The best varieties of oats


Oats - a very valuable cereal. It grows quickly and well, has less fastidiousness in terms of climate and soil than, for example, rye or barley. Oats are widely used for the production of cereals, flakes, flour, malt, making animal feed. It is also used in dietary and baby food. There are several varieties of oats, each of them has its own characteristics. Varieties of oats, their characteristics will be described in this article.

Variety of oats Fighter

"Wrestler" is a popular type of oats, it is included in the list of valuable, high-quality species. Type of mutika (belozerny, bezosti). The plant is located directly, does not fall. There is no pubescence on the leaves or stem. This variety grows not very long stem, panicle not much omitted type, double-sided. Spikelets are omitted. There is a wax coating on the spikelet scales.

Variety oats "Wrestler"

Yield varieties "Wrestler" depends on the care. The average is 30.9 q / ha, but with good agricultural technology and normal soil, it rises to 56.8 q / ha. And the grains are quite large, the mass of 1000 pieces is 37-43 grams. Protein in the composition of up to 15.8%.

There is considerable resistance to dry bones, stalk fall. The disadvantage is that it is often attacked by most of the known diseases characteristic of oats. Therefore, processing must be carried out on time!

Lefty variety

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"Left-handed" refers to the type of inermis (naked varieties of oats). The bush is of medium length, does not fall, stands straight, leaves without pubescence. Two-sided panicle with abundant bloom. The main difference is that there is no graininess in grains. They are not very large, weight 1000 pieces to 38 grams, but more often less, from 27 g.

Photo oats

Crops may vary on different soils and in different climatic zones. Average - 1.8 t / ha, maximum - 4.7 t / ha. And although it leaves much to be desired, this variety is important because of the high quality of the final product.

There is resistance to the fall of the bush, smut, drought, frost. In this case, the variety is affected by red-brown spot and bacterial burn.

Oats Irtysh 22

The type of this oats variety is mutik. Vegetation lasts up to 95 days. Erect bushes, with bare, not pubescent leaves. Growing "Irtysh 22" rather high bush, but the spikelets tend to the ground. On spikelet scales can be a strong patina. Grains are large, dense, thick, weight 1000 pieces to 44 g.

Oats grade Irtysh 22

In this case, about 55.9 centners of crop is harvested per hectare. If you provide a variety of quality care, a nutrient medium, then up to 71.9 centners per hectare can be collected in a season. The variety is not afraid of drought, frost, smut. But from crown rust it is necessary to do spraying.

Yakov oat variety

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Refers to a variety of mutiny. Ripens in 82-95 days - mid-season. It is grown mainly in Russia (Kursk, Kaliningrad, Moscow regions and others, with a similar climate).

Oats Yakov variety

Bushes grow medium height, not pubescent. There is a double-sided whisk and a drooping spike. Grains are large, weight 1000 - up to 42 g. Composed of up to 12.8% protein. The variety is resistant to lodging of the bush, drought, frost, and loose smut. But crown rust requires serious processing.

Oats Komes

An easy-to-grow variety of oats, Komes, is recommended for practically all climatic regions and soil types: loam, sandy loam, clayey or peaty land. Can tolerate the acidity of the earth to 5-6 pH. However, if the farmer wants to get the maximum yield, he needs to make good mineral fertilizers for planting.

COMES oats variety

Maturation occurs in 75-100 days. The panicle is not wide, reaches a length of 22 cm. The grain is filmy (27-29%), yellow, has no pubescence at all, or it is very small. Grains are composed of up to 12% protein, weight 1000 pieces up to 35 g maximum.

The best crops of oats

Of course, it is important for each agrarian to make a significant profit in growing crops. Therefore, the yield in this case is very important. The best fruit types of oats are presented below.

  • "Argamak" - mid-season variety of oats. Up to 90 centners of oats are harvested per hectare. Bushes are standing, do not fall, the stem is flat, hard, medium in thickness. The length practically reaches one meter (98 cm). In each panicle from 33 to 72 grains. The grains are white, dense, have 24.1% filminess, 14.6% protein, weight 1000 pieces to 36 grams. Grain yield - 73%. This is a fairly valuable variety in terms of quality, the final grain is expensive, but growing it is not as simple as some simpler species.
  • "Ivory" has an excellent yield, namely, 85.9 q / ha with good agricultural technology. If the care is bad, it will drop to 37.2 q / ha. Ripening occurs for 78-88 days. There is a high resistance to dropping spike. Lack of susceptibility to red-brown spot and rust. The quality of the grains is high, protein in the composition of 10.5-16.7%. Weight 1000 pieces to 42 g.
  • "Trump" - Belozerny, medium early variety. Up to 84 centners of crop is harvested per hectare. Upright, not lodging. Whisk compressed only in half. It has a strong coating on the stem and leaves, with a large grain - 1000 pieces weigh approximately 37 g. Filminess is within 23%. Good drought resistance, resistant to common diseases.
  • "Gyrfalcon" is a type of mutica. The stem is not very high, the panicle is two-sided, not much raised. The grains are not big. The mass of 1000 pieces reaches 32 grams. On average, the yield reaches 36 centners per hectare, the maximum — 82 centners per hectare — as a rule, depends on conditions.
  • "Skakun" - belozerny and bezosti grade. Yields up to 79.5 c / ha, and the yield depends on the climate and the type of soil. The panicle is straight, not fully compressed, white with a slight yellow tint. The stem is not very thick, resistant to lodging. Differs pubescence of the upper portion of the stem. This type belongs to mid-season varieties of oats. Not afraid of coronal rust, but sometimes attacked by dusty smut.
  • "Allure" refers to mid-season species, matures in 79-89 days. Approximate yield - 36-40 kg / ha. The maximum yield is 80.2 c / ha. Erect bushes, leaves have a light wax coating, sometimes not noticeable. A whisk of white color, the grains are not very elongated, many hairs are collected at the base. The average weight of 1000 grains is 35 g.

Oats "Krechet"

"Friend" - bezosti, belozerny grade of oats. The yield reaches 70.7 c / ha. It has a large panicle, light-colored spikelet scales of oblong shape. Differs in big, thicker grains, a high stalk, late maturing. The mass of 1000 grains is 40 g, filminess is 23%. It is immune to crown rust, loose smut, does not lodge.