Bunker feeders for rabbits


In order for the animal to grow quickly, to feel well, it needs to provide ideal living conditions. Since rabbits very often eat it is important to be able to choose the right type of feeder for them. Bunker feeders for rabbits are in great demand among breeders. About their features and method of manufacture will be discussed below in the article.

The advantages of bunker feeders for rabbits

There are many different types of rabbit feeders. But most of them have obvious flaws. So, for example, flute feeders require frequent replenishment, and in bowls the food is trampled and quickly polluted. Bunker feeders for rabbits are considered the best option for livestock. But what is their advantage over other species?

Bunker feeders for rabbits are easy to use.

  1. Food does not need to be poured often, as a lot of food is initially poured into the feeder.
  2. Most of the food is under the lid, so it does not become dirty and dusty.
  3. A small amount of feed comes to the rabbits, which makes it easier to eat and saves the breeder's money.
  4. The designs of bunker feeders are simple, straightforward, understood in use.
  5. Materials for the manufacture of bunker structures are usually safe.
  6. Rabbits can eat at any time, which has a positive effect on their health.
  7. Food available for the animal is usually clean, as the characteristics of the feeders do not allow trampling on it.
  8. On such a design nipple drinkers for rabbits are easily installed.
  9. Bunker feeders for rabbits are easy to clean, they are easy to remove and install in any type of cage or rabbit.
  10. In the absence of the opportunity to buy a bunker trough, it can easily be made with your own hands.

What are the disadvantages of bunker feeders?

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Of course, any type of feeder has its drawbacks. There is a lot of information on the Internet about the advantages of bunker feeders, but little is written about their shortcomings. So, what unpleasant surprises need to be prepared for?

Disadvantages of bunker feeders

  1. Due to the fact that in the bunker feeders feed comes automatically, he, in fact, is always at the disposal of the rabbit. Breeds that are prone to obesity are not recommended. These rabbits will eat until the feed is finished and this will negatively affect both the breeder's pocket and the rabbit's carcass.
  2. Not all purchased bunker feeders for rabbits have proven themselves well. For example, plastic construction is not worth buying. They quickly break, the top plastic cover can fall through if the crawl jumps on it, and the trough itself with food can easily crack under the pressure of the animal.
  3. If you make a bunker trough on your own, you will need to purchase certain materials, which is a waste of money. Although such designs are often invented from scrap materials.

What should be the feeder?

Feeder should be comfortable

A rabbit feeder must meet many criteria.

  • The approach should be free. If the trough is small, then only one individual will fit there, but if it is necessary that several rabbits feed from the feeder, then the dimensions of the bowl itself, from which the rabbits eat, are made longer.
  • The feeder should be clean, convenient for washing, safe (without sharp corners).
  • Compound feed for rabbits should not get enough sleep.
  • The size of the bunker feeder for rabbits should correspond to the mass of the animal, its needs and the number of individuals in the cage. A small feeder threatens to feed the animal.
  • Materials must be of high quality, otherwise the design will quickly break.
  • The fastening system must be durable and comfortable!

Variety of materials for bunker feeders

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Variety of materials for bunker feeders

Bunker feeders for rabbits can be made from various materials. But when choosing it is worth considering that not every material is profitable to buy.

  • Metal - convenient, practical, profitable both in price and quality. He serves for a long time and quite satisfied with the krols.
  • Wood - has excellent decorative qualities, looks perfect in a cage, serves for a long time. However, it is not cheap and as rabbits love to try everything on a tooth, the service life of such a feeder may be less than we would like.
  • Glass is rarely used, but it is possible to make such a design by order or independently. She has excellent decorative qualities, and she will be heavy (rabbits will not be able to move it), but the safety of such a feeder is questionable and it will not be cheap to buy.
  • Plastic - unreliable material, unless it is dense, thick plastic. But rabbits will gnaw at it, and it is unsafe for them, so it is recommended to treat such constructions carefully.

How to make a bunker trough with your own hands?

Bunker feeders for rabbits can be made from different materials, some of the home options are made by their improvised means, while the construction time is not much, if you have everything you need.

Bunker feeder can do it yourself

The first version of the feeder is made of wood. The dimensions and the final view can be viewed below in the picture. First of all, individual parts are procured:

  • back wall (400х290 mm);
  • top cover (260x290 mm);
  • the front wall, which is located under the slope (280x260 mm);
  • two side walls, cut out according to the scheme below, with the same dimensions;
  • front rim for feeders (70x290 mm).

After all the parts are ready, they must be joined together with nails or screws (the latter hold better). To open the lid when necessary, it is put on the hinges, as shown in the picture. It is worth noting that the dimensions can be adjusted as needed.

The second version of the feeder is very similar to the first, except for the fact that some parts are made of metal. In the picture below it can be seen that this construction is placed permanently against the wall, it has a smooth back wall, which smoothly passes into the food trough. The front wall is also made of metal. The advantages of this design is that rabbits will not be able to quickly gnaw wood and bunker feeding for rabbits will last for several months or even more years.

Important! Bunker feeders for rabbits - a profitable and convenient option for any breeder, they are easy to wash, clean, fill with food. For rabbits, this is almost an ideal type of feeder, because the food comes in sufficient quantities and is convenient to eat, it is not contaminated, it is always clean and fresh.