Peony Varieties with Description and Photos


Peony is a symbol of prosperity in Japan and a flower of emperors in China. They love it in different countries and therefore breeders create more and more new varieties. But wanting to choose the best type of peony for planting on the plot, gardeners sometimes just get lost in the variety presented in stores. The best sorts of peonies with a description, photos and their characteristics are described below in the article.

Peony color classification by shape

The genus Peony has 34 species. There are more than 5,000 varieties of pions with very different characteristics. In order to at least somehow navigate in all this diversity, a convenient classification of varieties according to their inflorescence shape was invented.

  • Japanese or Chinese peonies are a cross between a double flower and a simple flower. Petal stamens, bent inward. The color is yellow, pink or red, may match the color of the petals or not. The stem is straight and strong.
  • Anemonovidny form gives at least 5 leaves, arranged in 2 rows. The stamens are modified and fill the center of the flower. Color stamens can be any.
  • Non-twig varieties of peonies have a large bud, consisting of only 5-10 petals arranged in 1-2 rows. The stem is always straight and strong.
  • Semi-double flower has 5 or more petals. Stamens in the center or between the petals are ring-shaped. Such peonies are always long after cutting.
  • Terry peonies are difficult to confuse with others. They have 5 or wider petals. Stamens and pistils can be simple or modified. Buds are always lush, elegant.

Photos of blooming peonies flowers

In addition to differences in flowers, peonies are divided into tree and herbaceous.

  • Trees of peonies grow with shrubs up to 1.5 meters, and in the southern regions - up to 2.5 meters. Caring for them is similar to caring for lilacs or similar flower bushes. Buds are always large (diameter up to 30 cm). On each shrub several dozens of inflorescences can develop simultaneously, and this, of course, is an amazing sight. The type of flower is normal, semi-double or terry. Includes up to 500 varieties.
  • Herb peonies have an incredible number of varieties (4500 or more) and are in great demand. According to the type of bud, they can be terry, non-double-ended, anemone-shaped, semi-double, Japanese. It grows a bush up to 150 cm, the stems die off for the winter, if they are not cut.

There is also a separate type of ITO pions. These are hybrids bred artificially for the purpose of producing yellow peonies. Inflorescences can be semi-double or terry. The main disadvantage is that with time the roots lumber, they are very difficult to propagate, and the cost of such seedlings can be prohibitive.

The best tree varieties of peonies

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Trees of peonies grow in a bush with stiff twigs. In winter, they do not freeze and die off as in the case of grassy species.

  • "Blue Sapphire" - one and prominent representatives of the tree. Buds lilac-pink with rich purple spots. Buds 16 cm in diameter. The smell is thin, delicate. It grows quickly, develops well even in adverse regions.
  • The coral altar has very beautiful coral buds. Crown flowers combine white and pinkish tones, so that coral color is obtained. Buds grow up to 20 cm, and the bushes themselves up to 1.5 meters in height.
  • "Sisters Qiao" - one of the most famous varieties of tree peonies. The main feature - bicolor inflorescences. Flowers 16 cm. Bushes grow within 1.3 meters. Bud color combines purplish red and creamy white. It blooms in June.

Photo of Peonies Flowers: Blue Sapphire, Coral Altar, Kiao Sisters

  • Green Jade has unusual green buds. The color is not the same as the leaves, a few tones lighter. The buds themselves are large, terry, like a ball. Plants massive from 1.5 meters and more. Flowering lasts from April to early June.
  • Snow Pagoda produces tender, white inflorescences with a pinkish or creamy tint. The bud's diameter is 16 cm. The shrub grows about 1.5 meters, but with proper care it can exceed this height. It blooms from mid-June.

Photo of Green Jade Peonies and Snow Pagoda

Japanese Peonies

Japanese peonies only recently began to win love in Eastern Europe. Previously, they were grown for the most part in Asia, Western Europe and the USA. Different varieties of Japanese peonies are interesting plants with modified stamens and large petals growing in one or several rows.

  • "Barrington Bell" (Barrington Belle) has an average ripening period and a tall bush of 80 cm. Buds up to 21 cm in diameter, bright scarlet. In the middle, an islet, petal-shaped, twisted stamens of pink color with a gold edging grow. Stems hold up to 4 inflorescences.
  • Akron (Akron) is a Japanese peony variety that blooms in early summer. This is an unusual variety that is resistant to winter frosts. The inflorescences are 16 cm. The stamens are yellow with a pink tint, and the petals are just pink. The bush grows up to 80 cm, not very lush, but with abundant foliage of green color.
  • "Pearl Placer" - late peony with pale pink buds and modified stamens of a dark pink color. Bush grows up to 70 cm. The flowers ripen around the bush and have an average diameter of 16 cm. The smell of this variety is very bright, like a rose.

