Growing onions on a feather


Green onions are very useful and practically obligatory on any holiday table. Therefore, the cultivation of onions on the feather is carried out not only in spring, summer and early autumn, but also in winter. If you get the hang of growing this useful greenery, you can create a profitable business and make good money during the cold season.

How to grow onions on a feather at home?

Growing onion feathers at home is quite popular. Onions grow very quickly, do not require serious care, but the benefits are enormous! At home it can be grown in different ways.

Growing onions on a feather at home

  • In water. For this, onion heads are placed in containers (jars, boxes) with water so that there are only roots in the water, and they are placed on a window sill or any other illuminated place. The upper tails of the bow is cut. Light can be artificial or natural. As it grows and needs feathers are cut and eaten.

Interesting! If the greens have already sprouted before planting, the tail should not be cut! This will only slow the growth.

  • In the land of culture to grow no less difficult than in water. But this method is less popular, since you need to find somewhere the very earth. If there is fertile soil in the house or in the garden, and the sand simply hinders them in equal proportions, then pour a layer of 3-10 cm into the container. Place the onion in this land (tail should be cut), watered and put on a bright place.

Interesting! Onions can grow at home in almost any land and in any light, but the temperature he needs is stable (not lower than +15 degrees)! If the apartment is cool, you can simply install a container with heads near the battery.

  • Growing onions from a seed on a feather is also possible, although the first harvest can be gathered only in 2-3 months, since the seeds germinate slowly, but this is real. They are sown in the ground to a depth of 2 cm, then put on a bright place with a temperature of +20 degrees under the film cover. After the sprouts appear, the film is removed. In this method, it is important to maintain the correct humidity and temperature!
  • From the rotting head can grow good greens. It just needs to be put in a container with water or landed in the ground, but there is one problem. Rotting heads can give an unpleasant smell, so this method is suitable only in the case of a balcony or other ventilated and heated non-residential premises.

Growing onions on a feather in a greenhouse in winter

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Growing onions in a greenhouse in the winter is very profitable. A greenhouse provides unique opportunities not only for growing an onion for its family, but also for growing it for sale. There is usually enough light in it, there is fertile land, ventilation, plenty of space.

Growing onions on a feather in a greenhouse in winter

The only thing that is important to control is temperature. If the greenhouse is not heated, it should be well insulated, since the feather will not grow in the cold. Even if some feathers appear, their quality will be low and such a bow will not work for sale. It is the temperature of the pen that depends on the room temperature.

  • At a temperature of 25 ° C greens can be harvested after 17 days;
  • at 22 ° C - after 22 days;
  • at 20 ° C - 24 days;
  • at 17 ° C - 26 days;
  • at 15 ° C - 28 days.

What should be the land for growing onions on a feather? For the cultivation of this type of onion is to use a mixture of equal parts of sand and fertile land. The latter can be taken from the garden or bought, but before use it is desirable to disinfect with a solution of potassium permanganate or simple boiling water.

The soil on racks or in boxes is filled with a layer of 3-5 cm. This will be quite enough for growth. Heads are planted, pressing tightly against each other and pressing a little into the ground, so that the roots will settle down faster and the maximum area of ​​the drawer or rack will be occupied.

Interesting! To the culture quickly sprouted, it is necessary to cut before planting the neck of the bulb.

After planting, the land is watered. It should be wet! However, it should be ensured that the water is not standing, otherwise the head will quickly rot. As it grows, the earth is constantly checked for moisture and, if necessary, watered again.

Greens are gathered when the feather reaches a height of 40 cm. The feather is released from the bulb, then it is assembled and tied in bunches. In order not to miscalculate when selling, it is worth weighing each bundle, they must be of the same mass, from which the price is calculated. Bundles can be small, medium or large, the greater the choice - the more buyers.

The bow on the pen as a business

The business of growing onions on a feather is relevant between mid-autumn and mid-spring. The reason for such a short period is that from April to October, people themselves grow onions in the garden, the demand drops sharply due to increased competition, and therefore the price falls, the sale becomes unprofitable.

The business of growing onions on a feather is relevant between mid-autumn and mid-spring.

Growing onions on the feather is carried out in almost any room (garage, basement, shed, greenhouse, apartment, house). Even the presence of windows in it is not necessary, as the bow is not picky about sunlight, a rather simple artificial backlight. However, it is very important to have ventilation and correct temperature conditions (not lower than +15 degrees), otherwise it simply will not germinate or the leaves will be yellow, not green.

Interesting! To buy for cultivation is only that onions, which have 2-3 cobs or more inside. From 1 cob of greens will be small. To find out how many bulbs of a variety of cobs should cut 2-3 bulbs out of the bag - this is the easiest and most reliable method.

In order for a business to flourish, be profitable, it is worthwhile to ensure that there is enough product to sell. At home, it is difficult to grow a lot of greenery on windowsills or even shelves, tables. But the garage and greenhouse give great opportunities. As a rule, people engaged in such a business, make special 2-3-tier racks on the whole wall (between separate shelves, a space of 60-70 cm is left), on which boxes of onions are placed. Artificial lighting is made on each tier so that the bow on the lower shelves does not suffer from excessive light.

Interesting! To make the first investment in the business of onion feathers minimal, it is worth buying onions in September. This month is the lowest price on it. Closer to winter and in the winter months the price of onions is greatly increased.

Now a little about the sale. There are several types of implementations for growing onions on a feather. You can sell the product to local supermarkets, shops, but in this case, may require the appropriate certificates and other papers that the person is a private entrepreneur. The second option is the market. You can bypass the outlets and offer supply of onions at a wholesale price. At the same time, delivery will need to be carried out regularly 2-3 times a week in certain batches.

The last implementation option is to sell yourself on the market, via the Internet or in some similar way. It takes a lot of time, so this method is available to those entrepreneurs who have additional employees.

Growing exotic types of onions for greens

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In order to develop a business or simply for personal needs, you can grow throughout the year not only simple onions for greens, but other, exotic types of culture. In this case, the grower gets a more expensive product, as an unusual onion is more expensive, but the demand for it is lower, so you need to be able to sell it correctly.

Growing exotic types of onions for greens

What kind of onions belong to exotic species? This can be counted: slizun, batun, speeding, dzhusay, shnitt, tiered bow. However, they need special conditions and quality care! Not every greenhouse will grow such greens. But shallot and leek can please the gardener of any climatic zone, their care is not difficult, and they grow quickly.

Positive and negative sides of business

Growing onions on a feather can become a profitable business, but only if the work is well-adjusted and the gardener has an entrepreneurial attitude, because in this case there are both positive and negative sides.

Positive and negative sides of business

Such a business does not require large initial costs. Investments are minimal, especially if you get down to business creatively and save where it is possible. Growing onions on a feather is possible in any room (greenhouse, greenhouse, basement, pantry, garage, etc.), and care for this culture is elementary and consists, in fact, in the right watering. The implementation of the product is fast, it is not difficult, the goods are actively dismantled in the market and in stores, so that losses will be minimal. But it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances.

  1. The greenness of this culture deteriorates quickly, so there will not be a long time to lie, the implementation after the collection should be instant!
  2. The more greenery, the harder it is to sell, so you need to be able to increase the number of points of sale.
  3. Monthly it is necessary to spend money on heating the room and on the light used to grow onions - this is extra money, but without them it will be difficult to establish a business.