotting. With its deficiency, severe bleeding can occur even with a slight scratch.

But not only vitamins have a positive effect on the life of pigs in the use of premixes. Premixes for pigs contain a lot of minerals.

  • Calcium for females and young piglets is essential for the normal development of bones and tissues. With its lack, even an adult animal can get sick;
  • Iron and copper normalize the composition of the blood, play an important role in oxidative processes;
  • Potassium regulates the condition and amount of tissue fluid, affects the functioning of the heart;
  • Manganese has a positive effect on metabolism, reproductive function and animal growth;
  • Zinc is needed during puberty. It is very useful for females and males during the mating period;
  • Iodine regulates the amount of hormones and their work in the body. Useful for overexcited, uncontrolled pigs, animals with vascular and liver problems.

Interesting! Dietary supplements make up no more than 30% of the premix. The remaining components - filler (wheat bran or something similar), limestone, to dilute the taste, as well as substances that contribute to the better absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Advantages of premixes for fattening pigs

Far from the first decade, premixes for pigs are used throughout the world as a useful vitamin supplement. Scientists have long proved their usefulness, if used properly.

Advantages of premixes for fattening pigs

  • Premix allows you to save at the stern, as its consumption is reduced by about 31% due to increased nutritional value;
  • Fattening from premixes pigs grow faster, have a stronger immune system;
  • There is a rare case of piglets and adults;
  • The number of offspring is increasing;
  • It is much easier for females to carry healthy offspring, and then recover from the birth of piglets;
  • Toxic substances are removed from the animal’s body, which it can “catch” with food, in the air, in the ground (where it digs), and so on. All unnecessary liquid is discharged;
  • The process of increasing body weight is controlled - obesity is less common.

Types and composition of premixes

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Premixes for pigs are of different types: vitamin, mineral, vitamin-mineral, with amino acids. In addition, the premix is ​​divided into groups depending on their purpose. For example, there are premixes for newborn piglets, young animals, those that are fed during fattening, to increase muscle mass, with a medicinal effect (increase immunity), for pregnant females, and so on. The most famous and available premixes for pigs of various manufacturers are described below.

Premixes for pigs are of different types.

  • "Salvax" - high quality premix from Germany. It contains an abundance of vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, as well as calcium, nicotinic acid, stranded, iodine, zinc, choline, manganese, iron, cobalt, selenium. A ton of feed accounts for 10 kg of "Salvax";
  • "Borka" - a famous manufacturer of premixes at an affordable price. Produces additives for pigs and piglets. It contains vitamins A, D3, B3, B5, B12 and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, iodine, copper), as well as a filler, amino acids, antioxidants. When used according to the instructions (10 g of premix per 1 kg of feed), animals receive a daily rate of minerals (available in the composition);
  • "Purina" - Ukrainian premix used to increase the muscle mass of the pig (fattening). Sometimes used as an additive to the starter, grower, finisher. It has an abundance of trace elements. Does not contain growth hormones;
  • "Good peasant" - a popular domestic manufacturer. It produces premixes for dairy-age piglets, sows, antihelminthic premix and one more species fed during the fattening period. This premix increases the weight gain of pigs up to 1.5 times, improves the nutritional value of the feed and the taste of the subsequently obtained lard or meat. Application depends on the type of premix "Good peasant". On the packaging of each of them are proportions;
  • "Dar Veles" has a series of premixes for piglets from 3 months and for fattening pigs. They improve the composition of the feed, its digestibility and digestibility. The composition contains vitamins A, D3, B2, B3, B4, B5, B12, calcium, manganese, cobalt, selenium, iodine, copper, iron, enzymes, flavors and antioxidants. Per kilogram of food is taken not more than 10 g of the additive.

How to choose a premix?

As with the type of feed or feed, premixes require careful selection. Premixes for pigs are produced by various companies, some of them are dishonest, so you should buy only those that you can be sure of. After all, if feed poor-quality, then the benefits of it will be questionable. Permanent delivery is to establish only if the company has certificates of quality.

Premixes require careful selection

Interesting! Too low a premix price should alert the buyer, as a full-fledged, useful composition implies a high cost. In other words, the additive cannot be cheap.

In addition to the choice of the manufacturer, you should pay attention to the type of feed, its purpose, effect and dosage. Premix should be completely suitable for the needs of the animal in one way or another. For example, pregnant or lactating females need a certain type of premix, enriched with calcium, vitamins, and for fattening pigs a completely different type of supplement is needed.

How to apply premix for pigs?

In order for the premix to benefit, not harm the body of a pig, you need to be able to use it properly. This is not a treat and not a separate feed, but only a component of the diet of the animal. To prevent the premix from harming and giving a positive effect, use it according to certain rules.

Premix for pigs used for pregnant females

  1. It is used only for its intended purpose. If the premix is ​​intended for a pregnant female, it is impossible to give it to young or piglets!
  2. The premix is ​​best combined with protein-rich food.
  3. Premixes are sold in convenient packages on which the dosage is always indicated. It must be observed, since the abundance of vitamins can harm no less than their deficiency.
  4. It is recommended to buy premix for pigs from proven people or in specialized stores.

Pig premix reviews

Alexander Prut: "For pigs, I use only the Prem Veles premix. As for me, it is the most optimal. I use a universal variety, but only for young and adult individuals. They buy other vitamins for pregnant females. These premixes for pigs are easy to use and really save food."

Marina Shashkova: “I used the Purina premix for the first time last year for the pigs and I was very pleased. We live in an unfavorable climate zone, the pigs often die before the month, but the additive gave its result! The young ones survived to their full strength, quickly. So from that time I use it regularly. "

Olga Turova: "The vet advised me to use premix for pigs after I applied to him five times because of pigs lethargy. I was afraid that the disease turned out to be a shortage of some vitamins and problems of digestibility of food. I bought Salvamix right away, so there are a lot of vitamins in it, and my acquaintances advised. The result was pleasantly pleased after a month. The pigs returned to active life, and I don’t worry about them anymore. "