Photo of Peonies Barrington Bell, Akron, Pearl Placer

  • "Velma Atkinson" - an early Japanese variety of peonies with a bush 80 cm tall. This species has carmine-pink flowers with a diameter of 18 cm. Stamens are modified, bright yellow. Center high petals are folded into a kind of "tuft".
  • "Mirage" - a variety of early medium ripening. Bush grows up to a meter in height. Gives large flowers with a pronounced aroma of jasmine. Petals are large, crimson color. Stamens are the same in color, but with a golden sheen.

Anemic Peony Varieties

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Anemoid grades of pions, as a rule, have large buds, in which the lower row is made up of wide petals, and the center is filled with narrow, twisted petals. The result is the impression of a large, colored ball.

  • "Snow Mountain" (Snow Mountain) is a variety of white peony. The bush grows to about 75 cm. Stems are strong, flexible, do not fall. Flowers 16-17 cm in diameter. Petals are located in 2-3 rows, medium in width. The center at the beginning of flowering is creamy pink, and then changes to white.
  • "Ruth Clay" (Ruth Clay) - grows within 90 cm, a massive bush. The leaf is average, the leaves are dark green, smooth. Hemispherical flowers, maroon color with a diameter of 14-15 cm. The fragrance is not strong, but pleasant.
  • "Rhapsody" has an average ripening period. Shrubs 65-70 cm tall with strong stems. Bud color is pink. The petals on the edge are flat, pink in color, and the pivots are gathered in a lush ball. The diameter of the bud is 14-16 cm.
  • "Bark Stubbs" - mid-season variety with a bush 75-80 cm in height. The diameter of the bud is 16-17 cm. The flower is pink, the center is lilac-pink, and the edge is lighter.

Photos of Peonies Flowers Snow Mountain, Ruth Clay, Rhapsody

Terry peonies and their characteristics

Terry peonies are characterized by lush, beautiful buds that resemble hats. They are often used for decorating the landscape, flowerbeds, backyard territory.

  • "Iceberg" gives large, tall flowers. Bush grows up to a meter in height. Pagons are massive, powerful, do not fall under the weight of inflorescences. The leaves are dark green, rough shape, large. Petals are white.
  • "Solange" - terry grade rosaceous type. The bush grows in the range of 80-90 cm. It blooms in June and July. White bud with a pinkish tinge, 18 cm in diameter. The aroma is pleasant, rich.
  • "Angelo Cobb Freeborn" is a medium early variety of American breeders. Is a hybrid. Bush grows within a meter. Stems are flexible, but weak. Bud rich pink, in the form of a ball 18 cm in diameter. Center and extreme leaves are similar and form a high cap.
  • "Aza Gray" - French variety. The color of the inflorescence is light pink with a purple tint, pink specks and red centering of the central petals. The bush grows about 70 cm tall, the stems bend, durable, do not fall. The smell comes right, during flowering.
  • "Anastasia" gives buds, the size of which can reach 18 cm. Bushes grow within 85 cm. Pagons are not of very bright color, strong. Pink inflorescences with red-pink center. The aroma is not strong, but pleasant.

Semi-terry peonies

Semi-double varieties of peonies are characterized by not heavy, but large inflorescence. They have about 3-7 rows of petals with an abundance of stamens located in the middle or between the petals.

  • "Miss America" ​​is an early form, growing in the order of 80 cm. The buds are pink at the time of blooming, but then become white. Inflorescences with a diameter of 25 cm, the pagons are strong, do not fall. Petals grow in 6 rows.
  • "Ann Berry Krzens" - an early peony growing with a bush almost up to a meter. A lot of leaves, they are saturated, green color. Pink buds with typical stamens.

Photo of semi-terry sorts of peonies Miss America, Sable, Citeria

  • Sable is a medium late species of peonies growing not more than 90 cm tall. Pagons are flexible and thin, so they often fall under the weight of buds. The flowers are maroon, cast in black, with a diameter of up to 17 cm. Petals grow in 3-4 rows.
  • “Citeria” is an early species, growing about 65 cm. The flowers of a peony are initially red and then pale pink. Flower shape - a bowl 17 cm in diameter. Pagons are powerful and dense.
  • "Lastres" - an early view with a bush height of 65-70 cm. The inflorescences are bright scarlet, up to 19 cm in diameter, the petals are located in 4-5 rows. Yellow stamens with red veins. Stems bright with large, green leaves.